A Decade of Commitment to Customers

Best Choice Roofing
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

Best Choice Roofing’s (BCR) commitment to reliability, workmanship, and professionalism is unparalleled. The company is a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning – a worldwide manufacturer of roofing, insulation and fiberglass products – and to achieve and maintain this status, BCR must continually uphold high standards and strict requirements.

Best Choice Roofing takes pride in all its projects, from repairing old roofs to replacing storm-damaged roofs, using the best quality materials on the market installed by the best crews in the area. Best Choice’s five-year labor warranty assures customers they are getting premium products, service, and craftsmanship.

When we first caught up with BCR in 2016, the company was steadily growing with locations in six states and about to open a seventh in Florida. It had completed over 19,000 roofing projects since its founding in 2009 and was active on about twenty-five sites per day.

Today, the company has over 35,000 projects under its belt, with operations in twenty four cities across fourteen states, having recently opened a branch in Pennsylvania with expansion plans in the Western part of the United States later this year. It tackles about forty five projects per day and has a peak staff of about 350.

Wayne Holloway is President of Best Choice Roofing, and has built BCR into one of the most respected roofing companies in America in just a decade. Now he feels it is time to franchise the business and allow others to be involved and responsible for its success.

“Originally, I started this to create a company for myself, kind of selfishly to promote my own financial interests, and now it has shifted into a big brand that others are lining up to be a part of,” states Holloway. “The company has grown to new heights, and now I feel it’s time to take key current and future members of management and help them become successful in the roofing business and increase their families’ financial security during the process.”

Holloway says most of the franchising will be done from within. The Corporately-owned offices will provide training, creating a “roadmap of success” to assist key staff members with advancing through BCR from sales person or production manager to sales manager to general manager all the way to an owner with multiple branches. “Once a person has climbed the ladder of success internally, only then will they be given the opportunity to get their own dot on the map, as we call it,” he says. In this way, staff will already have a solid background with the company and be equipped to manage others, with Holloway’s corporate staff remaining involved in day-to-day operations of everything from sales and completion to accounts payable.

Many of the company’s dedicated employees do not have college degrees or business ownership experience, and his vision is to give his ambitious staff the tools so they can become owners of million-dollar roofing companies. “That is my driving force now, to watch others grow, flourish, and develop,” he says.

As every good business owner knows, keeping clients happy is the primary goal. An educated and helpful staff, the best materials money can buy, and an unrivaled labor force, all coupled together and priced below market pricing are just a few reasons why customers flock to Best Choice – all the while referring Best Choice to friends and family. The company has relied mainly on word-of-mouth advertising for years but is boosting its social media presence, highlighting accomplishments and accolades and continually exploring new technology that will allow it to focus not only on storm damage repair, but on the retail customer who is shopping for the best company in the market using social media and search engines. Even though Best Choice is compelled to excel in the service it provides, Best Choice also focuses much time and attention on its staff.

“What I have learned is, if my staff are happy and they believe in the brand and the company and look at their jobs as a career with advancement opportunities that will support their families for years to come, my staff will be out in the field talking about their company, promoting its integrity and protecting its reputation,” says Holloway. “The staff are the ones that will ultimately be responsible for the continued growth of the brand,” says Holloway.

“And that’s their empowerment. No longer do I have to make all the decisions. I’ve been around for ten years and provide all the guidance they need, but at the end of the day, we allow our management team to be the captains – to make decisions that are best for their staff. Because most of my general managers have been with anywhere from three to seven years, I trust them to make decisions, and when I trust them to make decisions, again, my customers, my contractors, vendors, suppliers, and distributors all win. A guy who sits behind a desk in Hendersonville, TN doesn’t have that relationship like a guy/gal in their backyard in North Carolina does.”

Over the years, BCR has received praise for its professionalism and expertise. This year, the company was presented with the Owens Corning ‘MVP’ award. In 2018, the business won ‘Top Performer’ from Owens Corning, with Holloway invited to join the Owens Corning Platinum Advisory Board. This sits him and a select other few in a meeting of top executives at Owens Corning two or three times a year to discuss the market and development of projects, and provide input on how Owens Corning can best influence roofing contractors, the market and its product line.

Turning ten this year was a milestone for Best Choice Roofing. To acknowledge the occasion, Holloway brought all his high-level and general managers to Nashville, celebrating with dinner and drinks, golf, and indoor go-carts. Holloway and his team painted a picture of the company’s next steps. “Our sales spiked because I think everybody is tremendously excited for BCR, the direction it’s going and the opportunities it provides right now, so to speak,” he says, and “because of that, our sales have spiked to all-time highs,” says Holloway.

The company is projected to hit $45 million in revenue this year, and Holloway says just a few reasons for growth include the developed brand, high-octane energy, and empowering his employees. An employee can start as a salesperson and become a general manager. “I tell all of my people, ‘If you don’t make a bad decision, you’re not making enough decisions,’” he says.

He entrusts staff to figure things out for themselves and learn in the process. “By empowering my people, that also benefits our vendors and customers, because the more empowerment I give my people – and the more autonomy and control they have of their own branch – the better they can treat their own people, and they have more leeway to take care of issues. So by giving a bigger leash to my people, everybody who those people touch benefits, including customers, vendors, contractors, suppliers, distributors, the whole nine yards.”

Having a dedicated relationship with Owens Corning for eight years and being an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor is proof of BCR’s commitment to quality. It expertly installs roofs to Owens Corning guidelines and specifications, with inspectors from Owens Corning randomly being sent out to verify proper installation and to ensure the right products were used for the job. Customers should know that because Best Choice is a Platinum Contractor, Best Choice can offer its customers a warranty backed by Owens Corning!

“After a few years, if they ever have an issue with their roof, they don’t have to call BCR; they can go straight to Owens Corning, and Owens Corning will take care of any issues that they have,” comments Holloway. “And only a Platinum Contractor can be afforded that luxury. No longer does a customer have to worry about, ‘is Best Choice going to be around in 10 years?’ because Owens Corning surely will, and they can elect to let Owens Corning hold their warranty.”

The reasons to use Best Choice Roofing BCR are clear as its many thousands of satisfied customers can attest. This company backs up the superior quality of their work with plenty of experience.

“If you never want to have a problem with your roof again, use us. And if you ever do have a problem with your roof and you want it handled properly, correctly, and quickly, use us. There are always guys who can do it cheaper; there are always guys who can do it more expensive, but at the end of the day, longevity and time in the market and in business matters. Being able to advertise you’re ten years old is not only a huge deal in the small business world, but a massive deal in the roofing industry, and that speaks volumes about our culture, our success, and how we take care of our staff and our customers.”



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