December 2023

Concrete | December 2023 | In FocusSimply Better Concrete MachineryBW Manufacturing

Concrete | December 2023 | In Focus

Simply Better Concrete Machinery

BW Manufacturing

The old saying “time is money” is especially true in construction. Few things frustrate project managers, architects, engineers, and crews more than waiting for replacement machinery or parts when equipment breaks down mid-job and wasted minutes become hours or days. Realizing the industry never stops, BW Manufacturing designs and manufactures concrete equipment made to last, and products that are readily serviceable, making delays a thing of the past.

Concrete | December 2023 | In FocusThe Precast AdvantageAtlantic TNG

Concrete | December 2023 | In Focus

The Precast Advantage

Atlantic TNG

Atlantic TNG LLC, originally Atlantic Concrete, has been casting quality precast concrete products since 1969. In 2019, we sat down with Megan Kitchner, a third-generation precaster who launched her own division of the family business in 2011. We checked back in with Kitchner this month to learn the latest from her Sarasota, Florida headquarters.

Concrete | December 2023 | In FocusEducation and Support for a Better IndustryAmerican Concrete Institute

Concrete | December 2023 | In Focus

Education and Support for a Better Industry

American Concrete Institute

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) is always advancing the industry by guiding and assisting individuals and organizations involved in concrete design, construction, and related materials. With more than 100 chapters, 146 student chapters, and over 30,000 members spanning 120 countries, the Michigan-based non-profit develops and distributes consensus-based standards, technical resources, educational programs, training programs, and certification programs.

Concrete | December 2023 | In Focus70 Years of SuccessCROM

Concrete | December 2023 | In Focus

70 Years of Success


CROM is a Gainesville, Florida-based specialty contractor with five locations across three states, and has been building and restoring essential infrastructure for 70 years. “The company has remained a market leader in prestressed concrete since 1953,” says Director of Restorations and Field Operations, Bruce Russell.

Construction Services | December 2023Making Smart Moves to Stay On Top of the IndustryConquest Equipment

Construction Services | December 2023

Making Smart Moves to Stay On Top of the Industry

Conquest Equipment

Heavy construction equipment provider Conquest Equipment began its operations 14 years ago when it was founded by Greg Hodgson and his son Lee. Many of those who started with Hodgson are still with the company today, including Rental Account Manager Sam Shimwell. He started his Conquest journey in marketing before moving into end sales but still does additional work in the marketing department. He says that, from the first day of operations, the company has had a positive environment with a strong internal emphasis on teamwork and abundant opportunities for employee growth.


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