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Equipment & Products | October 2023Hybrid Happiness – North American Heat Pumps Make Comfortable HomesViessmann Manufacturing

Equipment & Products | October 2023

Hybrid Happiness – North American Heat Pumps Make Comfortable Homes

Viessmann Manufacturing

Excitement is running high at Viessmann North America as the company celebrates recent successes and prepares to present cutting-edge heat pumps early next year. While it is committed to continuing fabricating and improving upon its sought-after, premium boilers, growing its electrified heat pump market segment is part of the company’s vision for the future.

Equipment & Products | September 2023Celebrating 135 Years of Keeping People, Property, and Data SafeOverly Door Company

Equipment & Products | September 2023

Celebrating 135 Years of Keeping People, Property, and Data Safe

Overly Door Company

The Overly Door Company, a certified ISO 9001:2015 company located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, has roots going all the way back to 1888. The company is recognized for having the widest range of specialty door, window, and barrier systems in the world, along with a full range of hardware accessories, designed and manufactured on a project basis for government, commercial, and industrial markets.

Equipment & Products | September 2023Working With the Wonders of WoodMadison Wood

Equipment & Products | September 2023

Working With the Wonders of Wood

Madison Wood

It’s good to see young leadership take over a company and make history almost immediately. That’s exactly what Madison Wood’s team achieved in what seems like no time at all this year. Breaking every company record in pressure-treated lumber sales over the past two quarters, the company achieved a surging 20 percent growth. Business is booming—and now the bar is set even higher.

2022 | Equipment & Products | October 2022Market LeaderA&H Equipment

2022 | Equipment & Products | October 2022

Market Leader

A&H Equipment

A&H Equipment distributes market-leading municipal and environmental product solutions throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. From snow removal trucks to street sweepers and sewer cleaners, the company sells, rents, and services a wide range of equipment for a variety of needs, particularly specialty items that go beyond the run-of-the-mill product lineup.

2022 | Equipment & Products | September 2022Western Canada’s Go-To Building Supply BusinessUppal Building Supplies (UBS)

2022 | Equipment & Products | September 2022

Western Canada’s Go-To Building Supply Business

Uppal Building Supplies (UBS)

Uppal Building Supplies is an “Exterior Siding & Building Supply Distributor and Manufacturer.” The company was founded in 2005 by its President and sole owner, Mr. Jagtar Uppal. The business is situated on eight acres in the heart of Surrey, BC, and built over the years by maintaining large inventories of recognized brand name products with competitive pricing and a commitment to delivering service.

2022 | Equipment & Products | September 2022E-Mobilizing the WorldInmotion

2022 | Equipment & Products | September 2022

E-Mobilizing the World


Clean energy is increasingly crucial to the health of our planet. While electrified cars are often in the spotlight, it is refreshing to know that one industry titan makes it possible for large construction vehicles and material handling equipment to run as cleanly as possible thanks to trailblazing electric controllers and motors. Electromobility—also known as e-mobility—involves applying electric propulsion to transportation types of all kinds.


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