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Dreaming BigCarrco Painting

Dreaming Big

Carrco Painting

The cousins’ eagerness to embrace every opportunity kept them pushing forward and the work grew organically from there. “There was so much work that you couldn’t leave; you had to stay there. We always saw the opportunities.”

Family Company, Progressive ApproachProgressive Roofing

Family Company, Progressive Approach

Progressive Roofing

It takes courage to start a business, and determination to keep it going. After doing so for 45 years, Progressive Roofing Inc. has much to celebrate. Established in 1948 by Bill Farrell and his father Albert Farrell as part of a larger network of businesses owned by the Farrell family, Progressive was founded in 1978, specializing in commercial, institutional, and industrial roofing.

Industry LeaderTurnPoint Services

Industry Leader

TurnPoint Services

TurnPoint Services delivers residential and commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, power, and electrical services. The Louisville, Kentucky-based business also boasts a sizable construction division focused on plumbing construction and HVAC construction, primarily for the residential and multifamily markets.

Preserving a LegacyTalbert Manufacturing, Inc.

Preserving a Legacy

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc.

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1938 by Austin Talbert, a man who brought innovation and customer service to the forefront of the heavy haul trucking industry by addressing the needs of his customers time and again. By manufacturing trailers and equipment that set the standard for safety and performance, the name Talbert became synonymous with quality.

Future-Proofing a Cross-Continental Construction EmpireVan Horne Construction Limited

Future-Proofing a Cross-Continental Construction Empire

Van Horne Construction Limited

Cross-continental construction is a complex yet rewarding industry. Van Horne Construction Limited, a property developer and general contractor headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, has a presence across Canada and in Istanbul, Turkey and plans to start expanding into Europe next year. This company is turning toward creating affordable housing and senior housing in response to the economic blow the COVID-19 crisis dealt to many people around the world.

A Home for EveryoneLegacy Homes Nebraska

A Home for Everyone

Legacy Homes Nebraska

Legacy Homes is one of the largest builders in Nebraska. The company offers a wide variety of semi-customizable homes in Lincoln and Omaha with an extensive choice of floor plans that can be adjusted to suit the individual buyer. “The floor plans are what really sell their homes,” says LH Real Estate Broker Jaysa Bowers. “They really do have some timeless floor plans.”

Ready to Celebrate 60 Years of Premier Glass & Wall SolutionsTranswall

Ready to Celebrate 60 Years of Premier Glass & Wall Solutions


As of 2023, Pennsylvania-based office space solutions provider Transwall will have been in operation for sixty years. Over the decades, it has become known as a premier provider of interior solutions for offices and workplaces and has concerned itself with a turnkey business model that has garnered it a tremendous reputation for “doing things right and doing the right thing,” according to Senior Executive Vice President Marc Valois.

Industry ExpertsArtizan Finishings

Industry Experts

Artizan Finishings

Artizan Finishings specializes in the installation of Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), architectural moldings, stone veneer, and cornice molding. As genuine craftsmen with years of knowledge under their belt, the team makes it their mission to provide quality work and takes great pride in their stellar customer service.

More Than Just a Fresh Lick of PaintJohn W. Egan Co. Inc.

More Than Just a Fresh Lick of Paint

John W. Egan Co. Inc.

Fresh paint expertly applied takes more than any layperson may at first imagine. Located in Newton, Massachusetts, John W. Egan Co. Inc. is trusted by industry leaders for everything from exceptional architectural finishes to heavy industrial coatings on an impressive range of projects. Over the years, the team has become well-versed in providing paintwork for educational institutes, concert halls, art galleries, pharmaceutical facilities, historical restorations, power plants, wastewater and water treatment facilities, chemical manufacturing plants, and more. In the process, it has developed a reputation for quality and excellent service.

Innovative Construction Firm Continues to Take New PathsNew Path Construction and Consulting

Innovative Construction Firm Continues to Take New Paths

New Path Construction and Consulting

New Path Construction and Consulting has taken some, well, new paths since Construction in Focus profiled this innovative firm in April 2021. From launching a low-voltage division to spinning off a cutting-edge design business, work has continued apace at this Hanover Park, Illinois-based company. Most significantly, New Path has received some major industry recognition, placing 39th on the Inc. magazine list of the Fastest-Growing U.S. Companies in the Midwest, 2022.

“What Don’t We Do?” This Crew Celebrates Continued SuccessBlue Flame Crew, LLC

“What Don’t We Do?” This Crew Celebrates Continued Success

Blue Flame Crew, LLC

Gas management systems provider Blue Flame Crew, LLC specializes in the design, installation, and service of systems across the United States. It serves as a division of Boos Resource & Technology Group, a conglomerate of companies providing a wide range of services including consulting, construction, maintenance, architectural design, and engineering for the environmental markets.

Passionate About SealcoatingsSTAR Inc.

Passionate About Sealcoatings


Sealcoating on asphalt or concrete surfaces isn’t decorative; it’s highly functional and protects considerable investment. Sealcoating safeguards home driveways, gas stations, parking lots, even airport surfaces from wear and tear, oil and gasoline spillages, water, snow, wind, rain, and hail.


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