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2022 | CHBA | July 2022The Science of Sustainable Home Building – Balancing Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction, and Climate ResiliencyBuilding Knowledge Canada

2022 | CHBA | July 2022

The Science of Sustainable Home Building – Balancing Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction, and Climate Resiliency

Building Knowledge Canada

There is a well-worn cliché that we have all heard a thousand times: “They sure don’t build them like they used to.” It is usually a complaint about how, in the modern world, we have chosen to trade quality for convenience or to save a little money. In the homebuilding field, one company is forever changing the way homes are built, with a focus on energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and climate resiliency—and without sacrificing affordability.

2022 | February 2022Sustainable Solutions for Small Batch MixingCollomix

2022 | February 2022

Sustainable Solutions for Small Batch Mixing


Founded in 1974 in Germany, Collomix established itself in the United States and Canada in 2012. Small-batch mixing was not as common in North America at the time, and Collomix has spent much of the last decade focused on raising awareness about the benefits of small-batch mixers. A family company and a market leader, Collomix is trusted around the world as the only company focused solely on mixing.

2021 | Equipment & Products | November 2021Innovations in Smart Infrastructure – Measuring Resiliency and SustainabilityRADISE International

2021 | Equipment & Products | November 2021

Innovations in Smart Infrastructure – Measuring Resiliency and Sustainability

RADISE International

With twenty-four years of experience, engineering consulting services firm RADISE International, a smart infrastructure company, is focused on improving the sustainability and resiliency of civil infrastructure projects. The company provides innovative solutions through its engineering consulting services and products to improve the way civil infrastructure is built and maintained.

2021 | Construction Services | September 2021A Complete Materials Procurement and Logistics HouseFramaco International

2021 | Construction Services | September 2021

A Complete Materials Procurement and Logistics House

Framaco International

With offices in New York, Turkey, and Qatar, materials procurement and logistics leader Framaco is open somewhere almost twenty-four hours a day. The company has also expanded to provide full turnkey construction management services overseas for the United States government. It was founded in 1990 by Gilles and Paul Kacha and is still run by the two brothers today.

2021 | August 2021Improving America’s Housing StockFalcon Group

2021 | August 2021

Improving America’s Housing Stock

Falcon Group

Serving the Eastern United States from New York to Miami, full-service, architectural, engineering, and construction management firm The Falcon Group is known for its work in multi-family residential construction and other shared community spaces. The firm has also diversified into more commercial, institutional, and public projects.

2021 | August 2021 | Construction ServicesNew Developments for Collaboration in the WorkplaceS2 Architecture

2021 | August 2021 | Construction Services

New Developments for Collaboration in the Workplace

S2 Architecture

Founded in 1993, Canadian architectural, interior design, and master planning firm S2 Architecture serves a diverse range of markets. The employees at S2 work together fluently within and between studios located in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. All three of these studios have recently undergone significant changes, and the development is, in part, to advance the firm’s collaborative teamwork approach.

2021 | In Focus | June 2021Connecting Communities Through a Collaborative, Cross-Disciplinary ApproachMJMA

2021 | In Focus | June 2021

Connecting Communities Through a Collaborative, Cross-Disciplinary Approach


Full-service, interdisciplinary, and architecturally-led, this design studio, MJMA, was founded in 1988 and has operated as a single Toronto-based office for the last thirty years. Its focus has been on public buildings, particularly community and campus projects. These two typologies share the opportunity of bringing people together to increase social interaction, and this is where MJMA shines.

2020 | In Focus | November 2020Innovating and ExpandingJac. Vandenberg

2020 | In Focus | November 2020

Innovating and Expanding

Jac. Vandenberg

Fourth-generation, family-owned business Jac. Vandenberg imports and distributes its full product line of counter-seasonal fresh fruits throughout the United States and Canada. The company’s history dates back to 1905 in the Netherlands, but today, it is based in Tarrytown, New York with a second office in Los Angeles that services the West Coast.

2020 | August 2020 | Construction Services | In FocusSmart and Sustainable Design for Canadian DevelopersKirkor Architects and Planners

2020 | August 2020 | Construction Services | In Focus

Smart and Sustainable Design for Canadian Developers

Kirkor Architects and Planners

Kirkor Architects and Planners is a Canadian architectural design and planning firm headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Specializing in responsible development, the company is focused on architectural solutions that blend sustainable design and community integration. Currently, Kirkor is working as the architect of record on two landmark developments: the Bayside masterplan, and Aqualuna at Bayside, in the East Bayview district of downtown Toronto.


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