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October 2023From Beautiful Bridges to Breathtaking BuildingsThe Enduring Strength of Steel

October 2023

From Beautiful Bridges to Breathtaking Buildings

The Enduring Strength of Steel

Of all building materials, one of the most popular—and most vital—is steel. Strong, versatile and long-lasting, steel is an alloy made from iron and small amounts of carbon—often 0.04 percent to 2.25 percent—and small amount of other elements including silicon, phosphorus, sulphur and oxygen. So much more than simply ‘steel,’ there are five main classifications of the material: carbon steels, alloy steels, high-strength low-alloy steels, stainless steels, and tool steels.

August 2023 | In Focus | OHBAA Shortage of Homes, a Shortage of Homebuilders—and an AnswerOntario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA)

August 2023 | In Focus | OHBA

A Shortage of Homes, a Shortage of Homebuilders—and an Answer

Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA)

Across Canada, the lack of housing remains a challenge for all levels of government. A key issue during political campaigns such as Toronto’s recent mayoral by-election, inadequate housing supply was one of the few topics which saw all candidates share common ground. As our population keeps growing, and hundreds of thousands of immigrants call Canada home every year, so does the demand for places to live.

August 2023 | Construction ServicesBuilding TrustGalaxy Builders

August 2023 | Construction Services

Building Trust

Galaxy Builders

A business success for over 30 years, San Antonio-headquartered Galaxy Builders is still clearly anything but complacent. Under the leadership of CEO Neilesh Verma, this prestigious general contractor is active in affordable housing, luxury construction, multifamily and commercial projects, adaptive reuse, renovation, and more.

Health and Safety | In Focus | July 2023What Happens When Buildings Go Up but Construction Elevators Don’t?McDonough Construction Rentals

Health and Safety | In Focus | July 2023

What Happens When Buildings Go Up but Construction Elevators Don’t?

McDonough Construction Rentals

In the construction sector, it’s vital to have everything in order, from permits to enough skilled workers and materials to handle the project from start to completion. However, despite good planning, it can be easy for builders to underestimate the number of cranes and elevators required for the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective construction.


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