Five Years of Growth, and Counting

Robbins Construction Group
Written by William Young

Robbins Construction Group, based out of South Carolina and primarily serving the southern United States, specializes in design-build construction. Now in its fourth year of business, the company has seen tremendous growth both in sales and in its project expertise, with five new states (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida) added to its out-of-state project portfolio. In that time, Robbins has also succeeded in adding Home Depot as a retail client for stores in the Tennessee and potentially in the Texas and Florida markets, and has further increased its own staff to 25 people, continuing its rise in the southern U.S. market.

Since Construction in Focus magazine’s previous piece on the company in 2021, Robbins Construction Group has successfully relocated its home office to 3262 Landmark Drive in North Charleston, South Carolina. The new headquarters is a fully renovated 10,000-square-foot space that provides employees with a modern and inviting environment to work in, with the intention of supporting its current workforce while enticing newer workers to the company.

The business has also been the recipient of several notable awards in this time, including regional business awards for Charleston and South Carolina; being named one of South Carolina’s fastest growing companies; being named one of South Carolina’s best places to work; and being honored for contributing to the health and safety of its employees.

President and CEO Derek Robbins expresses that, particularly for a youthful company, receiving acknowledgment for its efforts in these fields is truly gratifying. He further emphasizes that such recognition not only underscores the team’s capabilities but also communicates “the robustness of our workforce in effectively delivering our projects.” Derek continues to take immense pride in the team’s accomplishments, an aspect that remains a cornerstone of the operation.

The past year and a half have seen considerable and exciting developments on a project basis for the young business. First, there is the Park Circle Redevelopment project in North Charleston, which consists of adding a new community center, a farmers market, a new baseball field, and 55,000 square feet of inclusive playground (the largest of its kind in the world) to the eponymous neighborhood. The project is scheduled for completion in October of 2023.

The Robbins team is also involved in projects like the rebranding of a local Mazda dealership, as well as the development and renovation of a number of flooring and décor retail outfits throughout the southeast. The company was also awarded two storage unit facilities in the Florida market, in Jacksonville and Summerfield, a fine addition to what has been a notable pipeline of work.

Regarding the company’s approach to its activities within the design-build sector, Robbins asserts that the team provides clients with a distinctive encounter. “Our conviction rests in the notion that content customers underpin a prosperous enterprise… We take immense pride in ingraining customer service as an integral element of our organizational ethos,” he notes. With customer contentment as a focal point, the company operates diligently to discern their requisites, inclinations, and apprehensions, positioning customer satisfaction at the heart of its operations.

By adopting a customer-centric methodology, the company can guarantee that its offerings, services, and assistance are customized to precisely match the individual demands of each customer. Robbins and his team also firmly advocate for a proactive approach to client communication, striving to provide continuous information throughout every phase of the process through regular updates, prompt inquiry responses, and transparent information sharing. This approach is designed to not only keep clients well-informed but also to make them feel genuinely heard and appreciated.

“We understand that every customer is unique,” says Robbins, which is why so much focus is put on tailored solutions, personalized recommendations, and an overall more enriching experience, therefore building long-term relationships. This commitment to exceptional customer service reflects the company’s dedication to always providing the highest level of satisfaction possible.

Presently, in a scenario that presents a positive challenge within today’s market landscape, the workload for Robbins Construction Group shows no signs of abating, even for a relatively young enterprise. The company currently maintains a robust project pipeline, encompassing projects in various stages of completion, with a promising lineup of forthcoming endeavors slated to extend well into the upcoming year.

Robbins explains that the southeast U.S. is currently a strong market for construction in general, whether in industrial, retail, multifamily, or commercial. Many people are relocating from other parts of the country, and in response, Robbins Construction Group will continue to leverage its talents and offerings to keep clients satisfied and add to the health of the broader industry and community.

The company is undoubtedly swift in enacting its growth strategy. Robbins Construction Group has consistently adhered to a strategy of diversification, enabling the firm to both manage risk and leverage shifts within the market. This strategy encompasses the exploration and expansion of prospects across various domains, including commercial, industrial, and retail, as well as mixed-use and multi-family sectors.

Robbins shares that the company will also look to target new geographical markets to broaden its reach and increase its client base further. Expansion into new regions will allow the firm to tap into emerging opportunities and leverage its expertise in different markets. The team will also continue to collaborate with its strategic partners on its projects, partners that Robbins says are a vital part of the company’s growth plan, as they allow the team to pursue larger and more complex projects.

With such a breadth of expertise in its arsenal, “we are committed to embracing innovation and leveraging technology to drive efficiency, productivity, and sustainability,” says Robbins. This includes adopting advanced construction methods and leading-edge construction management software like Procore (one of the most notable software applications in the field today) and exploring greener building practices. Robbins says that the company’s growth plan also emphasizes investing in its workforce—attracting, developing, rewarding, and retaining top industry talent.

The company aims to foster a culture of continuous learning, professional development, and employee engagement to ensure continued exceptional results. Its new headquarters is just one of the ways that workers at Robbins Construction Group are being thought of and accounted for every step of the way. Such mindfulness is setting the business up for sustainable growth in terms of its strong team, project volume, and market presence, and Robbins is thus confident in the company’s ability to achieve its growth objectives and solidify its position as a leader in design-build construction.

After nearly half a decade of accomplishment in a constantly evolving sector, the extent of growth witnessed by the company stands as a testament to its adept management, guiding principles, operational methodologies, and unwavering focus on clients. This triumphant blend of factors is undoubtedly poised to yield positive outcomes for generations to follow.



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