August 2019

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusBuilding for the FutureTyler Heights Elementary School

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

Building for the Future

Tyler Heights Elementary School

As every construction company knows all too well, even the best-planned projects do not always go according to schedule. Weather is not always on your side, and working in occupied spaces requires a high degree of safety and can be challenging, especially on educational works. Strong leadership and finding solutions to these and other obstacles sets professionals apart from the competition.

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusDaring New Ideas for Infrastructure RepairQuakeWrap

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

Daring New Ideas for Infrastructure Repair


It is no secret that infrastructure in North America is, on the whole, long overdue for repairs and renovation. Many of our buildings and bridges are reaching the end of their lifecycles, requiring work to keep our world moving. However, in Tucson, Arizona, a dedicated cadre of engineers is creating revolutionary building materials with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). With this remarkable material, QuakeWrap Inc. hopes to strengthen both old and new infrastructure and make carbon fiber more commonplace in modern construction.

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusPower and IntegrationAnderson Industrial Engines

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

Power and Integration

Anderson Industrial Engines

Anderson Industrial Engines, known to most clients as AIE, distributes engines, electrical generators, parts, power units, and more from the world’s leading manufacturers. AIE represents well-known brands such as Kubota, JCB, American Honda, the Ford Motor Company, and Fiat Powertrain Technologies. The company’s products are almost exclusively destined for off-highway equipment, with customers in related industries including construction, agriculture, and equipment rental as well as those needing pumps or generators.


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