Treating Customers as Family for Ten Years

The Exterior Company
Written by Pauline Müller

Choosing a roofing contractor can be daunting. Celebrating ten years in the industry, The Exterior Company has proven that excellence—and authentic goodness—wins the race.

With over 15,000 completed projects in its rearview mirror, The Exterior Company (TEC) is a leader in quality residential and commercial roofing based in Pennsylvania, serving customers across the state and further afield from its new headquarters in Downtown Lancaster. After ten years of perfecting its craft, this company wears its heart on its sleeve. They get to build meaningful partnerships with people and charitable organizations in their local community that reach far beyond roofing. By helping to uplift those who need it most through what it does best, TEC’s approach to doing business is as wholesome as it is trustworthy.

Traditionally specializing in asphalt shingle roofing, this licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor also offers supplier-backed products including siding and complete gutter systems. As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred and GAF Master Elite contractor, TEC’s work also comes with the best warranties in the industry on top of its legendary craftsmanship guarantee.

Founded in 2012 by Ryan Hoke, TEC’s legacy is rooted in building strong, honest relationships with people that stand the test of time—just like its roofs. By changing the status quo on customer care, Hoke and his team were received by customers with open arms and a genuine sense of relief. Since then, the company has continued to expand its team’s capabilities alongside its systems and company culture.

A pivotal move on the company’s part is that its teams consist of like-minded individuals who thrive off of each other. “What is great about us is that we all work so well together. Each person feels that they have a purpose here,” says Morgan Daniels, Marketing Coordinator. This results in successful teams in which people empower one another.

“Many on our team will say that joining TEC has been a life-changing experience. The people that they have met, the relationships they have built, and the freedoms they enjoy are things that have benefited them both in the field and at home,” she continues.

There is an undeniable sense of appreciation for their work and one another when it comes to this company’s team culture. A work-hard-play-hard ethos underpins its service excellence and translates to The Exterior Company providing its employees with the training they need, followed by rewarding them for their dedication and commitment to quality.

“We are a people-first business. And our goal is to keep our employees at the forefront of our minds. We make sure that we listen. We ensure that everything we do is for their betterment and success. As a company, we know that the better they do, the better we do,” Daniels continues.

As part of this goal, The Exterior Company goes above and beyond to stimulate and support community involvement that really makes an impact. The result is a lively and committed investment from its team that backs every initiative the company gets involved in. To this end, its recent move to Downtown Lancaster has brought about some truly beneficial growth, with new opportunities within reach from its new front door.

“This move has been a huge leap for us [in terms of] getting connected to a lot of businesses, and then making ourselves known—not just as a roofing company, but as a community partner,” Daniels adds.

By embracing the good work that needs to be done out there in the world through the vehicle of roofing, TEC plans on expanding its relationships to reach as deep and as wide an audience as possible. “When we approach new, potential clients, we are in reality trying to build a relationship with them. And that has a wholesome impact on our communities,” says Daniels, who is every bit as passionate about her part in making the bigger picture work as she is about the company and its people.

TEC’s philanthropic initiatives are far-reaching and ongoing. For example, for every 1,000 roofs installed, a brand new roof is gifted to a well-deserving homeowner as part of their “Under One Roof” program that they began in 2021. The public and employees are invited to send in nominations, and to date, the company has gifted two such roofs. One was awarded on Veterans’ Day to a treasured local veteran whose house was in dire need of a new roof; another went to a deserving family with strong community ties nominated by several applicants.

Another annual initiative comes around every October when TEC pledges to donate to the National Breast Cancer Association Foundation. The donation is based on contracted projects during Breast Cancer Awareness month, and is promoted with pink yard signs and employees sporting bright pink polos.

TEC also participates in Lancaster City’s annual ExtraGive initiative which sees businesses come together to give as much airtime to local charities and non-profit organizations as possible. “Each year for ExtraGive, our team commits to a day of volunteering at a local non-profit, Water Street Mission. Later that evening, we continue our support of Water Street Mission with a company-wide fundraising event that is also a celebration of the people who make our positive impact on the community possible—our employees,” Daniels says with a smile. “These three examples are highlights of our company’s community impact and lay the groundwork for our focus moving forward,” she says.

“The roofing industry is a pretty level playing field; all of us do the same thing. We sell the same products. For us, it is about [having] mastered our craft. Now, what’s next? Ideally, it’s for us to be better,” says Daniels. “It is also about changing the industry culture. In doing that, we want to put people first. We are going out and making a difference in our community and for our team.”

TEC’s sincere concern with doing good may seem counterintuitive to some tough business people, but the contrary has been proven. With so much genuine goodness being poured into every project—on center stage and behind the scenes—The Exterior Company has its customers and their community covered with some of the best quality roofing available.



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