September 2018

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Over 120 Years of Community-Minded ServiceWard Lumber

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Over 120 Years of Community-Minded Service

Ward Lumber

Ward Lumber is one of the premier operators of white pine sawmills in New York State and offers white pine in many configurations. Beyond lumber and building materials, the company is proud to provide hardware stores with a litany of building and home improvement needs such as plumbing, electrical supplies, and paint. It also stocks, sells, and delivers feed of all kinds and offers a great deal of contractor services to ensure the success of customers’ projects and businesses.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Rocking Outdoor LivingSTONEarch

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Rocking Outdoor Living


Outdoor living and entertaining is an ever-growing lifestyle – especially in areas where the climate allows for long sunny lunches and fragrant, balmy nights under the stars. With a vast range of truly exquisite natural stone from around the world, STONEarch is a stone wholesaler based in Canada that lends a touch of the exotic to exterior entertainment areas and other spaces where impeccable style and good design are of the essence.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Reaching New Heights from the Top of History’s StepsSterling

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Reaching New Heights from the Top of History’s Steps


The current boom in construction has amplified environmental concerns. One way to lessen the effects of a construction site is to use high-quality ground protection mats. Sterling, of Phoenix, Illinois has been working in the lumber industry since 1949 but has shifted gears over the years to concentrate on producing the best mats available. It takes great pride in its work, and we spoke with its Chief Executive Officer Carter Sterling to find out more.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Thinking Outside AND Inside the BoxOutpak Washout

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Thinking Outside AND Inside the Box

Outpak Washout

As the North American construction sector continues to grow, environmental concerns spike. Concrete washout is leftover residue created from rinsing concrete truck chutes, and the washout from a construction site is full of toxic materials that should not be anywhere near groundwater sources. There are different solutions in place, but new ones are needed, especially considering growing enforcement of the federal Clean Water Act.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Top of the Line Equipment at Top Lift EnterprisesTop Lift Enterprises

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Top of the Line Equipment at Top Lift Enterprises

Top Lift Enterprises

Top Lift Enterprises of Stoney Creek, Ontario specializes in heavy equipment sales and distribution. It works within several industries, and this diversification can be beneficial during economic downturns. This one-stop-shop includes a full parts and service department. We spoke with newly hired Ken Smith, general manager at Toplift North America, Top Lift Enterprises’ parent company.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Quality, Safety, Satisfaction and Teamwork Since 1953JPW Companies

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Quality, Safety, Satisfaction and Teamwork Since 1953

JPW Companies

JPW Companies, which includes JPW Riggers, JPW Structural Contracting and JPW Erectors, is now celebrating its 65th year in business. Construction in Focus wrote about this ever-expanding entity in August of 2017, but a lot has changed in that short period. The Tompkins Financial Building is completed; a new website is operational; a sales and marketing department was added; and a series of challenging projects completed. We spoke with Co-owner, John Wozniczka and the new Director of Marketing and Sales, Julie August, to find out more.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Developing Safer, More Efficient Methods of Construction Using PrefabricationLocke Solutions

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Developing Safer, More Efficient Methods of Construction Using Prefabrication

Locke Solutions

Locke Solutions designs and manufactures precast concrete structures used in underground utilities for commercial and industrial projects, and it also provides metal fabrication services. By designing and manufacturing concrete precast structures in its facility, the company can offer the construction world a more efficient way to complete a project. The precast method also creates a safer work environment for the workers on the construction site.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Seismic Expertise on a Global ScaleCoreBrace

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Seismic Expertise on a Global Scale


CoreBrace manufactures state-of-the-art structural components, known as buckling-restrained braces (BRBs), designed to help a building withstand the kind of lateral movement experienced during an earthquake. The company headquarters is located in West Jordan, Utah with fabrication facilities in Pocatello, Idaho, and serves customers around the globe. “We save lives and protect properties by making structures more resilient and more capable of withstanding the demands of seismic loading,” says General Manager Mike Linford.


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