June 2022

2022 | June 2022Building Well-BeingMental Health and Wellness in the Trades

2022 | June 2022

Building Well-Being

Mental Health and Wellness in the Trades

Those engaged in construction and other trades can affirm that the sector is a challenging one. The challenges are presented in numerous ways. Factors such as the physical demands of the work, jobsite safety, long or irregular hours, separation from family thanks to the industry’s scattered construction sites, and financial insecurity in downturns are just a few of the common stressors.

2022 | June 2022These High-Performance Teams Win Client LoyaltyGreenferd Construction

2022 | June 2022

These High-Performance Teams Win Client Loyalty

Greenferd Construction

It is always exciting to discover construction companies that set the bar on quality in modern and sophisticated new ways. This is indeed the case with Greenferd Construction, an innovative office renovator in the city of Toronto, Canada, which has served some of the world’s most successful companies since 1994. The company’s robust roster of repeat business proves its commitment to quality and consistent customer care.

2022 | June 2022This Contractor with a Difference Makes Projects HappenRussell

2022 | June 2022

This Contractor with a Difference Makes Projects Happen


One of the most promising signs of a quality contractor is repeat business – and commercial contractor and developer Russell’s return customer metrics sit at well over sixty percent every year. With an eye on continuous improvement, respect, and trust, this is a commercial contractor and developer with a difference, serving a wide range of industries vertical construction projects.

2022 | June 2022A Better Floor for a Better Tomorrow – Sustainably Sourced, High-Quality Rubber FlooringDinoflex

2022 | June 2022

A Better Floor for a Better Tomorrow – Sustainably Sourced, High-Quality Rubber Flooring


As our natural resources grow ever more precious, more companies are adopting new economic models to use resources as efficiently as possible. Dinoflex has been manufacturing high-quality rubber flooring made from recycled tires for over thirty years. All rubber comes from within five hundred miles of its factory in British Columbia, Canada, saving rubber from being relegated to landfills. With a global presence, Dinoflex is primed to lead the way in sustainable flooring manufacturing.

2022 | June 2022Asphalt Specialists Foresee Great Things for Paving IndustryAsphalt Specialists, Inc.

2022 | June 2022

Asphalt Specialists Foresee Great Things for Paving Industry

Asphalt Specialists, Inc.

Asphalt Specialists, Inc. of Pontiac, Michigan, is a paving contractor mainly serving the state’s southeast. This sizable operation was launched 35 years ago by brothers Bruce and Dan Israel. The Israels owned a pavement striping business in the late 1980s, and, looking for different ways to grow the business, bought an asphalt paver before selling the striping business and beginning ASI Paving in earnest.

2022 | June 2022Facing the Future the Feller WayFeller Engineering

2022 | June 2022

Facing the Future the Feller Way

Feller Engineering

Specializing in high-rises, mixed-use projects, condominiums, apartment buildings and hospitality, Feller Engineering, the leading MEP/FP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection) engineering consulting firm in Florida, might be well-known for its impressive core projects, but it also takes great pride in its numerous other designs. These range from restaurants to high-end single-family homes and car dealerships, and the company welcomes not only large projects, but the smaller ones as well.


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