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2019 | In Focus | October 2019Creating a Strong and Sustainable Landscape Company with Human-Centered ApproachCrystal Greens Landscape

2019 | In Focus | October 2019

Creating a Strong and Sustainable Landscape Company with Human-Centered Approach

Crystal Greens Landscape

Commercial Investors and Property Managers want to work with landscape companies that are experts in their field, have the resources to handle jobs of all sizes, offer a wide service range, and charge competitive rates. But just as important, are the people representing the companies. They should be proactive, responsive, and adaptable to your unique business needs and hopefully, express passion and enthusiasm in the process of managing all phases of the service.

2019 | In Focus | September 2019The Present and the Future of ConstructionAerial Drones

2019 | In Focus | September 2019

The Present and the Future of Construction

Aerial Drones

When commercial drones first hit the market, many imagined the dawn of a futuristic city with hundreds of drones whizzing overhead as commercial vehicles delivering pizzas or as personal toys to record our lives or run errands. Few imagined construction workers leading the forefront of their innovation, yet in 2019, one of the largest industries influencing drone hardware and software is construction.

2019 | In Focus | May 2019Electrifying BusinessSheridan Electric

2019 | In Focus | May 2019

Electrifying Business

Sheridan Electric

In the throes of winter, the power feed for a data center’s primary cooling system was failing. While most people in Canada worried about icy roads and snowstorms, the center faced a catastrophic loss of its servers that rely on extreme cooling to stay operating. A call was placed to Sheridan Electric in the late afternoon and while staff at head office began monitoring and providing online support and sourcing critical parts, an experienced field crew arrived to handle the problem on the ground. They had already lost one critical electrical breaker and the backup unit was running at 150 degrees Celsius and on the verge of failing.

2019 | In Focus | March 2019The Intersection of Innovation and TeamworkWeddle Bros. Construction Companies

2019 | In Focus | March 2019

The Intersection of Innovation and Teamwork

Weddle Bros. Construction Companies

In April of 2018, the Indiana University School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering kicked off a week-long celebration of its new building, Luddy Hall. The gigantic, 124,000 square foot, $42.4 million facility is equipped with 15 classrooms and labs and a 1,360 square foot community center. The front entrance is sheared on an angle to offset the balance of the traditional, rectangular shaped building. Inside the building, glass frames jut out in various directions. The enclosed square shapes lend a sense of strength while simultaneously maintaining an open concept. For the aspiring engineers who will call this building home, it serves as an inspiration for the types of designs that are possible.


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