February 2022

2022 | February 2022Laying the FoundationsBlack Voices in Architecture

2022 | February 2022

Laying the Foundations

Black Voices in Architecture

There is tremendous power in diversity. Yet, despite many black architects, both abroad and in North America, pointing out the obvious for decades, somehow the needle on the industry’s diversity gauge has moved toward inclusion only occasionally and at a glacial pace – but this is changing. Black architects not only have an important contribution to make, but it is imperative that they do so.

2022 | Construction Services | February 2022Better Living Through Better BuildingSouth Coast Improvement Company

2022 | Construction Services | February 2022

Better Living Through Better Building

South Coast Improvement Company

It’s a unique niche, and one not many firms tackle—occupied renovations in senior living and senior healthcare—but the team at South Coast Improvement Company (SCIC) has successfully made it more than 80 percent of their business. Founded in 1998, the company boasts 35 full-time employees and more than $50 million in annual revenue as a leader in interior and exterior commercial design, construction and management services.

2022 | February 2022Sustainable Solutions for Small Batch MixingCollomix

2022 | February 2022

Sustainable Solutions for Small Batch Mixing


Founded in 1974 in Germany, Collomix established itself in the United States and Canada in 2012. Small-batch mixing was not as common in North America at the time, and Collomix has spent much of the last decade focused on raising awareness about the benefits of small-batch mixers. A family company and a market leader, Collomix is trusted around the world as the only company focused solely on mixing.


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