November 2021

2021 | November 2021Accessible InfrastructureCreating Cities with Seniors in Mind

2021 | November 2021

Accessible Infrastructure

Creating Cities with Seniors in Mind

A good ‘quality of life’ takes into consideration evaluations of overall physical health, degree of happiness, culture and values, positive social interactions, and liveable neighbourhoods which we gladly call home. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines quality of life as an “individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectation, standards and concerns.”

2021 | November 2021Pioneering Net-Zero LuxuryClaxton + Marsh

2021 | November 2021

Pioneering Net-Zero Luxury

Claxton + Marsh

Claxton + Marsh is a net-zero property development firm as out of the ordinary as the superb quality of its construction. Here, decadently upmarket design revolves around light, luxury, and the conscious use of line. From a choice selection of only the best next-generation technologies to European-inspired décor features, the elegance and contemporary value of this company’s buildings are simply sublime.

2021 | General Contracting | November 2021Approaching the Mid-Century Mark in a Power PositionMidwest Drywall Co., Inc.

2021 | General Contracting | November 2021

Approaching the Mid-Century Mark in a Power Position

Midwest Drywall Co., Inc.

Midwest Drywall Co. Inc., (MWD) is thriving as it prepares to mark its fiftieth anniversary next year. COVID-19 threw the Wichita, Kansas-based wall and ceiling drywall subcontractor something of a curveball, but it has endured. Since it was last profiled in the November 2019 issue of Construction in Focus magazine, the employee-owned firm has opened an office in an additional geographic location and continues to take on large projects as it approaches a corporate milestone.

2021 | General Contracting | November 2021Committed to Client NeedsRobbins Construction

2021 | General Contracting | November 2021

Committed to Client Needs

Robbins Construction

South Carolina-based construction firm Robbins Construction Group began its official operations just two years ago, in January 2019. Having spent the prior decade working in the construction industry before striking out on his own, President and Chief Executive Officer Derek Robbins is now finally able to live a dream in the industry that made him and is riding a wave of momentum from these first two years of operation.

2021 | Equipment & Products | November 2021The Go-to Appliance ProvidersTA Appliances & Barbecues – Builder Division

2021 | Equipment & Products | November 2021

The Go-to Appliance Providers

TA Appliances & Barbecues – Builder Division

Onward Manufacturing Company got its start in Kitchener, Ontario back in 1906. From the beginning, it was the company’s aim to provide customers with quality products coupled with top service, and that founding philosophy is still core to the business’ operations to this day. In addition, the company remains family-owned and operated more than a century after it was founded.

2021 | Equipment & Products | November 2021Innovations in Smart Infrastructure – Measuring Resiliency and SustainabilityRADISE International

2021 | Equipment & Products | November 2021

Innovations in Smart Infrastructure – Measuring Resiliency and Sustainability

RADISE International

With twenty-four years of experience, engineering consulting services firm RADISE International, a smart infrastructure company, is focused on improving the sustainability and resiliency of civil infrastructure projects. The company provides innovative solutions through its engineering consulting services and products to improve the way civil infrastructure is built and maintained.


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