July 2018

2018 | In Focus | July 2018More Than a Sustainable Solution for Pipe Infrastructure RehabilitationNu Flow Technologies

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

More Than a Sustainable Solution for Pipe Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Nu Flow Technologies

As the global leader in small-diameter interior infrastructure rehabilitation, Nu Flow Technologies, Inc. is also an eco-conscious company dedicated to providing the least intrusive and most cost-effective options for sewer and water pipe repair and renewal. Since its 1998 launch, Nu Flow has been cultivating and delivering innovative solutions to its customers’ piping problems.

2018 | In Focus | July 201825 Years as a Knowledgeable Resource for Utility Construction and Tree Care ContractorsGlobal Machinery

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

25 Years as a Knowledgeable Resource for Utility Construction and Tree Care Contractors

Global Machinery

Global Machinery is a full-service equipment dealer that provides sales, rentals, parts, and service for the specialized equipment used in constructing and maintaining utilities. It specializes in providing equipment for the power and electric, telecommunications, water and sewer, gas, and tree care industries. Its tree care offerings include equipment for maintaining trees, land clearing, and land processing.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018Built on Legendary QualityBuilt on Legendary Quality

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

Built on Legendary Quality

Built on Legendary Quality

For well over half a century, the Bobcat Company has been the number one choice for construction companies, landscapers, tree removal businesses, and other industries that demand peak performance every day. Atlas Bobcat has been serving the greater Chicago area since 1965 and has grown to six locations that meet the needs of customers from the Wisconsin border to Merrillville, Indiana.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018Customized Dewatering SolutionsHolland Pump

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

Conquering Challenges

ABC Coating

ABC Coating is a rebar coating company with a long and successful history serving the United States metal fabrication industry. The company was named ABC after the initials of its three founders Marcello Acuna Sr., Gerald Campbell, and Don Benge. The three-way partnership had roots reaching back to the mid-1970s.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018The Last Roofing Expert You’ll Ever NeedBarrett Inc.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

The Last Roofing Expert You’ll Ever Need

Barrett Inc.

In the bigger scheme of things, roof quality tends to be one of those necessities that go unnoticed until one is faced with either a new building project or a defective roof situation. The latter is likely to hit at the most inopportune time and is usually unbearably costly to rectify. Which is why, when spending that average twenty-five percent of total building cost on roofing a commercial premises, it may be a good idea to get it done properly – the first time – by Barrett Inc.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018Small Enough to Listen, Large Enough to DeliverDavid Mitchell Company

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

Small Enough to Listen, Large Enough to Deliver

David Mitchell Company

David Mitchell Company provides general contracting for commercial businesses and specializes in hotel, corporate, and dental office improvement. Periodically, it also works in residential and civil construction. David Mitchell can control the quality and schedule of a project with its in-house millwork shop and installation crew. The company’s over sixty years of experience has established a reputation as a trustworthy partner that is capable of producing a high-quality project.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018Superior Quality, Superior ServiceMatcom

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

Superior Quality, Superior Service


This is our second feature on Matcom, an industrial machinery moving company in business for over 40 years. Since our first article in 2016, the company located in Vaughan, Ontario has achieved significant growth and positive changes. We spoke with President Matt Rix and discussed his role in the company which is achieving new levels of excellence.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018This Employee-Owned Firm is Growing RapidlyHaldeman Homme

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

This Employee-Owned Firm is Growing Rapidly

Haldeman Homme

Haldeman Homme, Inc., a rapidly-expanding Minneapolis-based business, boasts soaring revenues and new branches across the U.S. The company (whose name is pronounced ‘Homie’) is totally employee-owned; workers share in the firm’s profits and decision-making process. “We consider ourselves a specialty contractor, dealing mostly with interior specialty products,” President Ron Johnson says.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018Construction Software Company is Expanding its ReachApplied Systems Associates (aSa)

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

Construction Software Company is Expanding its Reach

Applied Systems Associates (aSa)

The story of Applied Systems Associates, Inc., (aSa) began with innovation nearly 50 years ago when the power of computer software was nothing like it is today. Founder Jim Leib developed a software solution for the reinforcing steel industry that produced an immediate impact. That impact has only grown through a culture that rewards teamwork, continuous improvement, and reliability.

2018 | Associations | In Focus | July 2018Making Construction a Stronger IndustryConstruction Industry Ethics and Compliance Initiative (CIECI)

2018 | Associations | In Focus | July 2018

Making Construction a Stronger Industry

Construction Industry Ethics and Compliance Initiative (CIECI)

This year, the Construction Industry Ethics and Compliance Initiative (CIECI) is celebrating its tenth anniversary as a leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving the compliance and ethics practices of the construction industry. Members are leading construction industry companies that are dedicated to the highest standards of ethical behavior.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018Exceeding ExpectationsKern Steel Fabrication

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

Exceeding Expectations

Kern Steel Fabrication

Kern Steel Fabrications, Inc., of Bakersfield, California, is a structural steel fabricator providing services to a wide range of industries. NuSteel Fabricators, Inc. is a subsidiary company offering similar services out of Childersburg, Alabama, near Birmingham. Together, these companies provide fabricated steel products and services from coast to coast.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018German Design and IngenuityPutzmeister America

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

German Design and Ingenuity

Putzmeister America

Since 1958, the name Putzmeister has been synonymous with quality. The Putzmeister Group was founded in Germany and is a global leader in manufacturing innovative, exceptionally reliable, long-lasting equipment for concrete and material placing clients in construction, mining, power station, sewage treatment, waste incinerator, tunnel construction, and other large-scale industrial project sectors.


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