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Current | Health and Safety | In Focus | June 2023Building Change through ConnectionBuilding Trades Recovery Week (BTEA Northeast)

Current | Health and Safety | In Focus | June 2023

Building Change through Connection

Building Trades Recovery Week (BTEA Northeast)

In light of the numbers of annual opiate-related deaths of people working in construction, Building Trades Employers’ Association (BTEA) Northeast’s Executive Director Emeritus Thomas J. Gunning saw the need for the next generation to find solutions to the problem. That is how Recovery Week was conceived. Today, his son, Executive Director Thomas S. Gunning, and his team are helping to save and change lives and educate leaders and employees among the over 74,000 construction professionals the union building trades represent in Massachusetts—and their approach is working.

Green Building and Energy Efficiency | In Focus | May 202361 Years of Health and Wellness by DesignESa

Green Building and Energy Efficiency | In Focus | May 2023

61 Years of Health and Wellness by Design


ESa has more than six decades of providing collaborative, sustainable wellness and architectural design expertise to international customers who are leaders in the healthcare, hospitality, education, corporate, and senior living sectors. This Nashville, Tennessee-based expert in architectural design creates interior and landscape architecture, master planning, and space planning.

Construction Services | May 2023­­Clean Energy Powered by 50 Years of InnovationWestern Pacific Enterprises

Construction Services | May 2023

­­Clean Energy Powered by 50 Years of Innovation

Western Pacific Enterprises

Celebrating what started as a fateful night over a bottle of whisky in 1973, 50 years on, Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd. is one of British Columbia’s largest electrical contractors and a leading member of MYR Group, a holding firm of eleven subsidiaries and just shy of ten thousand employees. Despite the size of its parent company, Western Pacific Enterprises retains the family values, attention to detail, and personal relationships on which its reputation was built.

2023 | April 2023 | Green Building and Energy EfficiencySpending Less to Get MorePerformance Engineering Group

2023 | April 2023 | Green Building and Energy Efficiency

Spending Less to Get More

Performance Engineering Group

Large buildings usually have large utility usage. But Livonia, Michigan-based Performance Engineering Group is out to correct the massive waste caused by oversized equipment in buildings across North America through visionary, precision engineering, and its mission is catching on fast. With a focus on preventing water waste, this company also offers radiant floor heating, snow-melting technology, and a range of conversion options for buildings that use hydronic or steam heating.

2023 | April 2023 | Construction ServicesA Fantastic Place to Work – And It’s GrowingBarclay Mechanical

2023 | April 2023 | Construction Services

A Fantastic Place to Work – And It’s Growing

Barclay Mechanical

Barclay Mechanical is a leader in industrial mechanical construction that is taking safety management to an entirely new level on projects across America. By becoming the positive change they want to see in the industry, and by implementing all-encompassing safety protocols, the team is proving that injuries are preventable, and that the construction industry can be a much safer, more humane place to work than it used to be. As a result, people love working here, and they demonstrate it by staying.

2023 | April 2023 | General ContractingInvesting in PeopleLangston Construction

2023 | April 2023 | General Contracting

Investing in People

Langston Construction

Langston Construction Company treats its team as well as it treats its customers. And it’s not a secret—the company was recently announced as seventh on the list of South Carolina’s best places to work by Best Companies Group. This prestigious award proves how hard everyone in this company works to make it a fantastic place to be, and in the current economic climate, that is no small achievement.

2023 | April 2023 | General ContractingHappiness by DesignRonnette Riley Architect

2023 | April 2023 | General Contracting

Happiness by Design

Ronnette Riley Architect

Ronnette Riley Architect, based in New York, combines female leadership, seasoned expertise, and diversity to accomplish true design excellence. The firm specializes in an impressive range of architectural fields, and its team is also well-versed in flowing between projects with ease—like when one of its architects worked simultaneously on a lingerie store and Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York.

2023 | In Focus | March | Women in ConstructionSustainable, Resilient DesignArquitectonicaSTUDIO, ArquitectonicaGEO, and ArquitectonicaINTERIORS

2023 | In Focus | March | Women in Construction

Sustainable, Resilient Design

ArquitectonicaSTUDIO, ArquitectonicaGEO, and ArquitectonicaINTERIORS

Celebrating women, and their innovative contributions to architecture, landscape architecture, and design, is an act of liberation. Since 2005, ArquitectonicaGEO, ArquitectonicaINTERIORS, and ArquitectonicaSTUDIO have viewed the act of creating sustainable, resilient design as ensuring the protection and responsible use of natural resources while shaping the fabric of architecture, landscape, and design.

2023 | FebruaryCreating ValueHathaway Development

2023 | February

Creating Value

Hathaway Development

Tier 2 real estate developer Hathaway Development is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and its signature no-fear approach to risk has defined its thirty-five successful years in the property industry. With over 12,000 multi-family units worth close to a billion dollars in its portfolio, Hathaway Development is a powerhouse of focused activity.

2022 | December 2022/January 2023Over 30 Years of Quality and ServiceEXXCEL Project Management

2022 | December 2022/January 2023

Over 30 Years of Quality and Service

EXXCEL Project Management

Imagine my delight when I came across Hank, EXXCEL Project Management’s Chief Dog Officer and Dog-Friendly Friday ambassador, posing on the company’s team page. Naturally, this handsome lad was a very refreshing find. More importantly, however, it says a lot about this company’s heart for animals and, even more so, people, because construction is all about what the customer wants.


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