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A True Partner in ConstructionBuilding Envelope Systems

A True Partner in Construction

Building Envelope Systems

Many businesses spend endless years and countless dollars working toward a self-defined goal of success. This may be defined by profit, number of customers, the reach of the company, or perhaps even holding onto the core values that underpinned the company in the first place.

Smart Growth Leads to SuccessBenchmark Electrical Solutions

Smart Growth Leads to Success

Benchmark Electrical Solutions

Starting a business at any time can and will be a major undertaking, with many businesses failing to find their footing within the first year and fading away. It takes a solid plan for any business to get up and running – even then things aren’t always going smoothly, the plan can at least keep a few wheels on the tracks.

Aiming for ExcellenceBukacek Construction

Aiming for Excellence

Bukacek Construction

Events both big and small have happened over the last fifty years, and many of the businesses that were founded fifty years ago have adjusted. The coming of new technology, techniques, and ways of life ensure that businesses are pushed to adapt to the ever-changing world. One such company is Bukacek Construction, founded in 1963 by the private owner Jim Bukacek.

Paving the WayRonyak Paving

Paving the Way

Ronyak Paving

It can be easy to take for granted some, if not most, of the luxuries with which we have surrounded ourselves. While it is easiest to look back two decades and see how computers have changed our lives, we do not often look at the environments we inhabit…

Paving the WayAjax Paving

Paving the Way

Ajax Paving

Ajax Paving has been providing professional asphalt and concrete services for over sixty years. “The history goes back to 1951 in Michigan. That was when the company was founded by a man named Herb Jacob,” said Mike Horan, current president of Ajax Paving.

A Brighter Future for Florida RoadwaysArc Electric

A Brighter Future for Florida Roadways

Arc Electric

While the sunshine state may bask in the light of our nearest star, there is a growing company with plans to make it that much brighter. Arc Electric’s origins are that of a humble small business started in 1995 with one employee and a focus on residential electrical work…


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