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Neo-Concrete and the Plastics Connection

Looking at the future of plastic, especially its use as aggregate or filler in concrete, one is reminded of Paul Hawken’s book, The Ecology of Commerce. Here, he says that in nature, all waste equals food. Considering that, on a planet comprising delicate ecosystems where there really is no such thing as “away” in terms of waste, recycling plastics by adding them to concrete could become a double-edged sword, given sufficient time.

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Creating Opportunities to ThriveWright Builders Inc.

Creating Opportunities to Thrive

Wright Builders Inc.

Jonathan Wright doesn’t follow traditional paths. The founder of Wright Builders, Inc., one of the leading construction firms in Western Massachusetts for 50 years, Wright was a member of the first graduating class at Hampshire College in 1969 and found himself searching for his way in the world.

One to WatchCharlan Brock Architects

One to Watch

Charlan Brock Architects

Butch Charlan and Gary Brock founded Orlando-based Charlan Brock Architects in 1980. The firm has been earning international recognition ever since for its buildable, marketable, and financially successful design solutions.

From Conception to Completion – Large Company, Small-Company FeelAir-Tec

From Conception to Completion – Large Company, Small-Company Feel


Since its founding in 1969 by Clay Dunn, Air-Tec has been committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout Southern California and Nevada. In the realm of HVAC, the company offers services and solutions for projects for design/build, shell and core, LEED, tenant improvement, retrofit, and controls. The company’s 60,000-square-foot facility supports not only the Corporation’s Headquarters, but also a state-of-the-art Fabrication Shop allowing for the design and fabrication of material for even the most complex of systems.

Alberta Firm Focuses on Quality, Safety, and the EnvironmentCentral Construction Group

Alberta Firm Focuses on Quality, Safety, and the Environment

Central Construction Group

Central Construction Group doesn’t “aim to be the biggest contractor” but “strives to be the best,” to paraphrase the company’s website. Headquartered in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Central also has shops in Grand Prairie, Fox Creek, and Drayton Valley. With a strong focus on quality, safety, and the environment, the company offers an array of services for the commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal sectors.

Sustainable Buildings and Lasting RelationshipsEI Associates

Sustainable Buildings and Lasting Relationships

EI Associates

In architecture, engineering, and design, it’s not unusual to hear words like ‘green’ and ‘sustainability.’ For C. Bruce Christman, Jr., these terms encompass more than materials and construction methods, and include careful consideration of operating costs and making structures as efficient as possible.

Decarbonizing the Modern BuildingCMTA Inc.

Decarbonizing the Modern Building


Since 1968, CMTA Inc. has been doing its part to bring energy-efficient engineering to American construction, now growing to a nationwide leader in decarbonized, healthy buildings. After our previous conversation in 2022, the company has taken a large step toward furthering its mission. Also in 2022, CMTA became part of a larger company called Legence, a Blackstone portfolio company as well as an energy-efficient construction business and sustainability solutions provider.

Better Building with BambooBamboo Living

Better Building with Bamboo

Bamboo Living

Many of us are concerned about the environment and reducing our carbon footprint, but David Sands has made the future of the planet his life’s work. A meeting between carpenter Jeffree Trudeau and architect Sands on the Island of Maui in 1994 led the two to realize there had to be a better, more sustainable, and earth-friendly way to build—and it was with bamboo.

The Stewards of SustainabilityMomentive Performance Materials

The Stewards of Sustainability

Momentive Performance Materials

Momentive Performance Materials (Momentive), a premier global advanced materials company with a legacy dating back to the 1940s, has a unique brand, culture, and position in the silicones and specialty products industry. So unique, in fact, that today, Momentive may be one of the only remaining pure silicones companies in the world, according to Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer Thanos Yiagopoulos.

The Evolving Face of Building ScienceBuilding Knowledge Canada

The Evolving Face of Building Science

Building Knowledge Canada

Building Knowledge Canada (BKC) is an Ontario-based professional engineering firm with a focus on low-rise residential construction, with specialties in building science and sustainability. Building science reflects the study and mastery of the interaction of heat, air, and moisture with a building enclosure, its service systems, and its occupants.

Continued Growth and SuccessA&H Equipment Co.

Continued Growth and Success

A&H Equipment Co.

A&H Equipment Co. is a market-leading distributor of environmental and municipal product solutions, from street sweepers and sewer cleaners to snow removal trucks. The company operates throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. After reporting on the company’s latest developments in 2022, Construction in Focus sat back down with the team to hear this year’s news.

Building on SuccessTurnPoint Services

Building on Success

TurnPoint Services

Since its founding in 2016, TurnPoint Services has skyrocketed to success, growing from $30 million in annual sales in a single market to annual sales of over $1.4 billion and an active presence in 34 states.

Custom Precast Concrete Without CompareArchitectural Precast Innovations, Inc.

Custom Precast Concrete Without Compare

Architectural Precast Innovations, Inc.

For 60 years, Architectural Precast Innovations, Inc. (API) has been committed to delivering high quality, custom prefabricated architectural precast concrete building components to diverse customers and market segments. Exceptional craftmanship, commitment to sustainability, and a relentless drive for innovation are just a few qualities API is known for. The company has built its reputation one award-winning project at a time, completing projects as small as signage to more complex structures like One Willoughby Square, Brooklyn, New York, a 2024 PCI Design Award Best Office Building and Sustainable Design Award Honorable Mention.

A Living Underwater LaboratoryKimberly’s Reef

A Living Underwater Laboratory

Kimberly’s Reef

Learning can take place anywhere, and The Water School at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) is testing this theory with a unique approach that takes students, researchers and enthusiasts alike below the surface in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Here, they will get as close as they can to the wildlife, environment, and ecosystems they intend to research.


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