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Best Choice Roofing
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

For repairing or replacing roofing, homeowners have a choice: go with the flashy companies who make big promises, or put their trust in an established, tried and true roofer who has the best interests of the customer in mind.
In business since 2009, Best Choice Roofing Inc. believes homeowners should be provided with the right information so that they can make informed decisions. The company was voted one of the top one hundred roofing contractors for 2015 and has garnered hundreds of positive GuildQuality customer feedback reviews. Best Choice Roofing continues to stand apart from the competition.

“There are a lot of roofing contractors out there, and most roofing companies go out of business within the first couple of years,” says Best Choice Roofing President Wayne Holloway. “They have a flashy pickup truck and a nice warranty on a glossy piece of paper, but that doesn’t necessarily speak volumes about the contractor.”

Best Choice Roofing has a solid and highly reputable business model that has allowed it to complete over 19,000 roofing projects to date, and it often works on twenty-five projects in a single day. It was founded in Hendersonville, one of the fastest-growing communities in Tennessee but has grown tremendously over the years and now has locations in six states: Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas, with a seventh branch set to open in Florida this September.

Violent storms, wind, pounding rain, hail and other forces of nature can wreak havoc on roofs. Damage can appear as minimal as a few missing shingles, but often this is deceptive, as leaks can permit water to enter a home, resulting in mold, decay and costly repairs if left unaddressed. Likewise, hail can leave indentations in a roof, making it easier for water to seep through.

The business recognizes that a roof is much more than its aesthetic: it is an investment, and it all starts with a free, no-hassle inspection. Since average roof replacement costs range from $5,000 for basic asphalt to $25,000 or more for slate, wood shakes and other roofing materials, it is crucial homeowners consult their insurance company as soon as possible after a damaging storm.

“We do work approved by a homeowner’s insurance company, so the insurance company will come out, assess the damage and award the customer acclaim approval amount,” says Holloway, “and then, depending on what they pay, is what we do the work for, dollar for dollar.” Best Choice will replace damaged roofs for the exact amount awarded in cases where homeowner’s insurance is used to pay for roof replacement.

Homeowners are sometimes hesitant to file a claim for roof damage, but with Best Choice Roofing and its experts on their side, they no longer need to be afraid to file. Best Choice’s roofing specialists act as technical advisors and conduct thorough inspections to ensure the property is restored to pre-storm conditions, by adhering to manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Although homeowners are not required to have a roofing contractor meet with their insurance adjuster, a roofing professional’s opinion can help ensure the property is restored to industry standard guidelines.

“All we ask is that you let us complete your roof replacement project after acting as a technical advisor,” states the company. “Our roofing contractors will give you a brand-new roof that looks great and protects your home from the elements.”

Following a storm, it takes a seasoned professional to determine if a residential roof needs to be repaired or completely replaced. While fixing an existing roof is less costly than installing a new roof, if may end up being more pricey in the long term when the next storm strikes, when the repair fails and water enters to damage the home. In some cases, insurance companies will provide discounts to customers who have a new roof professionally installed so repairing a damaged roof can mean missing out on discounts, and depending on the type of replacement roofing, homeowners may also be eligible for a federal tax credit, providing additional savings

“We don’t negotiate pricing with the insurance company,” states Holloway. “All we do is point out the damage that we saw on inspection and advise the insurance company that roofing or flashing needs to be replaced and done on code. We really act as a technical advisor to make sure nothing has been overlooked, and then we let the homeowner and the insurance carrier discuss money.”

At present, this comprises the bulk of Best Choice Roofing’s business. “When I first got into the business, I think the way that I operated was new to the market, but I do believe now a lot of people have adopted that philosophy – that model – to their initial agreement with the homeowner.”

Operating in areas where storm damage is commonplace, Best Choice Roofing has a team of about fifty-five to seventy employees year-round, along with over one hundred contractors and sales representatives. Best Choice Roofing’s reputation speaks for itself. The company will promote itself through community sponsorship, yet finds its highly experienced and customer-focused staff are often its best means of advertising.

“Some of our customers actually reach out to us, because we been in business long enough to have a good referral base, but a lot of our business is actually derived from getting out in the fields,” says Holloway.

While in an area affected by storms, staff can provide free inspections to assess possible roof damage; if it is significant, the company – which is not an adjuster and does not work for or with any insurance companies – will recommend the homeowner contact his or her insurer, and get them involved.

As experts with decades of combined experience, the company has a message for homeowners with damaged roofs: don’t wait to contact your insurance company. Failing to act quickly could result in the insurer refusing to pay for damages resulting from a bad roof and a delay in notifying the carrier. By contacting the insurance company punctually, it ensures the homeowner does not have to pay out of his or her pocket. Moreover, in most states, it is against the law for insurance companies to raise policyholder rates for roof damage resulting from an ‘act of God.’

Considering the importance of a properly installed and maintained roof to safeguard not only homes but all valuable possessions, it only makes sense to go with an experienced roofing company which can advise on the best products on the market and take control of the project from the beginning.

Over the years, Best Choice Roofing has been recognized for its work, including being awarded Top Performer by Owens Corning, one of the leading manufacturers of roofing, insulation and fiberglass components. “Three years in a row, we were recognized as one of the top-producing contractors for Owens Corning, based on purchase volume through Owens Corning,” states Holloway. The company buys large quantities of materials including shingles, felt and ancillary products.

Best Choice Roofing stands by its customers every step of the way. It provides free inspection in service areas, advice on the most appropriate roofing materials, a streamlined and stress-free installation process and outstanding warranty coverage. The company offers homeowners a five-year labor warranty and can offer a platinum preferred warranty honored by Owens Corning.

The company ensures that all roofs are sealed with waterproof barriers, can defend against weather and are breathable for proper air circulation to prevent mold growth.

This is achieved via reliable products and technologies such as Owens Corning hip and ridge shingles, VentSure exhaust ventilation products, Owens Corning underlayment products, WeatherLock self-sealing ice and water barrier products, SureNail technology and more.

Holloway says many of his upper management staff have been with him a very long time. “As the company grows and expands, we’re keeping our footprint where we originally started.” Holloway has worked in sales his entire professional career in an array of different positions, but none have given him as much satisfaction as Best Choice Roofing. “When I got this job, I really found what my passion was, and I haven’t looked back.”



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