Staying Safe

Cultivating Psychological and Physical Safety Onsite

Narrow scaffolding and steep roofs, gaping pits and collapsible trenches, heavy machinery, and live wires—construction sites can be dangerous places. Traditionally the industry has focused on these ever-present physical hazards, which is certainly critically important. However, feeling safe psychologically while onsite is also crucial.

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Building Sustainable CommunitiesCharlan Brock Architects

Building Sustainable Communities

Charlan Brock Architects

Over the last four decades, Charlan Brock Architects has earned international recognition for producing marketable, buildable, and financially successful design solutions that have positively impacted the lives of more than one million people. Known as thinkers, collaborators, designers, and innovators, the Orlando, Florida-based team stays abreast of emerging trends and is at the forefront of creating sustainable, affordable communities.

Weathering the Storms with Resilience and ReliabilityEnercare

Weathering the Storms with Resilience and Reliability


Canada is a country well-known for its extreme weather, and with those extremes comes the need to keep vital HVAC equipment running smoothly and efficiently in both summer and winter months. No company knows this better than Enercare, one of Canada’s major providers of residential and business services and energy solutions.

A Fantastic Place to Work – And It’s GrowingBarclay Mechanical

A Fantastic Place to Work – And It’s Growing

Barclay Mechanical

Barclay Mechanical is a leader in industrial mechanical construction that is taking safety management to an entirely new level on projects across America. By becoming the positive change they want to see in the industry, and by implementing all-encompassing safety protocols, the team is proving that injuries are preventable, and that the construction industry can be a much safer, more humane place to work than it used to be. As a result, people love working here, and they demonstrate it by staying.

All Hands on DeckCapital Asphalt & Interlock

All Hands on Deck

Capital Asphalt & Interlock

Capital Asphalt & Interlock Ltd. continues to emphasize quality and family values as it marks its thirtieth anniversary this year. The company is based in Arnprior, a small community west of Ottawa, Ontario. Everyone, especially the people who run the company, is involved in project administration, planning, and installation.

Investing in PeopleLangston Construction

Investing in People

Langston Construction

Langston Construction Company treats its team as well as it treats its customers. And it’s not a secret—the company was recently announced as seventh on the list of South Carolina’s best places to work by Best Companies Group. This prestigious award proves how hard everyone in this company works to make it a fantastic place to be, and in the current economic climate, that is no small achievement.

Happiness by DesignRonnette Riley Architect

Happiness by Design

Ronnette Riley Architect

Ronnette Riley Architect, based in New York, combines female leadership, seasoned expertise, and diversity to accomplish true design excellence. The firm specializes in an impressive range of architectural fields, and its team is also well-versed in flowing between projects with ease—like when one of its architects worked simultaneously on a lingerie store and Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York.

Rising HighSkyscrapers Designed By Women

Rising High

Skyscrapers Designed By Women

Women architects continue to reach for the sky and overcome barriers. In the process, the architectural sector is confronting the long overlooked role women have played in tall building design and development…

Smashing Stereotypes in the Demolition IndustryAMG Demolition

Smashing Stereotypes in the Demolition Industry

AMG Demolition

It’s a story of dedication, commitment and perseverance in the face of some of life’s most challenging battles, and one that AMG Demolition Inc., has built its legacy on. Based in Melville, Long Island, NY, this woman-owned company (WBE/DBE), headed by Joan “Joni” Capobianco, entrepreneur and pioneer in the demolition industry, was built from the ground up into the multi-million dollar enterprise in the demolition industry it is today.

Reinforcing TomorrowAtlantic Reinforcing Concrete Company

Reinforcing Tomorrow

Atlantic Reinforcing Concrete Company

In 1992 when Erin Lynam, President and co-owner of the Atlantic Reinforcing Concrete Company, headquartered in Deer Park, New York, graduated from Briarcliff College in Patchogue, New York with a degree in business administration, the notion of a woman-owned business providing reinforced concrete subcontracting services to the construction industry was a bit of a stretch. Indeed, it might have seemed to be an impossible dream, if anyone even considered it at all.

Sustainable SolutionsMobu Enterprises

Sustainable Solutions

Mobu Enterprises

It’s easy to be green for Mobu Enterprises, builder of custom residential and commercial structures made from shipping containers produced by a skilled team of architects and designers. Initially starting with a small collection of apartment buildings, Mobu has since expanded to urban and rural communities, providing the best in green building while continuing to embrace its motto: “Save our community, save our world, by helping our clients and their future generations construct green areas that withstand the test of time.”

Fair Trades – Working for EqualityRiverside Millwork Group

Fair Trades – Working for Equality

Riverside Millwork Group

If you’re looking for expertly designed and crafted carpentry guaranteed to elevate the look and feel of your home, Riverside Millwork Group provides beautiful, custom products coupled with skilled installation—whether it’s trim and moulding, a variety of doors, or an array of storage solutions.

Sustainable, Resilient DesignArquitectonicaSTUDIO, ArquitectonicaGEO, and ArquitectonicaINTERIORS

Sustainable, Resilient Design

ArquitectonicaSTUDIO, ArquitectonicaGEO, and ArquitectonicaINTERIORS

Celebrating women, and their innovative contributions to architecture, landscape architecture, and design, is an act of liberation. Since 2005, ArquitectonicaGEO, ArquitectonicaINTERIORS, and ArquitectonicaSTUDIO have viewed the act of creating sustainable, resilient design as ensuring the protection and responsible use of natural resources while shaping the fabric of architecture, landscape, and design.

30 Years of Making the World a Better PlaceAurora Electric

30 Years of Making the World a Better Place

Aurora Electric

After thirty years of trailblazing a new era for women, who can now join the traditionally male-dominated world of electricity and its related fields in construction much more easily, Aurora Electric, Inc. of Jamaica, New York, stands tall and is proud to remain a part of a growing industry.


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