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2022 | June 2022Building Well-BeingMental Health and Wellness in the Trades

2022 | June 2022

Building Well-Being

Mental Health and Wellness in the Trades

Those engaged in construction and other trades can affirm that the sector is a challenging one. The challenges are presented in numerous ways. Factors such as the physical demands of the work, jobsite safety, long or irregular hours, separation from family thanks to the industry’s scattered construction sites, and financial insecurity in downturns are just a few of the common stressors.

2021 | November 2021Accessible InfrastructureCreating Cities with Seniors in Mind

2021 | November 2021

Accessible Infrastructure

Creating Cities with Seniors in Mind

A good ‘quality of life’ takes into consideration evaluations of overall physical health, degree of happiness, culture and values, positive social interactions, and liveable neighbourhoods which we gladly call home. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines quality of life as an “individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectation, standards and concerns.”

2020 | April 2020 | Development | In FocusBuilding with Quality, Safety and Affordability in MindCanfield Development

2020 | April 2020 | Development | In Focus

Building with Quality, Safety and Affordability in Mind

Canfield Development

A person’s home is more than a physical structure providing shelter. Homes are our refuges from the masses and places where families are raised, friends socialize, and where our most memorable times are shared. But there is a huge differentiator between a building that is merely a roof over our heads and a home that is considered quality, safe, suitable, and affordable housing. Research clearly indicates that the latter leads to a sense of personal wellbeing.

2019 | December 2019 | In FocusBuilding Knowledge to Build Better HomesBuilding Knowledge Canada

2019 | December 2019 | In Focus

Building Knowledge to Build Better Homes

Building Knowledge Canada

Since the first humans roamed the face of this planet, there has been a need for not only food, but shelter from the elements in a place of security and comfort where family gathers. However, our shelter expectations have come a long way since then. Enter building science, the study of “how heat, air, and moisture interact with a building enclosure and its occupants,” according to Building Knowledge Canada’s (BKC) Vice President and Director of Building Science Andrew Oding.

2019 | In Focus | October 2019A Rich Legacy Founded on Core ValuesMichuda Construction

2019 | In Focus | October 2019

A Rich Legacy Founded on Core Values

Michuda Construction

Michuda Construction is a century-old construction firm, established in 1919. It remains family-owned, providing full services in general contracting and construction management. The company operates in many markets including commercial, education, senior living, and places of worship. However, its primary specialization has always been the healthcare industry, where it has decades of experience working within occupied spaces while integrating lean and clean practices.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Performance-Driven Specialists that Have You CoveredR L Murphey Commercial Roof Systems

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Performance-Driven Specialists that Have You Covered

R L Murphey Commercial Roof Systems

In the world of building construction, whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, or otherwise, there are two primary considerations. Those are the foundation and the roof. There is no question as to which has the most vital role to play in a structure being deemed safe, secure, and indeed, habitable – the roof system. This is simply because leaks, damage, and improper maintenance can and will ultimately affect the foundation and the integrity of a building.

2019 | In Focus | June 2019An Assurance to Protect What Matters MostAssura Windows & Doors

2019 | In Focus | June 2019

An Assurance to Protect What Matters Most

Assura Windows & Doors

Assura Windows and Doors, LLC., designer and manufacturer of impact windows and doors for the residential market, is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Broward County, Florida, slightly north of Fort Lauderdale. Assura’s Plant Manager Armando Barrionuevo describes how impact windows and doors “protect all that matters,” so families are safeguarded from injuries resulting from the impact of “high-velocity debris during a storm, by keeping the elements outside the home rather than inside.”


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