The Female Gaze

Women in Architecture

Women have been a part of architecture from the time the first stones were stacked on top of each other to create shelter. The concept of architecture has come a very long way since those early villages were designed, but what about the advancement of women in the field?
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Rising HighSkyscrapers Designed By Women

Rising High

Skyscrapers Designed By Women

Women architects continue to reach for the sky and overcome barriers. In the process, the architectural sector is confronting the long overlooked role women have played in tall building design and development…

Smashing Stereotypes in the Demolition IndustryAMG Demolition

Smashing Stereotypes in the Demolition Industry

AMG Demolition

It’s a story of dedication, commitment and perseverance in the face of some of life’s most challenging battles, and one that AMG Demolition Inc., has built its legacy on. Based in Melville, Long Island, NY, this woman-owned company (WBE/DBE), headed by Joan “Joni” Capobianco, entrepreneur and pioneer in the demolition industry, was built from the ground up into the multi-million dollar enterprise in the demolition industry it is today.

Reinforcing TomorrowAtlantic Reinforcing Concrete Company

Reinforcing Tomorrow

Atlantic Reinforcing Concrete Company

In 1992 when Erin Lynam, President and co-owner of the Atlantic Reinforcing Concrete Company, headquartered in Deer Park, New York, graduated from Briarcliff College in Patchogue, New York with a degree in business administration, the notion of a woman-owned business providing reinforced concrete subcontracting services to the construction industry was a bit of a stretch. Indeed, it might have seemed to be an impossible dream, if anyone even considered it at all.

Sustainable SolutionsMobu Enterprises

Sustainable Solutions

Mobu Enterprises

It’s easy to be green for Mobu Enterprises, builder of custom residential and commercial structures made from shipping containers produced by a skilled team of architects and designers. Initially starting with a small collection of apartment buildings, Mobu has since expanded to urban and rural communities, providing the best in green building while continuing to embrace its motto: “Save our community, save our world, by helping our clients and their future generations construct green areas that withstand the test of time.”

Fair Trades – Working for EqualityRiverside Millwork Group

Fair Trades – Working for Equality

Riverside Millwork Group

If you’re looking for expertly designed and crafted carpentry guaranteed to elevate the look and feel of your home, Riverside Millwork Group provides beautiful, custom products coupled with skilled installation—whether it’s trim and moulding, a variety of doors, or an array of storage solutions.

Sustainable, Resilient DesignArquitectonicaSTUDIO, ArquitectonicaGEO, and ArquitectonicaINTERIORS

Sustainable, Resilient Design

ArquitectonicaSTUDIO, ArquitectonicaGEO, and ArquitectonicaINTERIORS

Celebrating women, and their innovative contributions to architecture, landscape architecture, and design, is an act of liberation. Since 2005, ArquitectonicaGEO, ArquitectonicaINTERIORS, and ArquitectonicaSTUDIO have viewed the act of creating sustainable, resilient design as ensuring the protection and responsible use of natural resources while shaping the fabric of architecture, landscape, and design.

30 Years of Making the World a Better PlaceAurora Electric

30 Years of Making the World a Better Place

Aurora Electric

After thirty years of trailblazing a new era for women, who can now join the traditionally male-dominated world of electricity and its related fields in construction much more easily, Aurora Electric, Inc. of Jamaica, New York, stands tall and is proud to remain a part of a growing industry.

Dreaming BigCarrco Painting

Dreaming Big

Carrco Painting

The cousins’ eagerness to embrace every opportunity kept them pushing forward and the work grew organically from there. “There was so much work that you couldn’t leave; you had to stay there. We always saw the opportunities.”

Family Company, Progressive ApproachProgressive Roofing

Family Company, Progressive Approach

Progressive Roofing

It takes courage to start a business, and determination to keep it going. After doing so for 45 years, Progressive Roofing Inc. has much to celebrate. Established in 1948 by Bill Farrell and his father Albert Farrell as part of a larger network of businesses owned by the Farrell family, Progressive was founded in 1978, specializing in commercial, institutional, and industrial roofing.

Industry LeaderTurnPoint Services

Industry Leader

TurnPoint Services

TurnPoint Services delivers residential and commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, power, and electrical services. The Louisville, Kentucky-based business also boasts a sizable construction division focused on plumbing construction and HVAC construction, primarily for the residential and multifamily markets.

Preserving a LegacyTalbert Manufacturing, Inc.

Preserving a Legacy

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc.

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1938 by Austin Talbert, a man who brought innovation and customer service to the forefront of the heavy haul trucking industry by addressing the needs of his customers time and again. By manufacturing trailers and equipment that set the standard for safety and performance, the name Talbert became synonymous with quality.

Living Its Creed for Over a DecadeThe KYA Group

Living Its Creed for Over a Decade

The KYA Group

Specialized general contractor KYA Group operates out of Santa Ana, California and focuses on facility modernization through the lenses of project management, design, and maintenance. The company began operations in June 2013, when its founders saw a need in the marketplace resulting from hurdles in the public sector regarding facilities and maintenance.

This Concrete Contractor Creates a Sustainable FutureVector Construction

This Concrete Contractor Creates a Sustainable Future

Vector Construction

Vector Construction, Ltd. has built a highly successful business based on repairing and protecting concrete. With multiple branches across North America, the company specializes in concrete repair and protection to extend the life of concrete and masonry structures and buildings. At the same time, it embraces sustainable principles and practices.

Four Generations and CountingMcKnight Construction

Four Generations and Counting

McKnight Construction

It’s not always easy to find construction teams that deliver outstanding quality alongside family values. After over sixty years in construction, McKnight Construction Company in Augusta, Georgia knows nothing beats dedication and craftsmanship, and doubling its revenue in only two years proves it.


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