2017 | In Focus | September 2017A One-Stop Shop for Track and Transit Construction ServicesJ-Track

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

A One-Stop Shop for Track and Transit Construction Services


J-Track LLC is the commuter’s equivalent of a masked superhero – frequently unseen, but instrumental in saving the day. As a company that specializes in end-to-end track and transit system construction services, J-Track is frequently the unsung hero in circumstances where flooding and water leaks threaten to grind to a halt the daily subway commute in metropolitan cities like New York and Washington, D.C.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017The Engineers and Constructors Who Build RelationshipsHargrove Engineers + Constructors

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

The Engineers and Constructors Who Build Relationships

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors

Headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, Hargrove Engineers + Constructors was founded in 1995 by Ralph Hargrove, who remains the President and CEO to this day. The award-winning firm specializes in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), as well as project management, controls and automation, and technical services for the processing, manufacturing, and energy industries.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Diversifying for SuccessD&D Building

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Diversifying for Success

D&D Building

D&D Building started as a building maintenance company in 1968; it was launched by two high school friends, and it gradually grew into doing more commercial work. Today, the company has around 170 employees in four facilities totaling just less than 100,000 square feet. It is primarily a general contractor that does carpentry with specialized divisions that provide separate services.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Smart and Sustainable Electrical SolutionsFacility Solutions Group

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Smart and Sustainable Electrical Solutions

Facility Solutions Group

Facility Solutions Group (FSG) began in 1982 as a specialty lighting distributor selling lamps and lightbulbs under the name American Light Bulb and Supply Company and has since expanded into providing a wide variety of other services. The primary focus then, and still to a large degree today, was to go beyond the role of a typical distribution role by promoting new technologies and creating lasting relationships with customers.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Designing and Building with the End in Mindicon Mechanical

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Designing and Building with the End in Mind

icon Mechanical

icon Mechanical continues to build upon its well-honed strengths as a full-service mechanical contractor that has been in business for over two decades in the Granite City and St. Louis region. Unlike much of its competition, icon offers more than highly qualified and experienced customer service—their team joins with clients to provide unique and successful mechanical engineering, contracting and construction solutions.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Excellence and Innovation in HVAC ContractingBay City Mechanical

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Excellence and Innovation in HVAC Contracting

Bay City Mechanical

For more than 25 years, Bay City Mechanical has provided a full suite of mechanical services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Bay City Mechanical is proud to be one of the Bay Area’s largest and most innovative mechanical contracting firms. Bay City has been recently recognized as the 38th Largest Privately Held Company in the East Bay with approximately $81M in revenues from 2015. In addition, Bay City Mechanical has been short -listed in making the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies List from SF Business Times in the Greater Bay Area for 2017. The results will be made public in early October.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Improved Project Delivery Through InnovationRELMEC Mechanical

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Improved Project Delivery Through Innovation

RELMEC Mechanical

RELMEC Mechanical LLC is a mechanical contractor specializing in commercial Plumbing, HVAC and Piping Services, based in Cleveland, Ohio. This contractor’s work can be seen in buildings across the city’s skyline as there are very few buildings in which it did not provide the mechanical installation. The forward-thinking company strives to help other companies to improve the city it calls home. Business in Focus spoke with its President Layne Kendig.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Cementing an International ReputationCTLGroup

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Cementing an International Reputation


CTLGroup of Skokie, Illinois is a leading consulting engineering and materials consulting and testing firm with a heritage spanning more than one hundred years. The company has worked on several noteworthy projects – including the tallest building in the world – and takes pride in its well-educated staff, comprehensive services and wide reach. CTLGroup enters its next century with a confident outlook and a plan to expand its services and personnel while enhancing existing facilities.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Making Concrete Better Since 1947Northeast Solite Corporation

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Making Concrete Better Since 1947

Northeast Solite Corporation

This year, Northeast Solite Corporation celebrates its seventieth anniversary in the lightweight aggregate (LWA) business, as its forward-thinking innovation continues to set the gold standard, globally. Its list of illustrious achievements where its products have been used includes the roof of the U.S. Capitol, 1.2 million Solite® concrete blocks in the Freedom Tower in New York City, and the deck of the original Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland – among others.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017American-owned, American-proudCentral Plains Cement Company

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

American-owned, American-proud

Central Plains Cement Company

The name Central Plains Cement Company is relatively new, having originated in 2012 when Eagle Materials Inc. purchased significant Midwest assets from Lafarge. Eagle Materials Inc. is one of the largest American-owned and operated construction materials suppliers. A locally operated subsidiary, Central Plains Cement Company headquarters is in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area, and its two cement manufacturing plants are in Sugar Creek, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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