April 2017

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusDoing it Right, the Reno WayReno Contracting

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

Doing it Right, the Reno Way

Reno Contracting

Since its founding, Reno Contracting’s mission has remained steadfast. “I started with Matt Reno in 1989. We’ve been friends since 1987, and from the beginning, it was always, ‘We’re going to do the right thing,’” said President and Chief Operating Officer Walt Fegley. This seemingly simple statement forms the basis on which Reno Contracting has built its success as one of the largest, most prominent build-to-suit general contractors in Southern California.

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusYour Partner in QualityBatchelor & Kimball

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

Your Partner in Quality

Batchelor & Kimball

By focusing on quality, superior service and safety, Batchelor & Kimball, Inc. has earned the respect and repeat business of customers for almost forty years. The company’s team of highly experienced project managers, engineers, certified welders, pipefitters, plumbers and designers provides commercial HVAC and plumbing expertise to clients requiring the utmost professionalism, cleanliness and highest standards of work.

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusFull Service HVAC and Plumbing SolutionsShumate Mechanical

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

Full Service HVAC and Plumbing Solutions

Shumate Mechanical

Shumate Mechanical delivers a complete HVAC solution—and more—to both commercial and residential customers throughout the metro Atlanta area, and well beyond – servicing virtually all of North Georgia. The company’s licensed technicians maintain, service, repair and install the full gamut of heating and cooling systems, from sprawling industrial systems to units that are small enough for a modest condo. In addition, the business recently launched a residential plumbing service to give customers easy access to dependable, fully licensed plumbers.

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusCommitted to A Cleaner WorldDevens Recycling Center

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

Committed to A Cleaner World

Devens Recycling Center

Recycling materials from demolition and construction would seem to be a logical and worthy endeavor. Wood, glass, concrete and other building supplies should be reused, but it may be surprising to know that this is not something that has been common practice for very long. Devens Recycling Center in Massachusetts, however, is recovering up to eighty percent of recyclable materials from demolition sites to be reused in many other end markets. We spoke with its founder Kurt Macnamara about the tests a specialty company goes through and how recycling 1,500 tons a day can wreak havoc on customized machinery.

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusWhere Value Runs DeepBauer Foundation Corp.

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

Where Value Runs Deep

Bauer Foundation Corp.

When projects are highly technical and require specialized expertise, look no further than Bauer Foundation Corporation (BFC). BFC is the U.S. subsidiary of the Bauer Group, a German foundation equipment manufacturer and specialty contractor. Building on the reputation and expertise of its parent company, BFC utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to serve U.S. customers in the industrial, commercial, residential, and government sectors.

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusAlways Looking AheadAdvanced Construction Techniques Limited (ACT)

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

Always Looking Ahead

Advanced Construction Techniques Limited (ACT)

Founded in 1992, Advanced Construction Techniques Ltd. (ACT) is a full service, specialty geotechnical contracting company that has consistently brought innovation to its field. Now in its 25th year, and with a U.S. company formed in 2008 (Advanced Construction Techniques Inc.), ACT efficiently and comprehensively provides a complete range of geotechnical services to all areas of North America.

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusQuebec’s Family-Owned Equipment Firm in TransitionSimplex Equipment Rental

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

Quebec’s Family-Owned Equipment Firm in Transition

Simplex Equipment Rental

Simplex Equipment Rental is a family-owned firm in Montreal with a huge inventory and a history of both growth and adaptation to new market conditions. Founded over a century ago, the company provides tools and equipment for everything from huge construction jobs to backyard landscaping projects. Repeatedly honoured as one of Canada’s best managed firms, Simplex is looking to expand while maintaining its family ownership.

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusThe Better Way to BoltLeJeune Bolt Company

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

The Better Way to Bolt

LeJeune Bolt Company

LeJeune Bolt Company stands out as a structural fastener specialist and an expert source for installation tool sales, rentals and repairs in the U.S. construction industry. Despite its name, LeJeune Bolt Company is so much more than bolts; it is a supplier of structural fastening solutions and installation tools. It is also an industry pioneer that seeks new opportunities to innovate, while challenging standards to advance the industry as a whole.

2017 | April 2017 | In FocusA Northern Ontario Success StoryLopes Limited

2017 | April 2017 | In Focus

A Northern Ontario Success Story

Lopes Limited

Greg Seguin, the general manager at Lopes Limited, says his firm is “quite sophisticated, as far as Northern Ontario goes.” It is a good description for the award-winning, family-run firm that performs fabrication and other industrial services. Lopes is based in Coniston, Ontario, on the outskirts of Sudbury, which puts it close to the geographical center of Canada. As such, Lopes is strategically located near the Trans-Canada Highway and major rail lines.


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