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Modern Skyline
Written by Claire Suttles

Modern Skyline is a luxury development company that focuses on modern design and functionality while embracing the latest in technology and sustainability. Jean-Sebastien Leroux and Matthew Tautt “founded the company with the objective of bringing something a little bit more modern to the marketplace—something modern but classic,” Leroux says.

“Our interest is essentially focusing on the true to modern design style; function over form, clean lines, a lot of natural light,” Tautt adds. The result is a company known for its iconic, multi-residential structures that are in harmony with their surroundings.

Modern Skyline’s innovative approach is showcased in ONE60 Trafalgar, a new low-rise luxury residence in historic Old Oakville, which is located in the Greater Toronto Area. The exclusive, four-story building has just eight residences, each with two parking spaces per suite, accessible by a premium, state of the art vehicle lift. Attention to detail makes the project stand out, even within the luxury space. For instance, flooring surfaces and the substructure are thicker in order to last a lifetime; HVAC and airflow is specially designed for each space and for high efficiency; and multi-layered glass keeps temperatures comfortable and interiors quiet. Folding doors lead onto balconies to create welcoming, indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Each of these living spaces features carefully selected, luxury materials. “We are really putting in high-end, quality home finishes into the condos,” Tautt says. These high-end elements include Miele appliances, Graff-designed faucets, premium Sonneman lighting fixtures, imported Italian tile, Silestone from Spain, and eco-friendly, European oak flooring.

ONE60 stands out not only because of these quality details, but because of the ability to customize them. “We’re allowing more personal customizations [that] others wouldn’t be as crazy as we are to permit,” Tautt says. “Even if they want to move some walls around, we’re going to allow them to.” Buyers who want to customize their space will have the help of a designer while they navigate all of the options. “We’re providing guidance,” he says. “People can choose their own style—they can go more traditional—but we’re hoping that they buy into that vision that we have.”

This true to modern vision includes thoughtful details in the original to imbue a feeling of home. For instance, interior spaces “have the clean lines, the minimal details, but a lot of millwork that adds warmth,” says Tautt.

Modern Skyline is known for emphasizing and integrating the natural world within its projects and ONE60 is no exception. The building not only encourages indoor/outdoor living through its balcony design, but also features a spacious rooftop garden, “allowing as much interactivity as possible [with] the natural environment,” Tautt says. The goal is “bringing nature to people where it has been missing.”

The rooftop garden will serve as an outdoor oasis where residents can enjoy simple pleasures such as sipping a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise or enjoying a beautiful sunset while lounging around the large outdoor fireplace, socializing with friends, and taking in the sweeping views of Sixteen Mile Creek. Tautt points out that the rooftop garden is especially appealing to residents who are downsizing and might otherwise miss the yards they previously owned. “It will be nice to sit there and enjoy [the location] amongst some nature and not just barren concrete.”

ONE60 represents a conglomeration of multiple professionals and industry leaders within the custom residential space. “We really try to choose the best suppliers and partners that we can,” Tautt says. Modern Skyline partnered with REXIG Realty Investment Group after determining it to be the only brokerage in Canada qualified to sell the ONE60 project. The decision was made due to REXIG Realty’s deep knowledge of the luxury real estate space along with the high level of service the team provides to buyers. The company is one of the fastest growing independent real estate brokerages in Ontario.

Selecting the right architect for the ONE60 project was particularly crucial. “Design is critical,” Tautt says, “and it doesn’t cost more necessarily. It is just a matter of hiring the right talent. And then it is something that can be appreciated by the community for decades, versus having something that is unappealing. People who live in the building have more pride of ownership.”

The prestigious HICKS Design Studio designed ONE60 and highly regarded architect William Hicks was personally involved to ensure the best outcome. “Bill Hicks is one of the architects who designed the most expensive home that was sold in Canada,” Tautt says. “He has a very well-earned reputation.” ONE60’s unique design was a finalist in the 2021 BILD Design Awards and is a finalist for the 2022 Canadian Home Builders Association award for best mid to high-rise design. “The design seems to be striking a chord with people,” Tautt says, adding that the team “hit the right balance.”

A large part of this balancing act was between the historical and the modern. “It was a bit of a challenge,” Leroux says of the need to meet the Old Oakville Heritage Conservation District requirements while staying true to the team’s vision. “We needed to bring something modern that still fit with the style of the area,” Leroux explains. The team worked closely with the local historical committee “to try to bring something that will fit both aspects,” Leroux says. The end result is “a modern that will last forever; it is a classic modern,” Leroux explains. “It is not something that it is nice for a few years and becomes out of style. It is more a classic modern approach.”

The team utilized locally sourced limestone to create an exterior that works with its historical surroundings. “Because it is a natural stone, that fits well,” Leroux says. “And it is Ontario mined limestone [which] was in keeping with the low-rise heritage homes in the area,” Tautt adds. “And then we added the modern aspect, which was the white glazed penthouse level, which was very angular and modern and kind of strikes a balance between Old Oakville and what the future holds for the area, which is going to be a lot of growth.”

The future is indeed bright for the Old Oakville area, which boasts a strategic location with easy access to the airport and downtown Toronto. “Old Oakville has sort of been overlooked, but it has all the right ingredients between the marina, the cafés, the restaurants,” Tautt points out. “There are a lot of bike trails, a lot of nature, and there is going to be a lot of growth and activity happening there.”

Modern Skyline is excited to offer ONE60 to a select few, discerning buyers who are eager to enjoy the advantages of historic Old Oakville. For their next project, the Modern Skyline team is considering tackling a larger development while staying true to the company’s vision. Leroux describes the potential project as bringing “a touch of modernism” while maintaining quality and timelessness. With a track record as impressive as ONE60, Modern Skyline is well placed for that next venture, whatever it may entail.



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