June 2017

2017 | In Focus | June 2017On Top of the IndustryGranite State Cover and Canvas

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

On Top of the Industry

Granite State Cover and Canvas

Granite State Cover and Canvas, Inc. mainly makes truck tarpaulin (tarp) systems to cover loads, but its custom canvas projects include everything from privacy fencing to boat and pool covers. Company President Dave has steered the business into huge growth over the past few years and recently into a large new facility which has expanded its capabilities. Despite an extensive product line, Granite State Cover is adding new items and will continue to grow.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017Polyurethane Engineered to PerformArgonics

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

Polyurethane Engineered to Perform


Molded Polyurethane – what is it? You’ve likely encountered it more than you think: it is the leading product of choice for making roller-skate wheels, golf ball covers, bowling balls, scuba fins, and more. It is also popular in the industrial world, used in mining, agriculture, material handling, and the oil and gas businesses.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017A Growing Rooftop EmpireEmpire Roofing Corporation

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

A Growing Rooftop Empire

Empire Roofing Corporation

Throughout 2016, Empire Roofing Corporation has earned a spot as one of the most elite contractors in the nation thanks to a commitment to long-term roofing system performance and high quality workmanship. Firestone Building Products has presented Empire Roofing Corporation with the 2017 Platinum Master Contractor, Inner Circle of Quality award, the platinum award, and particularly noteworthy, the coveted Harvey Firestone Award, which are the commercial roofing industry’s most distinguished honours.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017Safety, Quality & EfficiencyThe Thomas Industrial Coatings Family

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

Safety, Quality & Efficiency

The Thomas Industrial Coatings Family

In August of 2016, Thomas Industrial Coatings celebrated its 25th anniversary. Don Thomas is the president and owner of Thomas Industrial Coatings, but he began his career in the industry as a sand vacuum worker. Dane McGraw, director of business development, joined us for the interview, and we spoke of the company’s rise to become one of the best in the business. Thomas Industrial Coatings (TIC) is located 30 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri and employs nearly two hundred people.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences for 20 YearsTriune Associates

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences for 20 Years

Triune Associates

Full service general contractor Triune Associates has been offering customized construction services in the government and private sectors for 20 years. With four locations throughout the United States and construction expertise in a variety of different markets, Triune provides construction services nationwide. The company’s mission is to create an exceptional customer experience by providing outstanding quality and value.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017From Our Family to YoursSoundbuilt Homes

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

From Our Family to Yours

Soundbuilt Homes

When he founded Soundbuilt Homes, Gary Racca had a vision of becoming one of the preeminent builders in the Pacific Northwest. Today, almost forty years later, Racca and his team have been behind the construction of well over five thousand homes and counting, and much of its success comes from its long-held values as a family-owned enterprise. Soundbuilt Homes’ provides the best quality possible at a reasonable price.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017Turnkey Construction of the Highest QualityFramaco International

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

Turnkey Construction of the Highest Quality

Framaco International

Framaco International is a U.S.-based construction management and materials procurement services organization that specializes in providing turnkey construction services to the U.S. government. Established in New York in 1992, Framaco is a privately-owned company with offices in New York, Turkey, and Qatar. Business in Focus spoke with Paul Kacha about the extraordinary evolution of his company, some of the unique projects it has undertaken and the company’s future.

2017 | In Focus | June 2017Cleaning Up the CompetitionSewer Equipment

2017 | In Focus | June 2017

Cleaning Up the Competition

Sewer Equipment

Sewer Equipment of Dixon, Illinois is cleaning up its market, so to speak. The firm, which designs and manufactures sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment, celebrated its seventy-fifth-anniversary last year. The company prides itself on its customer-focused culture, blue-collar attitude and the design simplicity of its products. The growing firm continues to introduce new equipment, built to a decades-old ‘keep-it-simple’ standard.


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