2017 | In Focus | October 2017Delivering Real SuccessHTS Texas

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Delivering Real Success

HTS Texas

HTS Texas is an independent, built-to-order commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC equipment provider. It builds complex automated systems and offers technical servicing for various heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. The company’s building automation systems include temperature allotting controls, humidity controls, security controls, fire alarms, and low voltage solutions.

2017 | December 2017 | In FocusCold Weather ConstructionBuilding for the Winter Ahead

2017 | December 2017 | In Focus

Cold Weather Construction

Building for the Winter Ahead

Across North America, cargo shorts, Capri pants and flip-flops are relegated to the back of the closet, with parkas, sweaters and boots taking their place. And just as we winterize our bodies and our cars with warm clothes and snow tires, we do much the same to our houses in preparation for the cold months ahead, from cleaning out gutters to sealing cracks around windows and doors, wrapping pipes with insulation, replacing the furnace filter, draining water from the outside faucet and – if there is a fireplace or woodstove – stocking up on firewood. And those who fail to prepare often pay the price with drafts and high heating costs or, even worse, mould, moisture damage or frozen pipes.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Building Southern California since 1919Pinner Construction Company

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Building Southern California since 1919

Pinner Construction Company

Founded in 1919, Pinner Construction has been providing high-quality and exceedingly sustainable facilities that contribute to the development of the local communities of Southern California for close to 100 years. As the company transitions from a family-owned business under the leadership of Mr. Dirk Griffin, CEO, he spoke to Construction in Focus about his plans for the company and maintaining its success.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Liveability and Sustainably at a Leading Ontario UniversityUniversity of Guelph – Physical Resources

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Liveability and Sustainably at a Leading Ontario University

University of Guelph – Physical Resources

The University of Guelph’s Physical Resources group provides support services to the University through five specialized departments. These are Sustainable Transportation and Parking; Environmental Services; Maintenance and Energy Services; Design, Engineering and Construction; and Finance and Administration. Each division plays a critical role in the university’s ability to operate effectively and sustainably.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017In it for the Long HaulTalbert Manufacturing

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

In it for the Long Haul

Talbert Manufacturing

As Talbert Manufacturing approaches its eightieth year in operation in 2018, it has many things to celebrate. Chief among these are a number of industry firsts that have not only helped the company to grow as a reputable manufacturer, but have changed how trailers are designed and the way the industry operates.
This reliable designer and manufacturer of specialized transportation equipment and trailers for heavy haul applications has created a lasting legacy with its well-engineered and high-performance trailers. Its trailers are built to last and outperform the competition. Many of its competitors have even tried to emulate Talbert Manufacturing’s designs, though they continue to fall short.

2017 | In Focus | September 2017Builders Building RelationshipsHDC Development

2017 | In Focus | September 2017

Builders Building Relationships

HDC Development

HDC Development, headquartered in St. Joseph, Minnesota, is about more than constructing buildings, it is about building relationships and trust, says Chief Executive Officer Travis Scott. Since 1970, the company has completed over eight thousand housing units and built or made major additions to more than 150 facilities while remaining true to its foundations of providing quality seniors’ accommodations at a time when the need for them is skyrocketing.


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