Taking Control of Waste, A Thousand Shredders at a Time

Shred-Tech® Corporation
Written by Pauline Müller

Shred-Tech Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of shredding and recycling systems. Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, Shred-Tech has manufacturing and sales facilities located throughout the world including Raleigh, North Carolina, Bedford, England, Chonburi, Thailand, Melbourne, Australia and Okinawa, Japan.

The company’s journey began in the late 1970s producing stationary two-shaft shredders for a wide range of manufacturing plant-based applications. By the middle of the next decade, Shred-Tech had developed one of the world’s first mobile shredding trucks, designed to shred confidential office paper and documents on-site.

Fast forward 40 years – Shred-Tech now has well over 6,000 shredding and recycling systems installed worldwide, and are recognized globally for their first-class products as well as commitment to engineering, innovation and quality. With shredders in daily use around the world, servicing over 31 countries, Shred-Tech equipment is helping customers reduce costs, generate revenue and protect the environment.

Shred-Tech has been “Thinking Green since Day One.”

In 2019, Shred-Tech® was acquired by The Heico Group of Companies LLC. Heico’s array of global resources will help Shred-Tech continue to grow and expand their offering of exceptional products and services to customers worldwide.

Shredding and HAAS TYRON
Shred-Tech® is the exclusive distributor of HAAS TYRON shredders throughout North America. But before considering these formidable machines, let’s briefly look at the way shredding works.

While many businesses and even homes have mini- to medium-sized shredding machines, it takes industrial-sized shredders to handle the genuinely big jobs. The HAAS TYRON shredder processes wood pallets, tires, paper rolls, plastics, roots, green waste, railway sleepers, residential and commercial demolition materials, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, food waste, mattresses, plastics, synthetics materials, aluminum extrusions, white goods, e-scrap and more. The shredders can also be used to produce refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and to reduce volumes at landfills and transfer stations.

HAAS TYRON exclusive
Since 2016, those who need shredding processes of this power have had access to the potent range of German-developed and manufactured HAAS TYRON primary transportable shredders exclusively through Shred-Tech®.

HAAS TYRON shredders’ speed-adjustable shafts rip through even the most complex materials, such as mattresses and e-scrap. The machines tear material into random pieces, liberating them, and the ferrous material is removed with the cross-belt magnet. The shredder shafts can rotate forward and backward and can operate in unison, bidirectional and at different speeds at the same time. These are infinitely programmable for changing material streams.

Available in three models, the 1500, 2000 and 2500, they range from 25 tons per hour to 100 tons per hour, depending on the application and material. Operating options include stationary, trailer or track mounting, hopper extensions, cross-belt magnets and water spray dust control. The machines are designed for extreme environments, ease of maintenance and low wear and tear.

The hydraulic systems ensure that the machines can withstand running 24/7 in extreme weather conditions.

Problem solvers
To complement the HAAS TYRON Primary Shredder, Shred-Tech® also offers a line-up of top quality single-rotor shredders and granulators manufactured in Italy by Camec Mechanical Solutions. Much like the partnership with HAAS, Shred-Tech is also the exclusive North American Distributor for the single rotor Camec lines and granulators.

Rob Glass, President and CEO of Shred-Tech® explains, “Our thorough understanding of all aspects of engineering and manufacturing, fueled by a proud and energetic corporate culture, puts Shred-Tech® at the forefront of the industry.”

All Shred-Tech shredding systems can be configured with application-specific knife design, cutting chamber size, horsepower, feed and discharge rates to suit the customer’s requirements.

With the unique flexibility that this offers, it is not surprising that “customers oftentimes approach Shred-Tech® with a problem that many competitors haven’t been able to solve,” as Cristina Battick, Senior Creative Marketing Manager, puts it.

In-depth service
With Shred-Tech’s broadly skilled in-house en¬gineering team, they are able to work closely with the sales department and the customer to find a viable solution. Coupled with a vigorous quality control process, in-house assembly and manufacturing, Shred-Tech builds and manufactures the world’s best shredding and recycling systems.

Shred-Tech® honours and fulfills all warranties on every unit. In addition, they offer full servicing replacement parts, as well as a dedicated, all-hours emergency service hotline. Skilled service staff offering full technical assistance can be onsite as quickly as the next working day depending on location.

Shred-Tech’s product lines and services include mobile document shredding trucks, collection trucks, plant-based document shredding systems, custom-designed shredding and recycling systems, original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) and preventative maintenance contracts.

Breaking through
Founded in 1978, Shred-Tech® set out making stationary two-shaft shredders for waste products in various types of manufacturing plants. Then, in the mid-1980s came the breakthrough, when the company presented the world with the first-ever mobile shredding trucks. These trucks are designed to provide on-site secure document destruction.

Shred-Tech®’s contribution to a healthier planet is their machines’ reduced fuel consumption. They proudly announced that all of their 2018 model shredding and collection trucks run on ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) and B5 BioDiesel and meet the EPA’s toughest emissions standards.

“Predictive Idle/Auto Shutdown” is a program available on all models that senses low shredder loads to shut off the high engine idle when the shredder is unattended and the hopper is empty; moments later the PTOs are turned off along with the engine. This means never wasting fuel and engine hours. The new remote panel start button allows you to restart the truck from the side control panel when you return with more paper to shred.

Thinking green
The company estimates that thanks to the volume of paper recycled by Shred-Tech®-fabricated trucks, over 22 million trees are saved annually. To share this understanding of how much can be done for the environment, Shred-Tech® hosts their annual Shred-Day. Local households are invited to drop off their confidential documents and watch them shred, with the proviso that they in turn make donations to United Way, the international non-profit organization that provides support to communities in need of education, sanitation, food assistance, and more.



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