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2022 | August 2022 | Construction Services“What Don’t We Do?” This Crew Celebrates Continued SuccessBlue Flame Crew, LLC

2022 | August 2022 | Construction Services

“What Don’t We Do?” This Crew Celebrates Continued Success

Blue Flame Crew, LLC

Gas management systems provider Blue Flame Crew, LLC specializes in the design, installation, and service of systems across the United States. It serves as a division of Boos Resource & Technology Group, a conglomerate of companies providing a wide range of services including consulting, construction, maintenance, architectural design, and engineering for the environmental markets.

2022 | Development | July 2022Advocating for the Rights of Rental Property OwnersInvestment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS)

2022 | Development | July 2022

Advocating for the Rights of Rental Property Owners

Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS)

The Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS) is dedicated to educating rental property owners and advocating for their rights in its province. The association was founded in 1978, a time in the province’s housing history that its executive director Kevin Russell remembers as much different than today. Back then, the main driver behind the association beginning its operations was rent control, established in the province in 1973.

2022 | Equipment & Services | July 2022A Drive For InnovationCimline

2022 | Equipment & Services | July 2022

A Drive For Innovation


For more than half a century, Cimline, Inc. has been helping preserve the pavement, asphalt, and roadwork network across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Cimline designs and manufactures equipment to preserve roadways throughout the world. With a drive for performance and innovation, Cimline continues to offer cutting edge technology through its worldwide network of distributors. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with manufacturing plants in Minnesota and Mississippi.

2022 | June 2022Asphalt Specialists Foresee Great Things for Paving IndustryAsphalt Specialists, Inc.

2022 | June 2022

Asphalt Specialists Foresee Great Things for Paving Industry

Asphalt Specialists, Inc.

Asphalt Specialists, Inc. of Pontiac, Michigan, is a paving contractor mainly serving the state’s southeast. This sizable operation was launched 35 years ago by brothers Bruce and Dan Israel. The Israels owned a pavement striping business in the late 1980s, and, looking for different ways to grow the business, bought an asphalt paver before selling the striping business and beginning ASI Paving in earnest.

Equipment & Products | May 2022Leveraging New Products and Software to Remain at the TopMRI Steel Framing

Equipment & Products | May 2022

Leveraging New Products and Software to Remain at the Top

MRI Steel Framing

American building product manufacturer MRI Steel Framing was founded in 2004 by its two owners, Frank Eberwein and Bill Wilson. The two had been involved extensively in the steel slitting industry and were partners in a Midwest toll processing company. MRI Steel Framing started with one light-duty roll-former capable of producing only non-structural framing members at seventy feet per minute. Very quickly, MRI realized the need for more machinery and purchased the most advanced roll forming equipment on the market to facilitate a rapidly growing customer base.

2022 | April 2022 | Architecture & EngineeringCMTA Leads Louisville Airport Project to Great ResultsCMTA Consulting Engineers

2022 | April 2022 | Architecture & Engineering

CMTA Leads Louisville Airport Project to Great Results

CMTA Consulting Engineers

Multi-service engineering firm CMTA Consulting Engineers was formed in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1968 by three founders. They created an engineering company that has evolved to focus on sustainable design and to improve the built environment through both consulting engineering and performance contracting. Together, the minds behind CMTA have made great things happen over the last nearly 55 years, as the company has become the leader in high-performance building and data-driven designs.

2022 | General Contracting | In Focus | March 2022Over a Century of Diverse Construction SolutionsMcMullen & Pitz

2022 | General Contracting | In Focus | March 2022

Over a Century of Diverse Construction Solutions

McMullen & Pitz

McMullen & Pitz Construction Company has over a century of experience in America’s construction industry. In 1918, Oliver McMullen, the owner of a small construction company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, teamed up with businessman Arthur Pitz to form the company that still bears their names. This new company touted a special focus on marine construction with attention paid to Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and the surrounding areas.

2021 | December 2021 | General ContractingCalgary Homebuilder Turns Dreams into RealityTruman Homes

2021 | December 2021 | General Contracting

Calgary Homebuilder Turns Dreams into Reality

Truman Homes

Canadian homebuilder Truman Homes is based in Alberta, mainly serving Calgary and the surrounding areas. Company President George Trutina previously made his name in construction after emigrating from Croatia, with the dream of creating and owning a company. From this dream, Truman Homes was born in 1995, starting with the purchase of about thirty acres of land in Chestermere, Alberta.

2021 | General Contracting | November 2021Committed to Client NeedsRobbins Construction

2021 | General Contracting | November 2021

Committed to Client Needs

Robbins Construction

South Carolina-based construction firm Robbins Construction Group began its official operations just two years ago, in January 2019. Having spent the prior decade working in the construction industry before striking out on his own, President and Chief Executive Officer Derek Robbins is now finally able to live a dream in the industry that made him and is riding a wave of momentum from these first two years of operation.

2021 | Construction Services | September 2021Celebrating 65 Years as Canada’s Choice for Industrial CoatingPark Derochie

2021 | Construction Services | September 2021

Celebrating 65 Years as Canada’s Choice for Industrial Coating

Park Derochie

Park Derochie, a Canadian industrial coating service provider, was formed in 1956 by namesakes Jim Park and Merle Derochie. For its first few years, the company was primarily concerned with commercial painting but, around 1959, Merle Derochie had an opportunity to paint tanks for the Bowden refinery in Alberta. Thanks to this, the company pivoted into performing painting and industrial coating and, through other service opportunities, began to make its name as the provider it is today.

2021 | August 2021Riding a Wave of Momentum, from 2020 Successes into a Bright FutureGreat Southwestern Construction

2021 | August 2021

Riding a Wave of Momentum, from 2020 Successes into a Bright Future

Great Southwestern Construction

Great Southwestern Construction is a Colorado-based electrical services provider that has been active across the United States for nearly forty-five years. Vice President Travis Martinez feels that the culture of GSWC is what has separated it from the competition across these many decades. “We have a long, established history of performing work safely and effectively throughout the country,” he says. “The culture we have created is what puts us in our unique position.”

2021 | Construction Services | In Focus | June 2021Blue-Con Excavating Makes Deep Utilities a Family AffairBlue-Con Excavating

2021 | Construction Services | In Focus | June 2021

Blue-Con Excavating Makes Deep Utilities a Family Affair

Blue-Con Excavating

Blue-Con Excavating is a Calgary-based construction services provider specializing in Deep Utilities, one with its own deep history rooted in family. Company president Matt Haasen tells the story of how his parents grew up in the Netherlands and were part of a mass emigration out of Europe in the 1950s, settling in a small community near London, Ontario.

2021 | Construction Services | In Focus | March 2021At the Forefront of the Net-Zero MovementOTG Construction

2021 | Construction Services | In Focus | March 2021

At the Forefront of the Net-Zero Movement

OTG Construction

Tyler Galaski has been around the construction industry in one way or another for his whole life. He remembers accompanying his father, Dave Galaski, on job sites as a youngster and enjoyed building things in his spare time throughout childhood. Fast-forward to when Tyler decided to make this childhood fascination into an opportunity, launching OTG Construction in the Ottawa, Ontario area in 2009 with the goal of building high-quality homes.


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