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2022 | October 2022Market LeaderA&H Equipment

2022 | October 2022

Market Leader

A&H Equipment

A&H Equipment distributes market-leading municipal and environmental product solutions throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. From snow removal trucks to street sweepers and sewer cleaners, the company sells, rents, and services a wide range of equipment for a variety of needs, particularly specialty items that go beyond the run-of-the-mill product lineup.

2022 | Restoration Industry Association | September 2022The Unified Voice of RestorersRestoration Industry Association

2022 | Restoration Industry Association | September 2022

The Unified Voice of Restorers

Restoration Industry Association

The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the oldest and largest nonprofit professional trade association for the restoration industry. “We serve as the unified voice of restorers,” says CEO Kristy Cohen. “We educate, advocate, and elevate the restoration industry. Every industry needs a strong trade association to protect and promote the best interests of its members, and that is why the RIA is so important.”

2022 | July 2022Timeless, Modern LuxuryModern Skyline

2022 | July 2022

Timeless, Modern Luxury

Modern Skyline

Modern Skyline is a luxury development company that focuses on modern design and functionality while embracing the latest in technology and sustainability. Jean-Sebastien Leroux and Matthew Tautt “founded the company with the objective of bringing something a little bit more modern to the marketplace—something modern but classic,” Leroux says.

2021 | December 2021 | Equipment & ProductsNew Products, New PartnershipsKewaunee Scientific Corporation

2021 | December 2021 | Equipment & Products

New Products, New Partnerships

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation

The Kewaunee Scientific Corporation story began in 1906 when a small group of investors came together to create a manufacturing company to deliver a top-notch line of laboratory furniture and accessories. Previously, the United States sourced almost all of its laboratory equipment from Europe, Germany in particular. Kewaunee stepped in at an ideal time to fill the domestic gap.

2021 | Equipment & Products | November 2021The Go-to Appliance ProvidersTA Appliances & Barbecues – Builder Division

2021 | Equipment & Products | November 2021

The Go-to Appliance Providers

TA Appliances & Barbecues – Builder Division

Onward Manufacturing Company got its start in Kitchener, Ontario back in 1906. From the beginning, it was the company’s aim to provide customers with quality products coupled with top service, and that founding philosophy is still core to the business’ operations to this day. In addition, the company remains family-owned and operated more than a century after it was founded.

2021 | General Contracting | October 2021Building People FirstStraub Construction

2021 | General Contracting | October 2021

Building People First

Straub Construction

General contractor Straub Construction primarily focuses on construction projects for local, state, and federal governments, including all branches of the United States military. The company also specializes in public school projects. Straub got its start in Alaska forty years ago, before moving to San Diego, where the headquarters are today. Most of Straub’s projects are located in California and the Southwestern United States, where it specializes in full installations from the ground up, design-build, design-bid-build, “and just about everything in between,” says Vice President Patrick Nolan.

2021 | August 2021 | General ContractingGiving Back1-800-SWEEPER

2021 | August 2021 | General Contracting

Giving Back


A nationwide service network made up of independently owned power-sweeping companies, 1-800-SWEEPER unites sweeping companies throughout the United States beneath a common marketing and service structure. Partner companies provide parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, and construction-related power sweeping services to a wide variety of customers, from nationwide and regional facility managers to municipalities and local contractors.

2021 | August 2021A Diverse ApproachDEI Systems

2021 | August 2021

A Diverse Approach

DEI Systems

Electrical and low voltage systems integration contractor DEI Systems LLC is located near Boston in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The family-owned-and-operated business sets itself apart with a unique, dynamic approach. In addition to mainstream construction service, the company delivers turnkey engineering, design, and build services for every building system that requires high or low-voltage power.

2021 | August 2021 | Construction ServicesRaising ExpectationsJottan, Inc.

2021 | August 2021 | Construction Services

Raising Expectations

Jottan, Inc.

Jottan, Inc. launched in 1974 with nothing more than a pickup truck, a ladder, and a commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. Over time, the company’s emphasis on customer satisfaction, along with its exemplary safety record, won over a growing client base. As a result, Jottan was able to expand the business from maintenance and repairs in western Pennsylvania to roof replacements, coatings, maintenance, and repairs throughout all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and is currently ranked by Roofing Contractor as one of the top 100 roofing contractors in all the United States, at 47th.

2021 | In Focus | June 2021Strong Growth, Strong CulturePueblo Mechanical & Controls

2021 | In Focus | June 2021

Strong Growth, Strong Culture

Pueblo Mechanical & Controls

Pueblo delivers full spectrum HVAC, Plumbing and Controls service and installation for education, government, industrial, healthcare and commercial customers. As a leading provider in the state of Arizona, the company has completed tens of thousands of projects and service calls, and its solutions and services range from system repairs and replacements to multi-million dollar retrofits and installations, encompassing intricate design-build specifications.

2021 | General Contracting | In Focus | March 2021Building a Strong Foundation in Los Angeles – and BeyondAlpha Structural Inc.

2021 | General Contracting | In Focus | March 2021

Building a Strong Foundation in Los Angeles – and Beyond

Alpha Structural Inc.

David Tourjé found a place in the construction community after his parents moved to the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Mount Washington when he was twelve years old. “Back then it was a pretty isolated hillside area,” Tourjé remembers. “It kind of cut me off from all my friends. But I made new friends who all happened to be in construction.”

2021 | February 2021 | In FocusShare the RoadNew Cycling Infrastructure Creates New Construction Opportunities

2021 | February 2021 | In Focus

Share the Road

New Cycling Infrastructure Creates New Construction Opportunities

COVID-19 has created new concerns and complications for mass transit. Physical distancing is challenging – if not impossible – on subways, buses, and trains. For instance, when encountering just 30 percent capacity – an estimated total of 510,000 riders each day – passengers on Toronto’s public transit would be unable to maintain a safe distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to the Toronto Transit Commission. This challenge has been seen throughout countless cities over the past year.


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