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& Plumbing | 2020 | August 2020 | Electrical | In Focus | MechanicalThe Leading Partner in New England’s Industrial Refrigeration MarketAmerican Refrigeration Company

& Plumbing | 2020 | August 2020 | Electrical | In Focus | Mechanical

The Leading Partner in New England’s Industrial Refrigeration Market

American Refrigeration Company

American Refrigeration Company (ARC) has long been New England’s leading industrial refrigeration contractor, providing design-build, installation, and maintenance services for industrial, commercial and process refrigeration systems. While the company’s relationship-based approach made it the largest industrial refrigeration contractor in the area, the acquisition/merger with Refrigeration Engineering & Contracting Company further solidified that, combining the top two contractors in the north east.

2020 | April 2020 | Construction Services | In FocusConserving Water with Weather-Based IrrigationPacific Landscape Management

2020 | April 2020 | Construction Services | In Focus

Conserving Water with Weather-Based Irrigation

Pacific Landscape Management

Landscaping contractor Pacific Landscape Management offers commercial management and maintenance services from three locations in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. The company has grown consistently year-over-year since it was founded in 2001 and is now a leader in its region, having found a great deal of success through a commitment to building business relationships that last.

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus | September 2020The Intersection of Quality and AccessibilityAce Developments

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus | September 2020

The Intersection of Quality and Accessibility

Ace Developments

Boutique developer Ace Developments builds quality projects within the Greater Toronto Area, concentrating on sites in the eastern region. The residential market is the company’s primary target, but it also integrates some mixed-use projects into its portfolio. Ace Developments is experienced in single-family homes, semi-detached homes, and townhomes, and is now adding mid-rise and high-rise projects to its growing portfolio.

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus | May 2020 | September 2020Raising the Quality of Life with Innovative BuildingsLCH Developments

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus | May 2020 | September 2020

Raising the Quality of Life with Innovative Buildings

LCH Developments

LCH Developments (previously known as Lifestyle Custom Homes), is a residential building development company in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) focused on serving individual communities based on their needs. In an effort to optimize available space, it gets approval to convert underutilized pieces of land into the highest and best use for the neighbourhood.

2020 | February 2020 | In FocusLaying the Groundwork for Growth in Commercial FlooringBousada

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus

Laying the Groundwork for Growth in Commercial Flooring


Bousada is a commercial flooring company based in Quebec’s Eastern Township providing flooring services to customers primarily in the Business to Business market. With more than 60 years of experience, the company has developed a broad expertise covering the full range of materials including ceramic tiling, carpeting, and wood and vinyl flooring. The company serves entrepreneurs, contractors, architects and designers in a wide variety of sectors including hospitals, schools, parliament, condos, shopping malls, retirement homes, and more.

2020 | February 2020 | In FocusA Turbine Manufacturer Protecting the Environment and Supporting its CommunitySteam Turbine Alternative Resources

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus

A Turbine Manufacturer Protecting the Environment and Supporting its Community

Steam Turbine Alternative Resources

Steam Turbine Alternative Resources (STAR) is the only family-owned and woman-owned turbine company in the United States. It manufactures replacement parts for turbines in power plants, and its precision machine shop specializes in customized billets to help improve efficiency. For individualized parts that have been worn down, STAR uses reverse engineering to determine how the part fits into the power plant and recreates it.

2020 | February 2020 | In FocusEngineering Custom Conveyor ComponentsVan Gorp Corporation

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus

Engineering Custom Conveyor Components

Van Gorp Corporation

Since 1933, Van Gorp Corporation has been building components for conveyors. The company specializes in engineering custom products and providing customers with the right solution for their conveyor setup, and almost nothing is standard, leading to an expertise in solving unique problems in an efficient, cost-effective way. With an attention to performance and a high standard of quality, the company has developed a name for itself that customers have come to trust.

2020 | February 2020 | In FocusUnrivaled Products & ServiceHolland Pump

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus

Unrivaled Products & Service

Holland Pump

Florida-based Holland Pump manufactures and services industrial hydraulic pumps and pumping equipment for clients, who can either buy or rent. The company serves the pumping needs of the agriculture, construction, municipal, utility, and mining industries, among others, and has built a solid reputation in the pump equipment industry for helping customers get their work done fast – and the right way.

2020 | February 2020 | In FocusVideo Didn’t Kill THIS Radio Star!Hetronic

2020 | February 2020 | In Focus

Video Didn’t Kill THIS Radio Star!


Hetronic manufactures reliable radio remote control (RRC) systems for a variety of industries. Its diversified product line offers innovative wireless solutions that can be customized for material handling, locomotives, overhead travelling cranes, oil and gas, forestry, drilling, mining, and a wide range of construction equipment. The company is focused on providing its customers with solutions that are both reliable and safe to operate.

2019 | December 2019 | In Focus25 Years of Mechanical System FabricationShinn Mechanical

2019 | December 2019 | In Focus

25 Years of Mechanical System Fabrication

Shinn Mechanical

Shinn Mechanical fabricates mechanical systems for the commercial and industrial markets in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. This consists primarily of piping, plumbing, fire protection, wastewater, fuel, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Shinn serves a variety of markets including aviation/aerospace, industrial, municipal, education, and healthcare and provides its fabrication services to other contractors in the area.

2019 | In Focus | November 2019The Sustainable Answer to Small Batch MixingCollomix

2019 | In Focus | November 2019

The Sustainable Answer to Small Batch Mixing


Over the course of a construction project, cement mixing is done primarily in bulk, but due to the many small alterations and repairs that must be done along the way, much material mixing ends up being done in small batches. In North America, the most common practice for mixing small batches is to use a drill in a bucket. According to Al Karraker, President of Collomix North America, this is not an efficient approach.

2019 | In Focus | November 2019A Creative Force in DesignRATIO Architects

2019 | In Focus | November 2019

A Creative Force in Design

RATIO Architects

RATIO Architects’ Founder Bill Browne chose to give his company a meaningful name that would stand the test of time and capture the interdisciplinary, collaborative design approach. The company name is derived from the word ‘rational,’ indicating the firm’s intrinsic value that design should go beyond appealing aesthetics…


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