May 2017

2017 | In Focus | May 2017Structured to Create BelieversClearSpan Fabric Structures

2017 | In Focus | May 2017

Structured to Create Believers

ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan is the brainchild of Barry Goldsher and Charles Clark of Connecticut who founded Engineering Services and Products in 1981 to address the needs of the agricultural community. They established FarmTek shortly later as an agricultural catalog. After that, ClearSpan became a reality and grew in popularity as a solution to livestock and equipment storage.

2017 | In Focus | May 2017Underground SpecialistsPSA Construction

2017 | In Focus | May 2017

Underground Specialists

PSA Construction

PSA Construction Owner and President Paul Andrews moved from a small town in Newfoundland to Alberta in 1996. Just five years later, he would found this underground specialist only one mile north of the town of St Albert. PSA Construction has since become a growing source for water and sewer needs and more.

2017 | In Focus | May 2017Taking Projects to the Next LevelMeridian Contracting

2017 | In Focus | May 2017

Taking Projects to the Next Level

Meridian Contracting

Meridian Contracting is a full-service contractor that specializes in providing heavy, civil, structural and industrial construction services to public sector agencies such as the Arizona Department of Transportation, the New Mexico Department of Transportation, Pima County, Town of Oro Valley, City of Nogales, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Tucson Airport Authority. It also serves private sector clients at mines, power plants, and railroads throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Sonora, Mexico.

2017 | In Focus | May 2017Getting it DonePlote Construction

2017 | In Focus | May 2017

Getting it Done

Plote Construction

Jerry Reece, chief operating officer of Plote Construction Inc., calls his company a “get-it-done organization” that is proactive in solving problems and works closely with clients. The family-run firm is also innovative, multifaceted and committed to developing leaders from within its ranks.


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