April 2022

2022 | April 2022 | Sustainable Design & ConstructionThe Building Blocks of Tomorrow – A Bold New Future in Sustainable ConstructionPLAEX Building Systems Inc.

2022 | April 2022 | Sustainable Design & Construction

The Building Blocks of Tomorrow – A Bold New Future in Sustainable Construction

PLAEX Building Systems Inc.

For all of its positive outcomes, construction generates a large amount of waste and by-products. An estimated 2.2 billion tons of construction waste will be generated annually by 2025, according to the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA). With a growing population, aging infrastructure, and the increasing difficulty in finding qualified construction personnel, the industry is ripe for systemic changes.

2022 | April 2022 | Architecture & EngineeringCMTA Leads Louisville Airport Project to Great ResultsCMTA Consulting Engineers

2022 | April 2022 | Architecture & Engineering

CMTA Leads Louisville Airport Project to Great Results

CMTA Consulting Engineers

Multi-service engineering firm CMTA Consulting Engineers was formed in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1968 by three founders. They created an engineering company that has evolved to focus on sustainable design and to improve the built environment through both consulting engineering and performance contracting. Together, the minds behind CMTA have made great things happen over the last nearly 55 years, as the company has become the leader in high-performance building and data-driven designs.

2022 | April 2022 | Architecture & EngineeringLiving With NatureImplications for Architecture

2022 | April 2022 | Architecture & Engineering

Living With Nature

Implications for Architecture

As I was researching how architects are integrating nature into the built environment, I recalled an interview I had done for my Art Talk newspaper column in 2015 with realist artist Angelica De Benedetti. She was exhibiting a collection of nature-themed oils and watercolour paintings entitled Nature’s Breath, and shared insights into how nature and even paintings of nature can induce feelings of well-being, which may have implications for architectural design and the positive effects it can have.


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