Bringing Home the Net-Zero Home

Brite Homes
Written by Pauline Müller

Brite Homes is a new construction home builder with a boundary-breaking value proposition. The company is recognized for specializing in Net-Zero homes that are redefining the benchmarks of energy efficiency. Their homes are not just simply energy-efficient; they are energy-sufficient, meaning they can produce the energy needed to sustain an entire household through renewable energy and above and beyond energy-efficient features.

Their quality and environmentally friendly homes are attracting modern home buyers looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle as well as home buyers simply looking to offset the cost of homeownership in the current climate of high interest rates.

As a result, the company’s sizable collection of industry awards comes as no surprise—and neither does its place among America’s Top 200 Home Builders, according to Builder magazine. Awarded for its futuristic engineering and modern architecture packaged with outstanding value, Brite Homes is the front running builder in this market.

Brite Homes is headquartered in Orlando, Florida; however, their homes are being built across the entire state. In addition, there is an independent real estate team that sells Brite Homes wherever its projects are based, making the company’s undeniably attractive offer available and easy to access throughout Florida.

“Historically speaking, people assume that these energy-efficient features are what people consume in larger, more expensive homes. We provide lower cost of home ownership and barrier to entry by substantially reducing or eliminating the cost of utilities for the first-time homeowner,” says Oren Segev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Segev is a visionary who started buying homes around 2010 at auctions and renting them out during the early days of the housing crisis. Segev founded Brite Homes when a lightbulb idea struck him that it was more efficient to construct high-quality new homes more economically than buying and renovating existing units. And so he adapted his business strategy and disrupted the entire new construction industry with an innovative product in an untapped market.

Acutely in touch with the American market and the migration of people from around the country to the state of Florida, the company’s leadership chose to defy the economic pressures wrought by COVID-19. Undeterred by the uncertainty of the times, Brite Homes continued creating supply for a demand they knew was not far off. And it was right on time. What is more, the realities of life under COVID-19 turned what used to be luxuries in new builds into necessities as people spent more time at home than ever.

Considering the speed at which the company and their offerings are evolving, you may be surprised to find a small team of less than 50 carefully selected industry experts that have built this brave startup to a roaring success from the ground up.

Simple and effective
The Brite Homes approach to development is deceptively simple; the standard modus operandi is to identify and purchase land in up and coming cities where other property developments have left single, open parcels of land available for the taking. The next step is to build Net-Zero homes that outperform their neighbors in both aesthetics and energy efficiency.

“One of our strategies is to identify neighborhoods which our homes can harmonize with, yet ultimately stand out as the best looking homes on the block, which allows us to create intrigue and accelerate our brand awareness at rapid speeds in our target markets,” says Segev.

Here, too, one of the team’s secrets to success is keeping their product straightforward so it makes it easier to educate the home buyer’s understanding of all the energy-efficient features, along with transparent pricing that displays the true depth of value. Whether it’s an experienced or first-time home buyer, the experience of home buying can be daunting. Brite Realty Group, the builder’s real estate brokerage, ensures the highest quality of customer service, absorbing the stress of their clients and ensuring a smooth closing process.

Brite Homes trusts in science, market research, and good design. The team does their homework well and knows what customers dream of in the new builds they wish to purchase. In addition, the company builds 200 or more units at any one time, giving potential buyers an abundance of choice in terms of floor plans and locations within any given market.

Technology also plays a large part in the company’s developments, as both Segev and President Robert Kociecki bring considerable knowledge to the Brite Homes business model through their combined experience in the high-volume, single-family real estate investment environment.

After completing a protocol known as the Brite Link System, the company arranges all permits and permissions to get the project construction-ready. A 25-point, step-by-step construction implementation plan follows, and by the time a home is three-quarters complete, marketing efforts can safely begin through subsidiary brokerage, Brite Realty Group.

Energy-efficient features
At the heart of it all are the energy-efficient features that contribute to achieving a Net-Zero-ready home. These features come standard with all Brite Homes at no additional hidden upcharges. Some features might change depending on the market the home is in.

Spray foam insulation is the most effective insulation material that exists in the market. It creates an airtight seal between the interior of the home and the outside elements, providing thermal, air, and moisture protection. Brite Homes utilizes spray foam insulation in multiple ways. First it is injected into the cavity of each cinder block used in their concrete wall structure. They also use it on the underside of the roof deck and in the trusses.

Double-pane, low-emission windows have a small space in between the two panes, creating an air pocket that further insulates the home, maintaining the inside temperature of the home while simultaneously preventing condensation and even reducing noise pollution.

Hybrid water heat pumps have the lowest operating costs of any water heater on the market. They work by capturing the heat from the surrounding air, usually in the garage, and use it to heat the water. Using existing heat makes these water heaters up to three times more efficient than a standard electric water heater.

Most new construction homes use a standard 14 SEER HVAC unit. Brite Homes uses a 16 SEER HVAC unit that is about 13 percent more efficient than 14 SEER HVAC units.

LED lighting is also used throughout the entire home. Residential LED lights use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting, keeping the home cooler and better lit.

As an early adopter in all senses, the company welcomed 2023 as an ENERGY STAR® certified home builder. ENERGY STAR certified homes save energy, save money, and help protect the environment by generating fewer greenhouse gas emissions than typical buildings. To be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification, a building must earn an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher on EPA’s 1 – 100 scale, indicating that it performs better than at least 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide. To be certified as ENERGY STAR, a building must meet strict energy performance standards set by EPA. Certification is annual and verified by a third party.

Renewable energy
For a home to go from energy-efficient to completely Net-Zero requires the use of renewable energy. While all the other energy-efficient features significantly reduce the amount of energy a household requires in the first place, solar panels are what take a home from energy-efficient to fully Net-Zero. Solar panels are an optional add-on feature on Brite Homes, but are highly recommended as purchasing a new home with solar already built in cuts the retail solar panel cost in half. The system is seamlessly integrated and saves any future hassles or expenses involved in retrofitting an existing home.

Homeowner savings
On average, a Brite Home with solar panels saves homeowners approximately $2,200 per year in an environment of rising utility costs. Homeowners can also take advantage of federal incentives, approximating a $6,000 tax credit. Based on the company’s average solar system size, solar-paneled homes can increase the home’s resale value by four percent and sell on average 20 percent faster than homes without. A Brite Home without solar saves homeowners on average $1,200 per year in utility costs.

While there may be some competition in the field, Brite Homes’ superior value proposition sets the company apart in several ways. “Consider that our Net-Zero solar-powered homes will average you a zero net energy billing over twelve months,” says Kociecki. He points out that, during periods of extreme heat, while there may be some cost involved toward an energy bill when running air-conditioning more than usual, this cost balances during periods of naturally comfortable temperatures when energy consumption drops, allowing expenses to even out over time.

Coming soon to communities
The company’s next strategy will potentially see them collaborating with construction giants across the country who are open to diversifying their large subdivision housing projects with the help of Brite Homes. Company leaders know that achieving this goal will take a period of familiarizing companies of this kind with the benefits of their work. Establishing Net-Zero subdivisions that are, effectively, large enough to house entire communities is an ambition the company holds dear.

A strong believer in community, Brite Homes is a diligent contributor to social improvement projects such as Movers for Moms, which receives generous contributions of food, clothing, and money from the staff every year on Mother’s Day. “We are also looking at a growing number of other charities that we can support as we grow as a company,” says Kociecki.

Being guided by the company’s core values of excellence delivered through teamwork and good communication while embracing urgency, efficiency, tenacity, and passion, this team is committed to consistently exceeding expectations and acting with integrity. “When you have an educated home buyer looking for value, we’re the home builder for them,” Kociecki says of the Brite Homes’ aim to make their way of property development the way of the future for all developers.

With their clear-cut drive to act in the best interests of both the environment and those living in their homes, Brite Homes’ future will no doubt continue to reflect their name.



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