May 2019

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Electrifying BusinessSheridan Electric

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Electrifying Business

Sheridan Electric

In the throes of winter, the power feed for a data center’s primary cooling system was failing. While most people in Canada worried about icy roads and snowstorms, the center faced a catastrophic loss of its servers that rely on extreme cooling to stay operating. A call was placed to Sheridan Electric in the late afternoon and while staff at head office began monitoring and providing online support and sourcing critical parts, an experienced field crew arrived to handle the problem on the ground. They had already lost one critical electrical breaker and the backup unit was running at 150 degrees Celsius and on the verge of failing.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Celebrating 30 Years as Florida’s Asphalt ExpertMiguel Lopez Jr. Asphalt Maintenance

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Celebrating 30 Years as Florida’s Asphalt Expert

Miguel Lopez Jr. Asphalt Maintenance

Miguel Lopez Jr. Asphalt Maintenance & Site Development is a family-owned company located in Pembroke Pines, Florida and serving the greater Florida area. The business began in 1989 as a venture between brothers Miguel and Eduardo Lopez, both of whom worked in their father’s company manufacturing precast structures such as catch basins, manhole covers and bumpers used by paving contractors, before deciding to open a business together; today, the brothers employ around sixty people within their company – including additional family members – and are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the business this year.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Building Brighter FuturesMRG Construction Management

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Building Brighter Futures

MRG Construction Management

As markets become more demanding, bespoke services are evolving into specialized niche offerings that often didn’t exist a decade ago. Take what could easily be thought of as boutique construction, for instance. MRG Construction Management, Inc. is a general contractor and construction manager that prides itself on delivering a niche contracting service that is so owner-focused that one cannot help but refer to it as just that.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Lightweight Structure SolutionsFabriTec Structures

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Lightweight Structure Solutions

FabriTec Structures

In many ways, FabriTec creates the seemingly impossible: durable, custom, tensile membrane structures using practically transparent materials a mere 1/100t the weight of glass. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and with satellite offices in Buffalo, New York, Tustin, California, and Guadalajara, Mexico, award-winning PFEIFER-FabriTec is respected worldwide for its stadiums, tensioned roof structures, cable suspended bridges, and cable supported structures.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019A Legacy of ServiceAUCH Construction

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

A Legacy of Service

AUCH Construction

One can tell a lot about the amount of vision a company’s management team has by looking at its website. After 111 years in the industry, construction management has become AUCH Construction’s largest area of project delivery – and its web presence backs that up. So do its core values of integrity and hard work.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Opening Up the Work Space to New Visions of EfficiencyHLW International

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Opening Up the Work Space to New Visions of Efficiency

HLW International

It’s an exciting time to be in workplace design and architecture: technology is rapidly advancing, and multi-generational clients are pushing the ideas of the traditional workplace. HLW International is working at the forefront of this dynamic shift. In May of 2019, Construction in Focus sat down with Managing Partner John Gering, catching up on the firm’s latest projects and to discuss how technology is changing the industry.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019A Unique Architectural Firm Incorporating New TechnologiesAltius Architecture

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

A Unique Architectural Firm Incorporating New Technologies

Altius Architecture

Sustainable, green housing is no longer just the domain of wealthy builders in cottage country. Builders in the city are starting to take notice of the benefits of going green. Altius Architecture, Inc. has always been at the forefront of new technologies in construction and is currently undertaking work with new performance standards, such as the ‘passive house’ building methods, developed in Germany. It is also incorporating speculative work and pre-fabricated structures into its repertoire. Once again, we spoke with Altius Principal Graham Smith.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019A Leader in Safety in Trade WorkMatcom

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

A Leader in Safety in Trade Work


We spoke with Matt Rix, President of Matcom, last year for July’s issue of Construction in Focus, where he outlined his role in the industrial machinery moving company. At the time, Matcom was upgrading its operation software, seeking a ‘red seal certified rigger,’ and in the midst of rebranding to focus on its core services.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Where Innovation Comes StandardHuesker

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Where Innovation Comes Standard


Huesker is a worldwide company that prioritizes innovation as a means of growth. Huesker Inc. – the first of many Huesker subsidiaries – has been in operation since 1991. “We provide solutions and products for applications with geosynthetic materials, geogrids, geotextiles, membranes, and other materials that would fit into the geosynthetic category,” says Chief Executive Officer Sven Schroer.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019A Global Leader for Good ReasonBon Tool Company

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

A Global Leader for Good Reason

Bon Tool Company

Bon Tool Company is a third-generation family business founded in 1958 and a global leader in manufacturing quality trowel tools for professionals in the construction industry. Formerly known as Masonry Specialty Company, Bon Tool was renamed in 1987 to better represent the wide selection of tools made for multiple construction trades. Bon operates two facilities in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, has a distribution center in Henderson, Nevada, and another smaller distribution facility in Chennai, India.

2019 | Associations | In Focus | May 2019Promoting the Benefits of a Superior MaterialNew England Concrete Manufacturers Association (NECMA)

2019 | Associations | In Focus | May 2019

Promoting the Benefits of a Superior Material

New England Concrete Manufacturers Association (NECMA)

The New England Concrete Manufacturers Association (NECMA) was incorporated in 1966 as the New England Concrete Masonry Association and is based in Massachusetts. For over fifty years, NECMA has been promoting the value of concrete structural systems for their strength, durability, value, energy efficiency, low maintenance, water resistance, and ability to be formed into various shapes and sizes.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Cementing Lasting RelationshipsVee-Jay Cement Contracting Company

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Cementing Lasting Relationships

Vee-Jay Cement Contracting Company

The Vee-Jay Cement Contracting Company, established in 1958 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, aims to impress its customers to forge enduring relationships. It offers all varieties of concrete work: tilt-up construction, foundations, high-rise concrete structures, parking structures, post-tension concrete, recreation courts, concrete restoration and repair, and concrete paving.


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