Reinforcing the Austin Skyline

BCS Concrete Structures
Written by William Young

BCS Concrete Structures is a Texas-based concrete contractor operating out of the city of Mustang Ridge and serving various parts of the state overall. Since its inception, its operational mission has been to redefine the skyline of Austin, the state capital, as well as that of the greater central Texas area.

In its now-20 years of operation, BCS has come to assume the identity of the leading turnkey commercial concrete subcontractor in its area, laying the foundation for buildings that have become synonymous with Austin and the surrounding area. Along the way, the company has become a noted and celebrated member of its local communities, as much a part of greater central Texas as the people who walk its concrete every day.

The BCS brand has been attached to a number of diverse and striking buildings in its time. Some of its notable projects include corporate offices for global brands like Porsche and WeWork, churches, community buildings, living spaces, and more. The company recently completed work on the Waterloo Tower at 2400 Seton, located next to the University of Texas at Austin. It is the tallest building in the west campus area by 100 feet and is a great boon for student housing to the area.

One of BCS’s most notable projects thus far, in both size and stature, is the corporate office tower at 300 Colorado in Austin. The building stands at 32 stories and a total of 800,000 square feet and is the new headquarters for the social media company TikTok. Other recent successes, such as a renovation and art installation for the Blanton Museum of Art and a formwork project for the Austin headquarters for global health and wellness company Nutrabolt, emphatically cap off an incredibly successful 2023 for the contractor. Meanwhile, the company’s recent work with White Construction includes the Westminster continuing care retirement community and the Helping Hands Home for Children offices, both in Austin.

These efforts have led to recognition and accolades in its state hub, including most recently securing the Top Performer Subcontractor award from White Construction for the fourteenth time.

Adding to its already strong reputation is BCS’s equally lengthy history of volunteering and giving back to the local Austin community. For example, the company recently made a $10,000 donation to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin and sponsored a back-to-school program, purchasing supplies for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Whether helping hospitals, public schools, or local organizations, BCS and its people always make time to support communities from the ground up; in fact, all one such organization needs to do is apply via a form on the company’s website and help is likely to come their way.

The company’s recent accomplishments go beyond awards and into national notoriety. In mid-2023, the company was handpicked by Construction Marvels Inc. to represent commercial concrete contractors across the state of Texas. Construction Marvels, a body that recognizes excellence in the field of construction, filmed a television segment based around BCS’s operations that aired in August of last year on the Fox Business Channel. The company considers this a milestone of recognition of both its efforts and its identity as a Texas-based contractor.

As BCS succinctly describes regarding its suite of services, “We take care of everything concrete.” Starting in pre-construction with scheduling and risk management, the company focuses on everything to do with its namesake material, whether stamped, resurfaced, stained, or polished concrete (and in whatever reinforcing technique required). The team routinely delivers concrete directly to jobsites without the use of a middleman while also keeping clients up to date on its pricing, and its people are on hand for any repair, replacement, removal, or routine maintenance required along the way. Its process is described as such: “We start with the initial structural design of the project, analyze the site, choose the material, and determine the perfect method of execution. We then place the mold and get ready to pour the concrete.” Rock-steady in both its process and approach to customer relations, BCS has made itself known as a trustworthy name in its field.

As is all-important to the industry today overall, BCS describes the relationship between safety and operations within the company as a symbiotic one and states that, “safety is not reduced to a cost-benefit evaluation.” The company’s Vice President of Safety & Human Resources, Todd Smith, has authored two safety manuals to date, and the safety training he oversees routinely focuses on fall protection, basic carpentry, and the safe practice of operating construction vehicles and implements like ladders and scaffolds. Through it all, reducing jobsite risk is an ongoing theme.

One pointed way in which BCS’s safety and operations interact and exist in communion is through the BCS Concrete Structures Emerging Leaders Program. This is an internal training initiative that identifies professionals on the come-up within the organization, training them on interactions with general contractors. Through this training, the company aims to ensure that its next generation of businesspeople can be made ready to work on large commercial projects in the BCS orbit and in a manner befitting the company’s long-standing reputation.

Ongoing training is part of the team’s focus on best practices, as are further initiatives like jobsite inspection competitions, incentive programs, annual safety summits and rodeos (annual all-day safety conferences), and more. Safe practice permeates every aspect of the company and is considered very seriously when new technologies and techniques come to the fore in the industry.

The way ahead for BCS is further development in and around Austin. Amongst its considerable future projects, BCS will be teaming up with national construction company JE Dunn on the construction of a 54-plus-story multi-use tower in downtown Austin. If the past year is any indication, 2024 promises to be jam-packed and successful, with BCS ready to take on any project and excel in its role as the premier concrete contractor in its area.



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