Tailor-made Efficiency

Taylor Pump & Lift
Written by Pauline Müller

Big machinery out in the field has more in common with regular passenger vehicles than one might think – including the need for lubrication and fuel. To solve the issue, oil, fuel, water, and lubrication support trucks are used to keep large vehicles and equipment fueled and running smoothly.

Due to their size, large vehicles and mechanized pump equipment used in mining, construction, and other heavy-duty industries pose a challenge when it comes to off-site service and maintenance servicing. Despite being one of the smallest industry competitors, Taylor Pump and Lift remains one of the nation’s leaders in the fields of fabrication, repair, and servicing of lubrication systems and mobile equipment. Because of the company’s size and southern-style approach to business, its innovation, performance, and customer service are hard to beat.

Based in Concord, North Carolina, Taylor Pump & Lift provides lube trucks, trailers, and skids for use in a wide range of sectors. The company is well-known for its short lead times and quality, efficient equipment, making it a favorite of companies such as Custom Truck Equipment, one of its biggest distributors. Its equipment is so popular it’s even been featured on the hit television show ‘Gold Rush.’ In 2019 alone, the company manufactured over 100 trucks, with more orders streaming in for 2020.

This popularity is directly reflected in the company’s phenomenal growth, as its revenue has doubled in the past three years. And parts purchases from Alemite, one of its vendors and an internationally renowned fabricator of lubrication and liquid handling systems, exceeded the $1 million mark.

The company’s products are popular for a good reason – with time and money on the line, efficient and quality mobile lube equipment can make or break a project. Not only do they look good, but they also make life a whole lot easier for fleet owners. Filling up on site saves working vehicles from having to trek to central fuelling and service points. Secondly, vehicles serviced and filled with premium liquids like fuel, water, oil, anti-freeze, and grease right there in the field, simply perform longer.

The range of flatbed, hook lift, and enclosed truck options can also be enhanced with off-road capabilities, extra-large tanks, pressure washers, and more. Power generators, air compressors, heated flooring and halogen lights can also be added to increase vehicles’ capabilities and efficiency. The company is well-versed in ensuring that its clients get custom designs that suit their unique operations right down to the finest detail, saving them even more time and money.

To support its large selection of existing add-ons, the company recently introduced a new fluid manager tool to its lubrication trucks. The tool gauges the exact liquid quantities available in each tank as well as the dispensers’ operational status. It also alerts the operator of pending maintenance tasks like replacing air filters. This function has proven to be a great hit with lubrication truck operators who are delighted at the fact that the days of doing special acrobatics to check air filters are over.

For smaller operations, Taylor Pump & Lift offers custom lubrication and fuel skids that are easy to store and transport without the extra cost of purchasing an entirely customized vehicle. In addition to custom fabrication and distribution, the company also offers service and repairs on its vehicles and will even do preventative restoration on older models. It also does full restoration on out-of-action vehicles, bringing them back to life and replacing perished hoses and outdated equipment. Plus, its work is backed by a five-year warranty.

From the fully-fledged authentic replacement parts department, customers are welcome to buy directly from the company’s website where Taylor Pump & Lift also displays trucks, fully-kitted lubrication skids, and more. Finance can be arranged and goods shipped locally or internationally.

What drives its success are custom-built products that serve its clients’ needs exactly. To this end, the company has expanded its offering to also include installing lubrication systems in heavy equipment, fleet stations, and other service centers throughout North and South Carolina. This service comes complete with custom planning, full installation, and set up, as well as system repairs and maintenance performed by dedicated service teams.

Taylor Pump & Lift continuously strives to improve every aspect of its products and services. This culture of innovation has brought about an ever-growing selection of truck types, models, layouts, and accessories, and after over thirty years in the field, its offering keeps expanding.

Jeff Taylor Sr. founded the company in 1987 after a fifteen-year career with Alemite, now one of its biggest vendors. Taylor identified a need in the market for a full-service lubrication equipment distributor that would also offer mobile lubrication trucks and trailers. The result of following his vision has been nothing short of impressive, as the company is now among the country’s largest lubrication equipment distributors.

Having a multi-generational management team onboard is uncommon for small businesses trading in a modern economy. Taylor also sees it as a great differentiator when it comes to outperforming the competition. “Having my son and daughter step up to take over the business is one of my proudest moments,” he says.

Here, more than 55 employees count as family and are valued for their skill, expertise, and commitment. “We truly believe our team is unmatched. We could not produce the quality products [that] we do if it were not for their dedication to excellence,” says Cory Spears, marketing specialist.

This commitment between its management team and its staff has translated into exceptionally long tenures that have made the company strong and consistent in everything it does. “This feeling of appreciation and inclusion is paramount in the production of quality products and services,” she adds.

This caring stretches well beyond its own people. The company contributes generously to local school programs and charity organizations like Meals on Wheels, among others.

Of course, every growing industry comes with its own demands, and in a market where lead times are speeding up, this means high expectations and maximum efficiency. This is where Taylor Pump & Lift steps in, presenting highly-specialized, custom solutions to clients who have traditionally been forced to make do with the basics, often adapting to what is available. Instead, this team keeps its clients’ return-on-investment in mind with tailor-made solutions.

The firm has its designs set on improving its production process even further. Its top-notch facilities will soon be complemented by more production management and support staff members who will be joining during the course of this year. This goal aligns perfectly with its aim to remain faithful to its legacy of great customer care.

With its powerful drive to provide its customers with a great experience across all its platforms, Taylor Pump & Lift will continue to rise to the occasion with solutions to clients’ challenges. This company’s mark will shine on the American lubrication truck industry for years to come.



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