November 2023

In Focus | Interior Design | November 2023From Concept to Creation: Crafting a Client’s Design Vision into RealityBOKA Powell

In Focus | Interior Design | November 2023

From Concept to Creation: Crafting a Client’s Design Vision into Reality

BOKA Powell

BOKA Powell is a design firm bringing spaces to life, with projects both inspired and inspiring. Their team takes architecture, interior design, and master-planning to the next level, creating experience-driven spaces that tell a story. From mixed-use and corporate workplaces to build-to-suit, BOKA Powell is not limited by the size or scope of any project, only by the program and budget of those who seek to make their design dreams a reality.

In Focus | Interior Design | November 2023Superior Products for Elevated SuccessEklund’s

In Focus | Interior Design | November 2023

Superior Products for Elevated Success


Most of us have ridden in one at one time or another, but we rarely consider them—they simply help transport us from one floor to another, safely and without breaking a sweat. Elevator cabs—commonplace in many buildings today, from public schools to offices to universities and even private homes—generally tend to be generic in design, color, and adornments, but if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Eklund’s is the company of choice.

Modular Building | November 2023Shaping the FutureDJR

Modular Building | November 2023

Shaping the Future


Architecture is about more than the art and science of designing and constructing buildings; it is about people—and for people. From large commercial and retail spaces to modest, affordable housing, few firms are more passionate about this people industry than Minneapolis, Minnesota-based DJR.

Construction Services | November 2023Designing With NatureAndropogon

Construction Services | November 2023

Designing With Nature


Andropogon, a Philadelphia- and Raleigh-based landscape architecture and ecological design firm, gets its memorable name from the Latin word for a type of grass. “The significance of that is that it’s a pioneer species,” says Principal and Director of Practice Development Darren Damone. “It’s one of the first grasses to recolonize and restore environmentally degraded sites.”

Construction Services | November 2023Warming Things Up Where It’s Really NeededSunshine Renewable Energy

Construction Services | November 2023

Warming Things Up Where It’s Really Needed

Sunshine Renewable Energy

Sunshine Renewable Energy is a family-owned contractor that provides innovative renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses in Nova Scotia’s Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). For 10 years, Sunshine has executed on its mission to educate the market on the advantages of sustainable energy offerings like heat pumps (both ducted and ductless), and solar and electrical service upgrades, while improving system performance for its customers, saving them money, and benefiting the environment in the process.

Construction Services | November 2023Elevating Residential Construction: Harrison Homes Sets a Standard of Excellence Designing and Building CommunitiesHarrison Homes

Construction Services | November 2023

Elevating Residential Construction: Harrison Homes Sets a Standard of Excellence Designing and Building Communities

Harrison Homes

Finding a general contractor who understands how to efficiently design and construct a residential community that achieves the financial goals of the client can, at times, be easier said than done. Harrison Homes takes a commercial approach to residential developments, providing optimized solutions that maximize their clients’ return on investment. They achieve this by offering a robust portfolio of services, powered by an A-list team of professionals and hand-picked subcontractors that excel at creating quality spaces for people to call home.

November 2023Elegant and Eco-FriendlyGreener Interior Design

November 2023

Elegant and Eco-Friendly

Greener Interior Design

Gleaming countertops and ample storage space aren’t the only things on people’s minds when they’re looking at buying or renovating a home. While the aesthetics of nesting are important, the new trends in interior design are focused on sustainability. How do the chosen materials and techniques impact the environment? Are there better choices for eco-conscious consumers that are still affordable?


Achieving Equity Through Sustainability

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