September 2022

2022 | Restoration Industry Association | September 2022The Unified Voice of RestorersRestoration Industry Association

2022 | Restoration Industry Association | September 2022

The Unified Voice of Restorers

Restoration Industry Association

The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the oldest and largest nonprofit professional trade association for the restoration industry. “We serve as the unified voice of restorers,” says CEO Kristy Cohen. “We educate, advocate, and elevate the restoration industry. Every industry needs a strong trade association to protect and promote the best interests of its members, and that is why the RIA is so important.”

2022 | Construction Services | September 2022Future-Proofing a Cross-Continental Construction EmpireVan Horne Construction Limited

2022 | Construction Services | September 2022

Future-Proofing a Cross-Continental Construction Empire

Van Horne Construction Limited

Cross-continental construction is a complex yet rewarding industry. Van Horne Construction Limited, a property developer and general contractor headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, has a presence across Canada and in Istanbul, Turkey and plans to start expanding into Europe next year. This company is turning toward creating affordable housing and senior housing in response to the economic blow the COVID-19 crisis dealt to many people around the world.

2022 | Construction Services | September 2022Ready to Celebrate 60 Years of Premier Glass & Wall SolutionsTranswall

2022 | Construction Services | September 2022

Ready to Celebrate 60 Years of Premier Glass & Wall Solutions


As of 2023, Pennsylvania-based office space solutions provider Transwall will have been in operation for sixty years. Over the decades, it has become known as a premier provider of interior solutions for offices and workplaces and has concerned itself with a turnkey business model that has garnered it a tremendous reputation for “doing things right and doing the right thing,” according to Senior Executive Vice President Marc Valois.

2022 | Construction Services | September 2022More Than Just a Fresh Lick of PaintJohn W. Egan Co. Inc.

2022 | Construction Services | September 2022

More Than Just a Fresh Lick of Paint

John W. Egan Co. Inc.

Fresh paint expertly applied takes more than any layperson may at first imagine. Located in Newton, Massachusetts, John W. Egan Co. Inc. is trusted by industry leaders for everything from exceptional architectural finishes to heavy industrial coatings on an impressive range of projects. Over the years, the team has become well-versed in providing paintwork for educational institutes, concert halls, art galleries, pharmaceutical facilities, historical restorations, power plants, wastewater and water treatment facilities, chemical manufacturing plants, and more. In the process, it has developed a reputation for quality and excellent service.

2022 | Equipment & Products | September 2022Western Canada’s Go-To Building Supply BusinessUppal Building Supplies (UBS)

2022 | Equipment & Products | September 2022

Western Canada’s Go-To Building Supply Business

Uppal Building Supplies (UBS)

Uppal Building Supplies is an “Exterior Siding & Building Supply Distributor and Manufacturer.” The company was founded in 2005 by its President and sole owner, Mr. Jagtar Uppal. The business is situated on eight acres in the heart of Surrey, BC, and built over the years by maintaining large inventories of recognized brand name products with competitive pricing and a commitment to delivering service.

2022 | Equipment & Products | September 2022E-Mobilizing the WorldInmotion

2022 | Equipment & Products | September 2022

E-Mobilizing the World


Clean energy is increasingly crucial to the health of our planet. While electrified cars are often in the spotlight, it is refreshing to know that one industry titan makes it possible for large construction vehicles and material handling equipment to run as cleanly as possible thanks to trailblazing electric controllers and motors. Electromobility—also known as e-mobility—involves applying electric propulsion to transportation types of all kinds.


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