June 2024

Current | June 2024 | North American Glass IndustrySaving the World with GlassNational Glass Association

Current | June 2024 | North American Glass Industry

Saving the World with Glass

National Glass Association

National Glass Association (NGA) is the unified voice of the glass industry. Founded in 1948, NGA combined with Glass Association of North America (GANA) in 2018 to become the industry’s largest trade association, with over 1,800 member companies. From glaziers and fabricators to manufacturers, suppliers, and full-service glass companies, NGA takes pride in bringing the entire industry together.

Current | June 2024 | North American Glass IndustryBuilding Exterior Experts Mark a Major Corporate MilestoneEastern Glass and Aluminum

Current | June 2024 | North American Glass Industry

Building Exterior Experts Mark a Major Corporate Milestone

Eastern Glass and Aluminum

Eastern Glass and Aluminum (EGA) of Norcross, Georgia, marks its tenth anniversary this year as a successful building envelope contractor. Spun off from a larger parent company, EGA excels at construction projects involving glass, glazing, roofing, and metal panels. The firm is looking to grow its market reach, enhance its in-house manufacturing capabilities, and expand a new division devoted to the sale of architectural products.

Current | Green Building and Energy Efficiency | June 2024A Full-Service Approach to ConstructionGeis Companies

Current | Green Building and Energy Efficiency | June 2024

A Full-Service Approach to Construction

Geis Companies

Erwin Geis founded a small construction firm in 1967, and an innovative approach and strong work ethic soon propelled the Ohio-based company forward. Erwin’s sons Fred and Greg came on board along the way. Since then, Geis Companies has grown into a multi-million-dollar development and construction business with an extensive portfolio, a staff of over 150 people, and a Geis family member still at the helm.

Current | June 2024 | ServicesAffordable and Modern Modular BuildingsAvalon Building Systems

Current | June 2024 | Services

Affordable and Modern Modular Buildings

Avalon Building Systems

Avalon Building Systems is making construction affordable again. Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts with two factories in the Northeast, the company specializes in designing, fabricating, and assembling some of the most magnificent modular homes. Because it is located in a region where labor is affordable, its buildings come to market at a reasonable price compared to prices in many other places across the U.S.

Current | June 2024 | ServicesSpreading the Word and Reaping the RewardsHurckman Mechanical Industries

Current | June 2024 | Services

Spreading the Word and Reaping the Rewards

Hurckman Mechanical Industries

Marking over 70 years in business with three generations’ worth of industry knowledge, Hurckman Mechanical Industries continues to serve the state of Wisconsin and neighboring states as a go-to industrial mechanical systems contractor. Founder Frank Hurckman began the business in 1953 as a sheet metal and roofing shop called Hurckman Metal and Roofing that operated out of Green Bay. Shortly after, the company got out of the roofing business and into the heating and ventilation sector. In 1967, the company was renamed Hurckman Metal Inc.

Current | June 2024 | ServicesOn Top for 50 YearsInsulated Roofing Contractors

Current | June 2024 | Services

On Top for 50 Years

Insulated Roofing Contractors

Tearing off and replacing roofs, often measuring thousands of square feet, on warehouses, schools, hospitals, condos, and massive commercial and industrial buildings is a big, messy, and expensive process. Insulated Roofing Contractors (IRC) offers building owners the smart, non-destructive solution: durable, cost-effective, and long-lasting sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF), professionally applied to existing roofs, making them weather-resistant, insulated, and watertight.

Current | June 2024Food for ThoughtNeo-Concrete and the Plastics Connection

Current | June 2024

Food for Thought

Neo-Concrete and the Plastics Connection

Looking at the future of plastic, especially its use as aggregate or filler in concrete, one is reminded of Paul Hawken’s book, The Ecology of Commerce. Here, he says that in nature, all waste equals food. Considering that, on a planet comprising delicate ecosystems where there really is no such thing as “away” in terms of waste, recycling plastics by adding them to concrete could become a double-edged sword, given sufficient time. By inconsiderately adding plastic aggregates to concrete mixtures, thinking it a solution, we shelve the pollution problem, but only until building rubble is released into the environment—now in the form of carbon-emitting Portland cement and micro- and nanoplastics.


Food for Thought

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