August 2021

2021 | August 2021 | General ContractingGiving Back1-800-SWEEPER

2021 | August 2021 | General Contracting

Giving Back


A nationwide service network made up of independently owned power-sweeping companies, 1-800-SWEEPER unites sweeping companies throughout the United States beneath a common marketing and service structure. Partner companies provide parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, and construction-related power sweeping services to a wide variety of customers, from nationwide and regional facility managers to municipalities and local contractors.

2021 | August 2021Improving America’s Housing StockFalcon Group

2021 | August 2021

Improving America’s Housing Stock

Falcon Group

Serving the Eastern United States from New York to Miami, full-service, architectural, engineering, and construction management firm The Falcon Group is known for its work in multi-family residential construction and other shared community spaces. The firm has also diversified into more commercial, institutional, and public projects.

2021 | August 2021Moving ForwardEmond Plumbing & Heating

2021 | August 2021

Moving Forward

Emond Plumbing & Heating

For Emond Plumbing & Heating, Inc., moving forward is a way of life. The Taunton, Massachusetts-based plumbing and heating company has been a high-quality plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and sheet metal construction contractor for over three decades, and is not planning on quitting any time soon.

2021 | August 2021Riding a Wave of Momentum, from 2020 Successes into a Bright FutureGreat Southwestern Construction

2021 | August 2021

Riding a Wave of Momentum, from 2020 Successes into a Bright Future

Great Southwestern Construction

Great Southwestern Construction is a Colorado-based electrical services provider that has been active across the United States for nearly forty-five years. Vice President Travis Martinez feels that the culture of GSWC is what has separated it from the competition across these many decades. “We have a long, established history of performing work safely and effectively throughout the country,” he says. “The culture we have created is what puts us in our unique position.”

2021 | August 2021A Diverse ApproachDEI Systems

2021 | August 2021

A Diverse Approach

DEI Systems

Electrical and low voltage systems integration contractor DEI Systems LLC is located near Boston in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The family-owned-and-operated business sets itself apart with a unique, dynamic approach. In addition to mainstream construction service, the company delivers turnkey engineering, design, and build services for every building system that requires high or low-voltage power.

2021 | August 2021 | Construction ServicesRaising ExpectationsJottan, Inc.

2021 | August 2021 | Construction Services

Raising Expectations

Jottan, Inc.

Jottan, Inc. launched in 1974 with nothing more than a pickup truck, a ladder, and a commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. Over time, the company’s emphasis on customer satisfaction, along with its exemplary safety record, won over a growing client base. As a result, Jottan was able to expand the business from maintenance and repairs in western Pennsylvania to roof replacements, coatings, maintenance, and repairs throughout all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and is currently ranked by Roofing Contractor as one of the top 100 roofing contractors in all the United States, at 47th.

2021 | August 2021 | Construction ServicesOwning Accountability – Subsurface Investigation With a DifferenceCivil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

2021 | August 2021 | Construction Services

Owning Accountability – Subsurface Investigation With a Difference

Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Construction professionals know how much time and money can be wasted when, a few feet into onsite digging, the crew hits something that they should not have. From protecting subsurface infrastructure to finding unusual artifacts, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.’s service takes the frustration and guesswork out of protecting utilities when digging on construction sites.

2021 | August 2021 | Construction ServicesNew Developments for Collaboration in the WorkplaceS2 Architecture

2021 | August 2021 | Construction Services

New Developments for Collaboration in the Workplace

S2 Architecture

Founded in 1993, Canadian architectural, interior design, and master planning firm S2 Architecture serves a diverse range of markets. The employees at S2 work together fluently within and between studios located in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. All three of these studios have recently undergone significant changes, and the development is, in part, to advance the firm’s collaborative teamwork approach.


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