Bringing More Safety and Less Work to Surface Disinfection

Bioesque Solutions
Written by David Caldwell

A year after COVID-19 arrived we are still wiping and re-wiping homes and workplaces with harsh disinfectants. Now Bioesque has a safer and more effective alternative that’s quicker and easier to apply, too.

Bioesque Solutions has come up with a radical new alternative to traditional disinfectant solution. From its Southeast Florida headquarters north of Miami, Bioesque has created a new future in sustainable, nontoxic hospital-grade disinfectants.

The company has identified that its flagship liquid Disinfectant Solution, originally designed to kill mold, also effectively and easily kills bacteria and viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 virus on any surface. Bioesque is approved by the E.P.A to kill SARS-CoV-2 with only one minute of wet contact. Bioesque Solutions has strategically aligned with CDS Distribution and Supply to expand and service the Canadian market as exclusive importer and master distributor. Together the two organizations have formed Bioesque Solutions Canada.

Environmentally friendly
Less damaging and faster-acting than most traditional chemicals, Bioesque’s botanical liquid Disinfectant Solution is entirely plant-based. So it’s a much safer alternative to chemicals such as bleach, peroxide and some others.

The Disinfectant Solution’s primary active ingredient is Thymol, a component of thyme oil. Blended with Bioesque’s proprietary Thymox technology, the resulting blend is stable, highly effective, biodegradable in 14 days, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

The Disinfectant Solution arrives ready-to-use, with no dilution required, and will dry with no wiping or rinsing required. As for regulation, the disinfectant is fully approved and regulated by the E.P.A. & Health Canada.

Defying gravity
In addition to traditional spray bottles, electrostatic technology allows for rapid deployment for small or large areas.

Electrostatic technology charges the solution, attracting the molecules to surfaces such as counters, desks, doors, railings, light switches and other high contact touch points. The controlled mist with electrostatic sprayers will coat surfaces for the required wet contact without over-wetting. Charged molecules will constantly attempt to ground and therefore completely and evenly cover an entire surface, including hard to reach areas and contours.

“Imagine an airplane, classroom or a bus, and how long it could take to properly disinfect,” says Vince Cecala, Vice President of Bioesque Solutions Canada. Bioesque teamed up with electrostatic spray can properly complete the job in a fraction of the time without cutting corners.

In addition to speeding up disinfection, the electrostatic process allows the spray to reach inaccessible locations with little effort – places typically difficult to reach, such as the contours of faucets, office chair controls, doorknobs, railings and electronics are all now quickly and easily coated with disinfected solution.

Early success, segment shift
Bioesque’s disinfectant gained early success particularly with home restoration companies, which used the spray to eliminate mold colonies and repair damage after storms, fires and floods.

The company expanded its product line to include a heavy degreaser and odor neutralizer, gaining new success in other segments. But its flagship disinfectant spray remained its most popular item, due to its innovative technology.

The challenges of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak have required products like Bioesque to support effective and thorough disinfection of schools, recreation facilities, health care facilities, transportation, restaurants, lodging, commercial properties and homes.

Sharing the good news
Businesses and consumers may acquire the disinfectant through any authorized Bioesque distributors. In Canada, there are authorized distributors coast to coast.

To those who use Bioesque Disinfectant Solution, the benefits are difficult to overstate. “To be able to offer a hospital-grade disinfectant with botanical technology, that’s where the innovation lies,” remarks Darrell Campbell of Bioesque Solutions Canada, and lead sales consultant.

“There are hospital-grade disinfectants that are chemical-based, which provide strong disinfection; Bioesque can match their disinfection capability with the environmental and safety benefits that come with being non-toxic, biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Peter DeSanto, President and founder of Peterborough, Ontario-based ISF Inc., is a loyal Bioesque supporter. By his own admission, DeSanto is deeply passionate about safer disinfection and educating the public in proper use. He too is highly excited about Bioesque’s properties and natural advantages in fighting COVID-19, as well as its wide-ranging versatility. “It’s fantastic,” he says. “We’re learning every day and we’re introducing this to many different markets.”

Disinfection applications
As part of ISF’s mandate, DeSanto and his colleagues provide hands-on applications for locations such as hotels, gyms and in particular, over 100 churches in Ontario. ISF has had additional success with disinfection application to Ontario’s Indigenous community, and is expanding its reach to Ontarian provincial agencies such as Children, Community and Social Services. “Now they’re excited about having something that’s safe for all their children in daycare centers.

Thanks to these efforts, institutions across Canada are learning the exact procedure of Bioesque’s use and, more importantly, how it can serve as the best disinfectant for SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 illnesses.

As these distributors help Bioesque spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, the primary market is clear. Although the spray is available in small, single-quart bottles, it is also available in 1, 5 and 55-gallon drums for industrial application. For businesses and factories which require their equipment to be disinfected multiple times per hour, bigger is better.

But more importantly, Bioesque belongs with those who recognize its value as a step forward in the fight against COVID-19. “It’s important to realize that technology like this needs to be with people who are committed to health and safety through both proper disinfection using a product that is safe for surfaces and people,” Campbell says.

In particular, home builders are embracing the spray, a throwback to Bioesque’s earlier success with home restoration businesses.

“They’re disinfecting the houses before they give the keys to the new owners, and they’re giving them a bottle,” DeSanto reports. A small tag on the bottle itself gives simple instructions to users for best use, ensuring the average consumer can deploy the spray as effectively as a trained professional.

Bioesque’s distributors view the training as necessary to make the spray as efficient as possible. Bioesque Disinfectant Solution is effective for full disinfection in only three minutes, as opposed to other products taking up to ten minutes, and it is tempting to spray far too much. Proper training can reduce this waste of time and material, though, as well as assisting public understanding of the benefits of Bioesque.

Just routine
As Bioesque’s spray is distributed through new home sales, homeowners and renters can incorporate the spray into their daily routines and both protect their health and enjoy their savings – as Bioesque uses considerably fewer resources such as wipes, paper towels, and time.

More businesses and individuals are learning the benefits of Bioesque products and the company’s distributors see this as a way to get more involved in the fight against COVID-19. “We are the front-line people too,” DeSanto says.

With COVID-19 likely to be a part of everyday life for the foreseeable future, Bioesque’s necessity proves all the more apparent. Even a post-pandemic world, Cecela remarks, will have a different attitude. “I think the world is going to think differently about what ‘clean’ at work means,” he says.

With Bioesque’s products setting a new standard in ethical and practical disinfection, humanity now has a bold new tool in its arsenal.



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