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November 2023Elegant and Eco-FriendlyGreener Interior Design

November 2023

Elegant and Eco-Friendly

Greener Interior Design

Gleaming countertops and ample storage space aren’t the only things on people’s minds when they’re looking at buying or renovating a home. While the aesthetics of nesting are important, the new trends in interior design are focused on sustainability. How do the chosen materials and techniques impact the environment? Are there better choices for eco-conscious consumers that are still affordable?

July 2023New Visions for CitiesPlanning for Greener, Walkable Communities

July 2023

New Visions for Cities

Planning for Greener, Walkable Communities

For many urban dwellers and planners, the ideal state is to design, build and organize for people. In a dream world, that could mean having swaths of a city dedicated to pedestrians, with expanded café patios spilling out onto sidewalks, the streets transforming into walkways where community events take place and the parking lots becoming green spaces with trees, flowers and benches…

2023 | April 2023In the AftermathRescue and Rebuilding

2023 | April 2023

In the Aftermath

Rescue and Rebuilding

In the devastation of a natural disaster, the people of the construction sector are critical to recovery. The stakes are high, and human lives are on the line. Recently this has been made evident by the massive destruction in Turkey and Syria, where devastating earthquakes have left thousands dead and more than a million without shelter. In the aftermath, it’s the construction companies alongside the emergency rescue teams that literally pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild.


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