Turning Florida Homes into Paradise

Paradise Exteriors
Written by Karen Hawthorne

When a call to customer service begins with, “Hello, Welcome to Paradise” – you know it’s a sign that the company delivers a great experience and feel-good vibes.

That’s a welcome boost these days as we contend with the uncertainty of the pandemic and try to get some clarity on what lies ahead.

What’s become even more apparent for construction businesses working their way through COVID’s evolving health and safety requirements, supply chain disruptions and keeping the books in the black, is the need to go the extra mile for customers. Now’s the time to reassure people that you’re there for them and you’re able to complete the work on time and on budget.

And when you’ve got “Paradise” in your business name, you’re already one step ahead.

The Beckner family proudly stands behind every job and each and every interaction with customers at Paradise Exteriors, a home contractor since 2005 that specializes in premium windows, doors and roofing, based in Boynton Beach, Florida.

“We’re living in paradise,” says company COO Anthony Beckner of the beautiful Florida sunshine, palm trees and beach. “If we can help people and help make a difference in our communities, that makes it all worthwhile.” As for the catchy business name, he says, “My mom came up with the name when we were sitting around the kitchen table at dinner. She said, ‘this is paradise,’ so that just fit what we wanted to do.”

It’s been blue skies in terms of the company growth and solid reputation ever since.

His father Dan oversees the company, his mother Tina is General Manager and his Uncle Eric is Production Manager. Beckner has worked in construction for his dad since he was 18, taking a break during college and a few other jobs, and returning to the family business six years ago. “I’m grateful to work with my family. It’s a blessing,” he says.

He’ll be the first to say his dad is a great boss, well-respected by employees and the manufacturers he’s partnered with.

It’s that kind of big-hearted approach and commitment that’s driven the company to handle about 2,000 installations a year, nearly doubling its business every year since 2014.

On that note, Paradise has been recognized with many awards over the years, including the Florida Governor’s Business Ambassador Award in 2019 for the company’s commitment to creating jobs for the local community. The company is also in the Boynton Beach business hall of fame as the best window and door contractor in the city.

The family wants customers to have the highest-quality products to enjoy Florida and keep them safe when the severe winds and flying debris of storms and hurricanes flare up. Hurricane impact windows are now required by building codes, so residents don’t need the extra worry of putting up hurricane shutters if bad weather is in the forecast.

Customers benefit from the personal service and attention from a smaller family-owned contractor and product lines that are exclusive to Paradise Exteriors, like Soft-Lite windows. If you haven’t heard of the brand and are considering window replacements, look them up. The double-hung windows are aesthetically pleasing, durable and better for the environment. They are made of long-lasting vinyl that doesn’t emit toxins, and they also lower your energy bills. You’ve got curb appeal and more money in your pocket.

Soft-Lite has received ENERGY STAR recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and ENERGY STAR-certified products, homes and buildings have significantly lowered energy consumption and helped Americans save billions in energy costs.

The company has recently added roofing installation to its services with high-grade asphalt shingles from GAF. This is a standout product that involves a five-step process for impact resistance and every kind of weather, along with a 50-year lifespan warranty.

“These shingles are so much better than tile and more affordable,” Beckner says. “We chose to carry the roofing system with the highest quality and longest warranty available in the marketplace from a manufacturer who also has the longest tenure in upholding their warranty.”

Concerned about strong winds and drenching rain? A special Dura Grip adhesive locks the shingles in place for a waterproof barrier. The GAF roofing systems have also passed Class 4 impact tests that simulate hail pummeling the surface at more than 70 mph.

Indeed, Paradise’s offerings are built to last, and that stability has served the company well through the pandemic. While COVID has presented a lot of challenges, Paradise Exteriors hasn’t lost ground. The company has managed to problem-solve and deliver jobs on time at affordable prices, despite all the delays in shipping times from manufacturers, waiting on permitting and inspections because of reduced staffing in building departments, and the rising costs of labor and materials.

Plans have also gone ahead with expanding service into Florida’s west coast and opening a new office in St. Petersburg. These are important wins at a time of flux and concerns about contagion.

“We had to lay people off for a month at first, but then we brought them all back,” Beckner says, confident of the continued growth despite the overall economic upheaval. “Home improvement is one of the industries that has benefitted during the pandemic. We’ve been very fortunate.”

With travel on hold and many working from home, people are investing in features to make their homes more comfortable and secure.

Beckner’s team was also quick to pivot to expanded online services. They created a YouTube video series so customers could learn about product options and the installation process without having to come into the showroom or have a representative visit them for a consultation. This was key to helping customers feel safe and engaged during the purchase and through to job completion.

Another market differentiator, the company already had a digital presence and system in place, with software it uses to improve estimates and keep customers updated. All contracts are now done online, which eliminates potential errors and guesswork, and customers can scroll through all the Paradise products with full details so they know exactly the product they’re getting.

And if something comes up, there’s no question Paradise Exteriors can handle it. Beckner’s parents both contracted COVID-19 last year and recovered, while Beckner and his wife welcomed a baby girl into the family this February – so sleep has become a luxury. But it’s this kind of adaptability that has allowed the company to thrive through interesting times.

“Our family is really close,” Beckner says. “I think that makes a difference in the work we do.”



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