Ready to Celebrate 60 Years of Premier Glass & Wall Solutions

Written by William Young

As of 2023, Pennsylvania-based office space solutions provider Transwall will have been in operation for sixty years. Over the decades, it has become known as a premier provider of interior solutions for offices and workplaces and has concerned itself with a turnkey business model that has garnered it a tremendous reputation for “doing things right and doing the right thing,” according to Senior Executive Vice President Marc Valois.

Two years ago, Transwall found itself with a lot of momentum in the months preceding the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the pandemic began in earnest, the state government shut down many businesses within the state, an action which Transwall managed to avoid thanks to its work with both the federal government and the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, also the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States.

Company president Jay Aikens describes the company as grateful to have worked with both organizations so closely during a difficult time, as the work helped to keep the company moving along and working on new projects. Transwall came out of the pandemic stronger than before as a result, and as of mid-2022, has returned to pre-pandemic activity.

The business has begun new product development and initiatives as well as enhancements to current products. Additionally, since 2020, Transwall has brought on a new sales force that has gone on to surpass expectations in the regions served by the company.

“We’re in a good position to grow the company profitably and set up for the next sixty years,” according to Public Relations Manager Britney Simone. The company has a history of weathering different types of storms, giving it the perfect opportunity to reflect on how it presents itself in the industry, developing aspects that may not have been focused on before.

During the pandemic, the manufacturing and engineering workers of Transwall had to stay in the office due to the nature of their work, while roughly two-thirds of the company’s staff members were working from home. This gave rise to a hybrid work model that continues to work well for the business today, as employees are enjoying the flexibility of it and the ability to make lifestyle choices that work for them.

Valois is glad to give employees back their time by embracing this hybrid model, as it communicates the company’s respect for its employees’ time, work efforts, and personal lives. Aikens believes it reflects what is happening now in the market as some companies are going fully remote, while others are much more concerned with returning to the office environment. In a way, the pandemic itself was another business condition that had to be managed, and there will always be another crisis just around the corner.

Valois is excited to report that Transwall is hard at work on the products of the future. “The industry is redefining itself to use more demountable and movable / relocatable products.” In fact, due to changing industry protocols, there has been an observed resurgence in moveable products like those offered by the company. Many of its products are being combined into single-focus products to simplify the go-to markets served, making the company more effective, creating greater longevity, and an overall better product.

Three of the Transwall product lines are undergoing a redesign which will make the lines simpler to refer to and specify. The redesign will also improve them from an aesthetic perspective.

As well, two of the glass wall products—including its double-glazed product—will be combined for a simpler portfolio. Valois foresees that mountable products are going to become more streamlined, functional, cleaner, and aesthetically pleasing product. “Good design can be added to anything at a respectable price.”

Simone adds that, in the modern office, flexibility is the current trend, and so spaces need to adapt and change with the worker’s needs. A demountable partition is one such flexible space solution as many modifications can be made for a client’s needs. Demountable products also have inherent cost savings. The company is eager to give its clients the full Transwall office solution while providing financial and even artistic value.

Valois feels that opportunities within the office solutions sector are currently at a peak across the United States. Design firms are working on large jobs of a much wider scope than normal, and there is a greater sense of collaboration and a desire to work with other businesses toward a single goal, especially coming out of COVID.

Spaces are also being redefined. Simone says that nothing can replace a conference room or office space in terms of promoting collaboration or team building, so having a tangible environment is more important now than ever. “The physical space is a driving factor in creating community and company culture,” she adds.

Demountable partitions and glass office fronts are still in demand and are a sustainable solution that promotes positive benefits for the environment and people in the form of natural light and outdoor views.

Aikens admits that companies like Transwall are subject to inflation and supply chain pressures today as many businesses are. The company will continue to adapt to the market and its challenges but does hold the advantage of being small enough to be flexible, which will lead to success moving forward.

Transwall looks to finish 2022 profitably and on target for its sales goals. Aikens adds that it will be anticipating the products of the future and seeking new opportunities to expand, both geographically and by market segment. Prospects are positive, and the company has the product base to make a solid go of its goals. Transwall will continue to work on growing relationships with its current clients and new areas like the financial, technology, and healthcare industries as parts of its overall growth strategy.

With sixty years of history, Transwall is thankful for its low worker turnover, as many employees have been around for multiple decades. “The strength of the company is in both its product and people,” Aikens affirms. He has seen the company grow since 1975 with double-digit sales growth for the past fifteen years.

Transwall’s strong relationships will carry it through times ahead. Simone compliments the outstanding leadership, including Aikens and Valois, as this has helped employees like her navigate changes and get the job done right while putting out the best product possible.

“I’m continually warmed by the people we work with every day, both internally and externally,” says Valois.



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