Storm in a Teacup

Ecological Infrastructure for Smart Stormwater Management

As climate change appears to be speeding up, handling stormwater engineering intelligently and efficiently is a growing civil priority to ensure the safety of all. That means channeling water run-off successfully and cleaning it well before releasing it into the natural environment.

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What’s New in Sustainable StructuresGreener Methods and Materials

What’s New in Sustainable Structures

Greener Methods and Materials

At the University of British Columbia in Canada, a 60-member student team came together to build a new teaching and learning space that was designed to be near-zero embodied carbon. Called Third Space Commons, the project is a 2,400-square-foot wood frame building that marks the first of its kind designed by a student team.

The Finest Construction ServicesPlant Construction

The Finest Construction Services

Plant Construction

Back in 1947, the future was finally looking bright for the United States. World War II was over, and the nation was eager to get back to business. Employment was high, especially among the civilian labor force. Following years of wartime rationing, where staples like gasoline, milk, butter, and even soap were limited, Americans were eager to spend on big ticket items, from appliances to cars and houses. It was at this time the Plant Construction Company was formed.

The Reinforcing Steel SpecialistsAGF Group

The Reinforcing Steel Specialists

AGF Group

Many businesses today talk about corporate social responsibility (CSR), but not all put it into practice as openly and effectively as AGF Rebar. Founded in 1948, the company is a global leader in the manufacture, supply, and installation of reinforcing steel, wire mesh, and post-tensioning products. With unrivalled construction expertise, AGF Rebar also provides a variety of integrated services, including estimation and placing.

Family First – Roots Run Deep at Kindred HomesKindred Homes

Family First – Roots Run Deep at Kindred Homes

Kindred Homes

In the homebuilding industry, overcoming obstacles requires personalized communication and building solid, honest relationships. Kindred Homes has managed to use its deep history and genuine passion to provide superior products and maintain close communication with clients from start to finish of any project.

Building Core Strength with Concrete SolutionsSpring Valley Corp

Building Core Strength with Concrete Solutions

Spring Valley Corp

Committed to providing high-quality products and creating original solutions for a range of applications and projects, Spring Valley Corp (SVC) boasts more than 36 years of experience. The company offers a wealth of engineering, materials science, and project management expertise to produce design support and construction details to meet an owner, design team, or construction team’s project needs.


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