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Building on Strong FoundationsCelebrating Black Leaders in Architecture and Construction

Building on Strong Foundations

Celebrating Black Leaders in Architecture and Construction

The timing of the launch of the new Afro Canadian Contractors Association (ACCA) on February 1st fittingly coincided with the beginning of Black History Month in 2021. Honouring the legacy of Black Canadians through festivities and events, the theme that cold February during COVID was “The Future is Now.” For ACCA, it was appropriate and necessary, especially considering world events at the time.

Taking it HigherEmpire Crane Company

Taking it Higher

Empire Crane Company

When Brothers Paul and Luke Lonergan were thinking about a name for their company, one immediately came to mind: Empire, after New York’s legendary Empire State Building. Twenty years on, the Empire Crane Company has grown to become one of America’s foremost specialists in the sector, focusing exclusively on crane sales, service, parts, and rentals.

Industry PioneersCornerstone

Industry Pioneers


Over the past 24 years, Cornerstone Detention Products, Inc. has grown from a two-person business to the largest and most successful company in its sector. “We are classified as a specialty contractor, so we focus on one particular type of construction, and that’s corrections,” explains Charles ‘Mitch’ Claborn. “And we’re growing every day.”

Four Generations & Still TruckingRogers Brothers Corporation

Four Generations & Still Trucking

Rogers Brothers Corporation

The year 1905 was a landmark one. Albert Einstein unveiled what became known as his Theory of Relativity, which changed the course of the world. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published The Return of Sherlock Holmes to appease a public still disappointed by the fictional death of his detective a dozen years earlier.

Cities for SeniorsThe Future of Age-Friendly Cities

Cities for Seniors

The Future of Age-Friendly Cities

By 2030, almost one billion men and women worldwide will be 65 and older. Mobility devices and technologies keep seniors safe in their homes, but once they leave their four walls, how are cities and towns making life easier, more enjoyable, and safer for aging residents?

Making It RightSteamatic

Making It Right


Originally founded in 1948 as a cleaning company by two Fort Worth businessmen, Steamatic quickly earned a reputation for high-quality, dependable service.

The Need for Housing is NowCanadian Home Builders’ Association

The Need for Housing is Now

Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Over the months leading up the release of Canada’s latest federal budget, A Plan to Grow Our Economy and Make Life More Affordable, there was speculation over what recommendations the 304-page document would contain about the nation’s housing crisis. Highlighted as a priority for all levels of government, the dearth of all kinds of housing, from single-family homes to condominiums, townhomes to rental units, is a threat to our future.

Family ValuesAzora Group

Family Values

Azora Group

Some residential developers create cookie-cutter housing projects, then leave as soon as the work is done. The opposite is true of Azora Group, which builds communities. While Azora’s design-oriented multi-family and single-family dwellings are of exceptional quality and value, Azora also designs them for real family life.

Passionate About SealcoatingsSTAR Inc.

Passionate About Sealcoatings


Sealcoating on asphalt or concrete surfaces isn’t decorative; it’s highly functional and protects considerable investment. Sealcoating safeguards home driveways, gas stations, parking lots, even airport surfaces from wear and tear, oil and gasoline spillages, water, snow, wind, rain, and hail.


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