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Neo-Concrete and the Plastics Connection

Looking at the future of plastic, especially its use as aggregate or filler in concrete, one is reminded of Paul Hawken’s book, The Ecology of Commerce. Here, he says that in nature, all waste equals food. Considering that, on a planet comprising delicate ecosystems where there really is no such thing as “away” in terms of waste, recycling plastics by adding them to concrete could become a double-edged sword, given sufficient time.

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A Deep Dive Into the Decarbonization ReportU.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

A Deep Dive Into the Decarbonization Report

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

After profiling the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) sustainability efforts in previous articles, Construction in Focus caught up with the organization once again, this time to learn about an exciting new report. State of Decarbonization: Progress in U.S. Commercial Buildings 2023 discusses the sector’s progress, the current status of data availability, and mechanisms available to reduce the carbon emissions of commercial buildings in the United States—the first report to compile all of this information into a single source.

Ahead of the Curve in Sustainable Building PracticesCushing Terrell

Ahead of the Curve in Sustainable Building Practices

Cushing Terrell

There is a quote attributed to Wayne Gretzky that you have likely seen in PowerPoint presentations. It is the one about skating to where the puck is going, rather than where it is. In hockey, Gretzky seemed to have a preternatural ability to anticipate the best place to be. In business, Cushing Terrell has that same knack.

Architecture for Animals – Design for Every LifeAnimal Arts Design Studios

Architecture for Animals – Design for Every Life

Animal Arts Design Studios

When thinking about architecture and building design, we know much time and thought goes into creating sound, healthy, and attractive structures for people, but what about housing for our animal friends? Animal Arts Design Studios specializes exclusively in animal care design, including animal shelters and veterinary hospitals, with a proven track record of success with more than 1,500 projects in 40 U.S. states, Canada, and overseas, ranging in size from 600 to 110,000 square feet.

Power Couple – Enercare and Subterra Provide Energy SolutionsEnercare

Power Couple – Enercare and Subterra Provide Energy Solutions


Coming together to address a vital energy need in the market, Enercare and Subterra Renewables are working to decarbonize living in the way we interact in our homes, transitioning away from fossil fuel powered systems to renewable geothermal energy. Finalized in Q4 2023, the partnership of these two Canadian companies represents a first-of-a-kind industry relationship aimed at providing quality products, service, and results to clients, all while helping to reduce our carbon footprints.

Driven by Energy Efficiency and Creature ComfortNelson + Pope

Driven by Energy Efficiency and Creature Comfort

Nelson + Pope

From lighting control to energy conversion and carbon sequestration, Nelson + Pope is a dynamic full-service architectural, engineering, and surveying firm that has refined the art of diving deep into several disciplines. Beyond design, the company offers comprehensive owner representation services alongside construction administration and environmental consulting through affiliate Nelson Pope Voorhis. Based in Melville, New York, with a satellite office in Manhattan, its approach to design and construction is as evolved as its systems are intelligent.

Making Difficult Construction EasierNicholas Design Build

Making Difficult Construction Easier

Nicholas Design Build

Few firms make taking on complex projects their forte, but Nicholas Design Build is a premium residential and commercial remodeling contractor that specializes in complexity. Its team develops complex systems to achieve what other companies often consider impossible, and combines form and function to create visually sophisticated, welcoming spaces.

Lighter, Stronger, Quicker – A Winning Approach to the Housing ShortageA-LINX Building Technologies

Lighter, Stronger, Quicker – A Winning Approach to the Housing Shortage

A-LINX Building Technologies

A-LINX Building Technologies, headquartered in Ontario, offers comprehensive contracting services specializing in the prefabrication of roof trusses and both exterior and interior load-bearing wall systems. Through its innovative approach, A-LINX enables clients to achieve faster and more cost-effective completion of superstructures compared to traditional construction methods.

Innovation by DesignArquitectonicaSTUDIO

Innovation by Design


Despite its relatively young age, ArquitectonicaSTUDIO is an established, interdisciplinary voice on the Miami architecture scene that has proven to be a dynamic and capable collaborator across a host of project types and sizes, unafraid of exploring creativity and novelty. As part of Arquitectonica, the ArquitectonicaSTUDIO team specializes in boutique-style projects incorporating interior and landscape design while benefitting from being an integrated part of the greater ecosystem and community creativity of its parent company.

The Road AheadInnovations in Asphalt

The Road Ahead

Innovations in Asphalt

From preserving skeletons of prehistoric animals in Los Angeles’ La Brea Tar Pits to playing a pivotal role in road and highway construction, asphalt remains essential to the manufacture of waterproofing products, joint filler compounds, shingles, paints and varnishes, insulating boards, brake liners, preservatives, and much more.

Quality Surfaces—and Quality Beneath the SurfaceMcConnell & Associates

Quality Surfaces—and Quality Beneath the Surface

McConnell & Associates

When you operate a seasonal business that is busiest in the warmer months, the winters can seem very long. The nature of the seasons is changing for McConnell & Associates, an asphalt pavement service company based in Kansas City, Missouri. As the company’s website describes it, you can find its work ‘wherever you walk, park, or play.’

Adding Light and Beauty to Buildings for 20 Years1st Choice Glass

Adding Light and Beauty to Buildings for 20 Years

1st Choice Glass

Over the past 19 years, 1st Choice Glass (1CG), with corporate headquarters in Monroe, North Carolina and satellite offices in Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia, has emerged as a trusted partner of general contractors and developers in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee, and on occasion as far afield as New York, Florida, Alabama, and Ohio.

Creating Safe and Challenging Ways to PlayPlaygrounds Unlimited

Creating Safe and Challenging Ways to Play

Playgrounds Unlimited

The business that is Playgrounds Unlimited officially incorporated in 1996, but the motivation behind it took shape a bit before that. The idea sprang from Co-Owner and President Joe Mendes, who wanted to build his son a playground to celebrate his first birthday. This intention eventually spun into him carving out a niche in the construction industry and moving into playground construction full-time, with two partners to help his new venture get started.

A Few Steps AheadLinden Construction

A Few Steps Ahead

Linden Construction

Being a construction project owner can mean navigating the line between history and modernity, and this is a balance that Linden Construction strikes deftly. With expertise in both new build construction and historic preservation, this company understands that modern building techniques can bring out the best in heritage structures, and that it is the thoughtful intersection of both the old and the new that truly shapes a community.


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