March 2020

2020 | In Focus | March 2020Innovative Modular Utility SystemsSystecon

2020 | In Focus | March 2020

Innovative Modular Utility Systems


Ohio-based Systecon is on the threshold of its golden anniversary. The company has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom-made modular central plants, modular pumping systems, and more. Unlike some of its competitors, Systecon provides one-stop services and solutions, handling everything from concept development and component selection to plant design, optimization, system factory testing, shipment, re-assembly, start-up, and commissioning.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020A People-First Mentality Leads to Generations of SuccessGreat Southwestern Construction

2020 | In Focus | March 2020

A People-First Mentality Leads to Generations of Success

Great Southwestern Construction

Electrical construction service provider Great Southwestern Construction (GSWC) has locations across the United States but is based primarily in Colorado. The company began operations in 1977 as a sole proprietor looking to get into the general construction sector. Company President Brandon Lark recalls that, in the 1980s, there were opportunities to get involved with the United States government’s building of waterways and canal systems throughout Arizona. The young firm jumped at the prospect and succeeded by way of providing communications and power relay infrastructure needs required for the projects.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020Bigger than EverFluid System Components

2020 | In Focus | March 2020

Bigger than Ever

Fluid System Components

The focus at Fluid System Components (FSC) has not changed since Business in Focus profiled the company in late 2017. The De Pere, Wisconsin-based company continues to manufacture and distribute fluid power products and systems for clients in the mobile equipment and industrial sectors. And it still offers stellar customer service.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020Disposal With a Personal TouchRDM Disposal

2020 | In Focus | March 2020

Disposal With a Personal Touch

RDM Disposal

RDM Disposal of Brampton, Ontario is a family-owned-and-operated waste disposal company that proves a small fish can compete in a big pond. Despite its size, the company has garnered many repeat clients and thrives on customer referrals, since clients appreciate its service and personal touch. We spoke with Marketing Supervisor Brandon Burns to learn more.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020Thriving Thanks to a Strong ReputationMcDonald Excavating

2020 | In Focus | March 2020

Thriving Thanks to a Strong Reputation

McDonald Excavating

In February of 2018, I spoke with McDonald Excavating’s President, Ryan McDonald. We talked about the challenges that come with being a minority-owned business, a strong partnership with Hoffman Construction, and steady growth within the construction industry. On the cusp of the company’s fortieth anniversary, I once again had the privilege of talking with Ryan and learned how the company’s success is steering it to new ventures.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020Southern California’s Go-To Landscape Construction FirmPierre Landscape

2020 | In Focus | March 2020

Southern California’s Go-To Landscape Construction Firm

Pierre Landscape

Commercial landscape installation and maintenance business Pierre Landscape is based in Southern California with two offices in operation. The company was founded by Harold Young in 1988, performing irrigation installations on large estate homes in the more high-end areas of the Los Angeles market; from there, it progressed into landscaping services to meet growing client demand. The company would go on to move into both commercial projects and work for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and has expanded into further projects involving hospitals, architectural podium work, and anywhere else that landscape and irrigation work is required.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020 | NewsHousing AffordabilityWhat Does It Mean?

2020 | In Focus | March 2020 | News

Housing Affordability

What Does It Mean?

Affordable housing generally refers to the average cost of housing that can be maintained financially by a middle income earner. However, depending on the housing market you find yourself in, your income bracket, your desire to rent or own, the size of the dwelling required, and the age and condition of the structure, the meaning of the term ‘affordable’ varies.


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