September 2016

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Reaching for the Skies from the Rooftops of Washington StateWayne’s Roofing

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Reaching for the Skies from the Rooftops of Washington State

Wayne’s Roofing

Wayne’s Roofing, located in Sumner, Washington, is a full-service professional roofing contractor working with both public and private sector clients on commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, and warehouse buildings. The firm has worked in several western states and is currently working throughout Washington State, with a majority of its work primarily in Western Washington along the I-5 corridor from Centralia to Everett and into the Eastern portion of the Kitsap Peninsula.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Conservation Experts in Drought-Addled CaliforniaHarvest Landscape Enterprises

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Conservation Experts in Drought-Addled California

Harvest Landscape Enterprises

Harvest Landscape Enterprises is based in Orange County, California. Currently, the state is dealing with one of the worst droughts in its history, and there are no signs of immediate relief. Surprisingly, water is not a free good – it is actually quite expensive – and the current conditions in California have led to an acute awareness of water management challenges…

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Being the Best and Showing ItPenhall Company

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Being the Best and Showing It

Penhall Company

The Penhall Company was established in 1957 by Leroy Penhall, a masonry contractor in Anaheim, California. Armed with a gas-powered saw and a dream, he quickly established a name for himself and his company. Concrete services company Penhall Company Incorporated had, by the mid-1970s, extended its reach beyond Anaheim into California’s Southland.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Making it RightPlatinum Pro-Claim

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Making it Right

Platinum Pro-Claim

Although property owners hope it never happens, there is a chance their homes will one day be affected by a sewer back-up, fire or a falling tree limb. If this occurs, it is critical to call their insurance company as soon as possible to get the damages assessed and professional crews on the scene. While many companies will remove soaked carpets and siphon water, the question remains: what about repairing, restoring or replacing warped and damaged floors, wet and stained drywall and even waterlogged electrical systems?

2016 | In Focus | September 201650 Years of Quality and IntegrityBrechbill & Helman Construction Company Inc.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

50 Years of Quality and Integrity

Brechbill & Helman Construction Company Inc.

Fifty years ago, Brechbill & Helman Construction Company Inc. was founded by John Helman and Darrell Brechbill in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The company started its foray into the commercial, industrial and institutional construction markets with its first project: a dog kennel & run. From a dog run to remodeling, to additions, to building homes, Brechbill & Helman has dug their way to the top. The company began commercial construction in 1969. It undertook its first design-build project in 1980 and has completed two hundred projects since then by using this method.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Master Builders, Interior SpecialistsPrincipal Builders

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Master Builders, Interior Specialists

Principal Builders

Since 2003, Principal Builders has taken a fresh and innovative approach to tenant improvements. With over 150 years of combined construction industry experience, the sixty-person San Francisco-based firm is recognized as a master builder and interior specialist. The company has been honored as one of the Bay Area’s fastest growing companies and, in addition to countless industry awards, in 2015 was voted one of its best places to work by the San Francisco Business Times.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Integrating and Innovating Construction Services in CanadaPlan Group

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Integrating and Innovating Construction Services in Canada

Plan Group

The name Plan Group has become synonymous with quality and innovation. As Canada’s most innovative multi-trade construction services provider, with offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver, and supported by industry leading talent and resources, Plan Group draws on its electrical, mechanical and Information, Communication and Automated Technologies (ICAT) expertise to provide tailored multi-trade solutions that turn its customers’ visions into realities.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Building on TrustAmerican Roofing Company

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Building on Trust

American Roofing Company

American Roofing Company LLC is ranked as one of the top one hundred roofing contractors by Roofing Contractor – the official publication of The International Roofing Expo. The company is based in Summerville in Chattooga County, Georgia and has locations in the town of Trion and the city of Atlanta. Its highly-skilled staff of 126 provides a range of quality services in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky and Nevada.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Keeping Ohio CoveredFeazel Inc.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Keeping Ohio Covered

Feazel Inc.

Feazel Inc. offers roofing, windows, siding, gutters, roof repair and maintenance, chimney repairs and even insulation. Although it advertises its services through the Internet and local television partners in specific markets, Feazel’s number one work source continues to be repeat customers and referrals. “That’s our top lead source: repeat business and word-of-mouth,” says Hellmich.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016The Voice of an Industry for Over a CenturyNational Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

The Voice of an Industry for Over a Century

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

As a nonprofit association headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is one of the construction industry’s most prominent voices for the roofing contractor industry. It is committed to its mission to both inform and assist contractors, distributors, architects, manufacturers and city, county and state government agencies.


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