July 2022

2022 | July 2022Close QuartersBuilding for Better Density

2022 | July 2022

Close Quarters

Building for Better Density

The pandemic has redefined how we think about many things. One of the biggest is our living spaces and local neighbourhoods. Over the past two years, the rooms in our homes have doubled as offices, gyms, and even classrooms. And between lockdowns and social distancing, it felt like our world shrunk to the blocks that we can walk around in our own neighbourhoods.

2022 | Development | July 2022Advocating for the Rights of Rental Property OwnersInvestment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS)

2022 | Development | July 2022

Advocating for the Rights of Rental Property Owners

Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS)

The Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS) is dedicated to educating rental property owners and advocating for their rights in its province. The association was founded in 1978, a time in the province’s housing history that its executive director Kevin Russell remembers as much different than today. Back then, the main driver behind the association beginning its operations was rent control, established in the province in 1973.

2022 | CHBA | July 2022The Need for Housing is NowCanadian Home Builders’ Association

2022 | CHBA | July 2022

The Need for Housing is Now

Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Over the months leading up the release of Canada’s latest federal budget, A Plan to Grow Our Economy and Make Life More Affordable, there was speculation over what recommendations the 304-page document would contain about the nation’s housing crisis. Highlighted as a priority for all levels of government, the dearth of all kinds of housing, from single-family homes to condominiums, townhomes to rental units, is a threat to our future.

2022 | CHBA | July 2022The Science of Sustainable Home Building – Balancing Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction, and Climate ResiliencyBuilding Knowledge Canada

2022 | CHBA | July 2022

The Science of Sustainable Home Building – Balancing Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction, and Climate Resiliency

Building Knowledge Canada

There is a well-worn cliché that we have all heard a thousand times: “They sure don’t build them like they used to.” It is usually a complaint about how, in the modern world, we have chosen to trade quality for convenience or to save a little money. In the homebuilding field, one company is forever changing the way homes are built, with a focus on energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and climate resiliency—and without sacrificing affordability.

2022 | CHBA | July 2022Welcome Home: A One-Stop Shop for Beautiful BuildingsElviano Homes Ltd.

2022 | CHBA | July 2022

Welcome Home: A One-Stop Shop for Beautiful Buildings

Elviano Homes Ltd.

There’s no place like home, especially when that home is created with a client’s particular vision in mind. With a sterling 16-year reputation in Toronto’s high-end construction sector, Elviano Homes Ltd. recognizes the importance of expert design, quality materials, and experienced trades, along with enduring, open and consistent communication in order to create “forever homes” for valued customers.

2022 | CHBA | July 2022Family ValuesAzora Group

2022 | CHBA | July 2022

Family Values

Azora Group

Some residential developers create cookie-cutter housing projects, then leave as soon as the work is done. The opposite is true of Azora Group, which builds communities. While Azora’s design-oriented multi-family and single-family dwellings are of exceptional quality and value, Azora also designs them for real family life.

2022 | July 2022Timeless, Modern LuxuryModern Skyline

2022 | July 2022

Timeless, Modern Luxury

Modern Skyline

Modern Skyline is a luxury development company that focuses on modern design and functionality while embracing the latest in technology and sustainability. Jean-Sebastien Leroux and Matthew Tautt “founded the company with the objective of bringing something a little bit more modern to the marketplace—something modern but classic,” Leroux says.

2022 | Equipment & Services | July 2022A Drive For InnovationCimline

2022 | Equipment & Services | July 2022

A Drive For Innovation


For more than half a century, Cimline, Inc. has been helping preserve the pavement, asphalt, and roadwork network across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Cimline designs and manufactures equipment to preserve roadways throughout the world. With a drive for performance and innovation, Cimline continues to offer cutting edge technology through its worldwide network of distributors. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with manufacturing plants in Minnesota and Mississippi.

2022 | Equipment & Services | July 2022Always EvolvingThe HIDI Group

2022 | Equipment & Services | July 2022

Always Evolving

The HIDI Group

When he became Chief Executive Officer of The HIDI Group last November, Dario Di Carlo was prepared to face COVID challenges impacting the building industry, work through them, and welcome the future. Now, past the midway mark of 2022, staff are returning to the office, “and rebuilding the corporate culture we had before COVID,” says Di Carlo.


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