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Current | March 2024 | Women in BusinessInnovation by DesignArquitectonicaSTUDIO

Current | March 2024 | Women in Business

Innovation by Design


Despite its relatively young age, ArquitectonicaSTUDIO is an established, interdisciplinary voice on the Miami architecture scene that has proven to be a dynamic and capable collaborator across a host of project types and sizes, unafraid of exploring creativity and novelty. As part of Arquitectonica, the ArquitectonicaSTUDIO team specializes in boutique-style projects incorporating interior and landscape design while benefitting from being an integrated part of the greater ecosystem and community creativity of its parent company.

Current | General Contracting | March 2024A Few Steps AheadLinden Construction

Current | General Contracting | March 2024

A Few Steps Ahead

Linden Construction

Being a construction project owner can mean navigating the line between history and modernity, and this is a balance that Linden Construction strikes deftly. With expertise in both new build construction and historic preservation, this company understands that modern building techniques can bring out the best in heritage structures, and that it is the thoughtful intersection of both the old and the new that truly shapes a community.

Current | February 2024 | Window & Door ManufacturingLeading the Field in Quality, Safety, and StyleEngineered Openings

Current | February 2024 | Window & Door Manufacturing

Leading the Field in Quality, Safety, and Style

Engineered Openings

If the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of interesting doors is Bilbo Baggins’ enchanting front door in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, you are not alone. Considering the sterling work of Engineered Openings, Inc., the concept of engineered openings takes on new meaning, leaving one with a renewed appreciation of the highly engineered installations that give us access to whatever discoveries await beyond.

December 2023 | Engineering & DesignEmbracing ChangeWithersRavenel

December 2023 | Engineering & Design

Embracing Change


The future belongs to those who adapt fastest. It’s no wonder, then, that WithersRavenel has a bright and uncompromising future to look forward to after four decades of providing top-notch land development and municipal consultant services. As reflected in its robust 18 percent annual growth rate in recent years, the company adapts to clients’ needs with ease.

December 2023 | Engineering & DesignDesign, Play, LoveDesign Collaborative

December 2023 | Engineering & Design

Design, Play, Love

Design Collaborative

When looking at new projects, the idea often crosses one’s mind: what is good design? As it turns out, translating mood and ambience into color and texture is more complex than it might seem at first, which is why this question is perhaps the most pivotal guiding force for any design professional, underpinning their personal design manifesto and informing every new project they touch.

Construction Services | November 2023Elevating Residential Construction: Harrison Homes Sets a Standard of Excellence Designing and Building CommunitiesHarrison Homes

Construction Services | November 2023

Elevating Residential Construction: Harrison Homes Sets a Standard of Excellence Designing and Building Communities

Harrison Homes

Finding a general contractor who understands how to efficiently design and construct a residential community that achieves the financial goals of the client can, at times, be easier said than done. Harrison Homes takes a commercial approach to residential developments, providing optimized solutions that maximize their clients’ return on investment. They achieve this by offering a robust portfolio of services, powered by an A-list team of professionals and hand-picked subcontractors that excel at creating quality spaces for people to call home.

General Contracting | October 202340 Years of Construction ExcellenceRussell

General Contracting | October 2023

40 Years of Construction Excellence


Russell is a dynamic company known for leading-edge construction of custom industrial and commercial buildings, federal structures, athletic facilities, senior and affordable housing, schools, multi-family housing developments, and more. Helping to maintain its reputation for premium quality construction is a visionary team steeped in tradition—a team that values not only doing things differently, but better.

General Contracting | October 2023Achieving the Impossible, Daily – A U.S. Leader in International Distribution and LogisticsFramaco International

General Contracting | October 2023

Achieving the Impossible, Daily – A U.S. Leader in International Distribution and Logistics

Framaco International

Framaco International, Inc. has been trusted by the United States Federal Government contractors in around 80 countries to deliver highly engineered materials and architectural components and perform construction management, procurement, and logistics services—often in remote places and on challenging terrain. The result is a unique business contracting to a select few.

Construction Services | October 2023Bringing Home the Net-Zero HomeBrite Homes

Construction Services | October 2023

Bringing Home the Net-Zero Home

Brite Homes

Brite Homes is a new construction home builder with a boundary-breaking value proposition. The company is recognized for specializing in Net-Zero homes that are redefining the benchmarks of energy efficiency. Their homes are not just simply energy-efficient; they are energy-sufficient, meaning they can produce the energy needed to sustain an entire household through renewable energy and above and beyond energy-efficient features.

Equipment & Products | October 2023Hybrid Happiness – North American Heat Pumps Make Comfortable HomesViessmann Manufacturing

Equipment & Products | October 2023

Hybrid Happiness – North American Heat Pumps Make Comfortable Homes

Viessmann Manufacturing

Excitement is running high at Viessmann North America as the company celebrates recent successes and prepares to present cutting-edge heat pumps early next year. While it is committed to continuing fabricating and improving upon its sought-after, premium boilers, growing its electrified heat pump market segment is part of the company’s vision for the future.


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