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2020 | General Contracting | In Focus | July 2020Focused on the Next GenerationDXI Construction

2020 | General Contracting | In Focus | July 2020

Focused on the Next Generation

DXI Construction

Turnkey site preparation company DXI Construction was established in 1966 as a small paving company under the name of Dixie Construction Company, owned and operated by the Dixon family. What began as a family business performing small weekend projects has grown to be a committed force that is eager and ready to take on some of the most challenging, mission-critical projects in the Mid-Atlantic region.

2019 | In Focus | October 2019Made To LastLudowici Roof Tile

2019 | In Focus | October 2019

Made To Last

Ludowici Roof Tile

Ludowici Roof Tile established itself in the United States in 1888 and is America’s oldest clay roofing tile manufacturer. Over the years, the spelling of its name has changed a couple of times but its dedication to quality, long-lasting products has never wavered and, to this day, remains the core ingredient of Ludowici Roof Tile’s success.

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusLearning from the BestHolland College

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

Learning from the Best

Holland College

Holland College, with campuses and centres across Prince Edward Island, has full-time and part-time programs that offer one-year certificates and two-year diplomas, as well as adult education/GED. It has built its reputation on providing instructors with extensive real-life experience – instructors who have “been there, and done that,” and are ready to share that knowledge with their students.

2019 | April 2019 | In FocusService, Safety and SpeedMacDougall Steel Erectors

2019 | April 2019 | In Focus

Service, Safety and Speed

MacDougall Steel Erectors

MacDougall Steel Erectors, established by Ron and Gloria MacDougall in 1998, is located in Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island. The company specializes in steel fabrication and installation, with projects all across Canada and the Eastern United States. It is dedicated to keeping worksites safe and efficient and has built a reputation for putting in the extra effort to ensure projects run smoothly and on time.

2018 | In Focus | May 2018Remarkable Service, Remarkable ResultsPerera Construction and Design

2018 | In Focus | May 2018

Remarkable Service, Remarkable Results

Perera Construction and Design

Perera Construction and Design, established in 1980 by Hank Perera, is a general contracting firm based out of California with licenses in four states – California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Specialized in healthcare, education, energy, telecommunications and most recently, entertainment industry projects, Perera Construction and Design prides itself on meeting all its clients’ specialized needs.

2017 | In Focus | March 2017A Leader in the FieldCPRC Group

2017 | In Focus | March 2017

A Leader in the Field

CPRC Group

CPRC Group is a privately owned business that has five locations across Maine where people can drop off a variety of commercial and residential waste. Using innovative technologies, this waste is then converted into usable products at the company’s two main processing facilities. In addition, CPRC Group works with about eighty municipalities within Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, assisting them in increasing the amount of waste that is recycled.


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